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Subject: Re: [KORNEGAY] John Ward [s.o. Luke Ward & Bridget Draughon]
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Regarding ascertaining that "Except for the fact both of these Ward &
Kornegay families lived
in Duplin Co., NC.....Is there any other basis for concluding this John
named as legatee of Bridget Ward is one and the same person as our John
that married Roxalana/Rockalena Kornegay"...We know that the John Ward that
married Rockalena Kornegay and migrated to Smith Co. TN and later Arkansas
is our ancestor. Other than that, we know that a Luke Ward, Jr. and James
Ward were bondsmen for the marriage of John and "Roxy". Another
coincidental connection between a John Ward and Luke Ward is the following:

"Duplin Deeds Book 1A, page 530: John Ward to James Wright, both of Duplin
Co., 13 Oct 1786, for 200 pds current money of N.C. 330A in 2 tracts: (1)
165A on the NS of Bear Swamp opposite Robert Wilkinson's plantation, beg.
at a pine on Cullen Connerly's line by Bellot's impr. Deed metntions Luke
Ward's corner & the dividing corner between James Wright & Robert Wilkinson.
(2) 150A on the NW side of Bear Swamp between the 2 main roads, beg. at a
pine near the head of Poley Bridge Branch, Stephen Herring's upper corner,
adj. & along the lines of William Dickson & Robert Wilkinson. Wit: W.
Dickson, Dan'L. Glisson, Jan. Ct. 1788. (Note: the body of the deed says
total acreage is 310, the heading says 330A, but the 2 tracts total 315 A.)

This sale of land by a John Ward coincides with the apparent appearance of
John and Roxy in Georgia in 1786 due to the record of their son, Bryan(t),
declaring that is where and when he was born. The deed mentions the corner
of Luke Ward's. This could be either his brother or his father, but the
proximity with a Luke Ward and the coincidence of the date suggesting John
and Roxy sold their Duplin property in 1786, adding credence to the
potential for them to have been in Georgia by later in the same year, adds
to the circumstantial evidence that our John is the son of Luke Sr. and
brother of Luke Jr.

Our John named a son of his, Luke, and another son James. The names of the
two bondsmen for his marriage. They were likely close relatives. Since
there is no mention of a James in the elder Luke's will or Bridget's
subsequent will, I think the Luke and James bondsmen were John's father and

The following account from the Connerly book is evidently just supposition
but shows more building of circumstantial evidence:
>From the book "Descendants of John Connerly and Cullen Connerly", 1986:
"Luke Ward's widow, Bridget, died 28 July 1827, as a copy of report of the
committee to settle Estate of Bridget Ward, deceased, recorded Feb. term
1828 shows. This paper identifies the six children mentioned in Luke Ward's
will. The legatees of Bridget Ward are: William Pollack, who married
Elizabeth Ward; Anthony Drew, who married Penny Ward; Letitia Connerly,
wife of Cullen Connerly; Mary Ward Kornegay, who married Jacob Kornegay;
John Ward, and Luke Ward."............ " Luke and Bridget Ward's son John
married Rockalena Kornegay and Mary Ward married Jacob Kornegay."

We find in Bertie Co. NC Court Minutes Sept 1771 Luke Ward and Bridget, his
wife, sold land to Benjamin Manning. Luke and Bridget Ward then buy land
(882 acres) in Duplin Co. NC (26 Jan 1772 Book 3, Sampson-Duplin Deeds page
442). In 1771, our John b. 1754, would have been 17 years old when Luke and
Bridget moved to Duplin Co. I have the birth dates of all 6 children
(assuming they are the correct John, etc) as: Letitia 1748, Mary 1750, John
1754, Elizabeth abt 1759, Penelope (Penny) abt 1767, Luke abt 1770. I think
the "about" dates are due to census reports of their age at a certain census
but we don't know whether they had just turned a certain age or were about
to turn a year older than that reported in the census. This would make the
children's ages when Luke Sr. died in 1796 as: Letitia 48, Mary 46, John
42, Elizabeth 37, Penny 29, and Luke Jr. 26.

If the circumstantial evidence that our John had left Duplin Co. by 1786 and
didn't show up in Tennessee until 1798 is correct, this could be the time
period John and Roxy spent in Georgia. It would also account for the fact
that John, the eldest son was not named as and executor since he was not
living close by. He may have also been given an "inheritance" upon his
marriage which might account for why he was not named in the will.

Admittedly, most of this is circumstance and not proof, but I am reminded of
the weight of sufficient circumstantial evidence by what a D.A. once said
during a trial that involved much of it. "Even though it is the middle of
July in Miami, and was a hot, sunny day when we entered this courtroom, if,
when we leave we find 6 inches of frozen water crystals covering everything
for as far as we can see, we can reasonably assume (though we did not see it
happen) it has snowed!"

Regarding the recent discussion as to what children might have been born to
John and Roxy before the migration to Tennessee, I found among my notes:
There is a John Ward accounted for in the State Census of North Carolina
1784-1787 that is in the same area as Cullen Connerly and Luke Ward. The
code for his family shows 1 white male age 21-60, ( our John would have
been 30-33) no white males under 21 or over 60, 3 white females all ages,
and 1 black age 12-50. If this is our John and Roxie and it probably is, it
would show that there were no male children at the time of the census, but
that there were likely two female children (the third being Roxie, the
mother). Since the census was spread over a 3 year period, it is possible
the information was taken on John's family before the family's assumed
removal to Georgia and before Bryant's birth in 1786. It supports the
traditional belief that Bryant was the eldest son, but suggests that two
daughters were born prior to Bryant's birth. Since we know the birth dates
of all children except two girls, Cynthia and Tylithia, I believe these must
be the two girls indicated in the census and am therefore placing their
births at "bef. 1786" (Bryant's birth year). I suspect these two girls died
in childhood, since we find no later mention of either.

Matt Ward
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> Re: 1796 LWT for Luke Ward - Duplin Co., NC.....names only wife Bridget
> and
> 3 children, son Luke, daughter Penny Ward and daughter Elizabeth Pollock,
> then at the end it states,"Remaining property to be divided between my 6
> children" leaving 3 children not named in his LWT, however, these 3 are
> named,
> Letitia Connerly, Mary Kornegay and John Ward as Legatees in their mother
> Bridget's 1828 Estate Settlement.
> Question: Except for the fact both of these Ward & Kornegay families
> lived
> in Duplin Co., NC.....Is there any other basis for concluding this John
> Ward
> named as legatee of Bridget Ward is one and the same person as our John
> Ward
> that married Roxalana/Rockalena Kornegay?
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