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Which syllable is accented in the north?

All of the following names have been suggested as possible original surnames
that got corrupted into Kornegay. Gnagi, Gnagy, Gnaegi, Gnegy, Gnagi,
Gnecki, Gnage, Knege, Kenege, Knag, Knegi, Knecky, Kinige, Kenaga, Hornigh).
Some have an umlaut over the central vowel that I don't know how to
reproduce with my Outlook Express email fonts. Of the lot, Hornigh is the
least likely in my opinion because it would not sound anything like the
typical pronounciation of Kornegay in either English or German.


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Subject: [KORNEGAY] How Kornegay is Pronounced

> Though it all seems to have come from Hornigh, it became Kornegay.
>>From that point, the pronunciation appears to be regional.
> In the North its pronounce Corn-ee-gay.
> In the South its Kuh-nigg-ee.
> John Martin Oates, Jr. has done an incredible work.
> Earlier this year, in the Jones County Courthouse, I scoured the original
> wills he examined, transcribed and placed online. They are an exact match.
> I am Demitri Kornegay, second son of Elisha Kornegay, who was third son of
> Reverend Alonza Kornegay (deceased and former Pastor of the Oakey Grove
> Missionary Baptist Church in Trenton, North Carolina in Jones County, who
> was third son of Nero Lemuel Kornegay, who was third son of two slaves
> named Nero and Rachel.
> Unfortunately, life and death and graduate school and paying bills
> temporarily pulled me away from being the family's history detective. I've
> just finished my last final for this semester, was wondering how to waste
> the 20 minutes of spare time I'd get this Christmas holiday and the
> Almighty throws a piece of history at me that tells me to resume the
> search.
> So here are my questions-
> Abraham Kornegay left 9 slaves to Daniel Simmons in a will written in
> March 1810. This part of the will mentions land on the Northside of the
> Neuse River. I believe that land is now Jones County, North Carolina and
> that is where the Jones County Plantation was. Further reading reveals the
> mention of the Muscle Shelf swamp. The Negro Kornegay family cemetery I
> was in Jones County to clear with my cousins in February is directly up
> the hill from the remnants of a swamp known as Muscle Shelf.
> I'm already having my DNA checked to determine where from across the pond
> we came from.
> In order to connect the dots, I need to know the names of those 9 slaves.
> Were the names Nero or Rachel among any of them?
> What about William or Lemuel?
> Speaking of Lemuel, there's a Lemuel Hatch whose name is prominent in the
> will.
> There's something about him and an old Negro woman named Sal.
> Any chance he could have fathered a Lemuel, Judge or Nero?
> Where did those who owned slaves in that region get their slaves from?
> Any help you could give a descendant would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you and God Bless you whether you want it or not.
> Demitri C. Kornegay
> www.demitrikornegay.com
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