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I think I have a photocopy of the interview among my many papers on the Ward
family, but they are not filed very specifically. It will take me a while
to find it. In the meantime, the quote I entered into my genealogy program
is within the notes on John Ward pasted below:

John Ward, Jr. married Roxy Lainye (also found: Rockalena & Selina)
Kornegay, 20 Aug. 1782 according to Duplin Co., North Carolina Marriage
Records, vol. 1, page 84. Bondsmen recorded for this marriage were Luke
Ward, Jr. and James Ward. Probably the Luke Ward, Jr. is the brother of
John. Luke married Rebeckah Drew 15 Nov. 1795 also in Duplin Co. and had
the same witness..Wm. Dickson.
John Ward, Jr. and RoxyLainye migrated from Duplin County, North Carolina
to Smith Co. (a portion near Hartsville which was to be later incorporated
into a new county of Trousdale), Tennessee sometime after the spring of
1796, then to Phillips Co., Arkansas, March 1829. In an 1850 census of
Smith Co. TN, John's son Bryant gives his birth place as "Georgia". So,
evidently John and Roxy didn't moved directly from NC to TN, but were
briefly in Georgia (at least in 1786 when Bryant was born.) Roxie died in
1812 and is buried in Ward Hollow, originally part of Smith Co., later
incorporated into Trousdale Co., TN, John sold to his son, Bryan(t) 380
acres of land for $1100 on July 9, 1828 before he left Ward Hollow. He sent
his son, Henry, ahead to buy 640 acres of land now called Neville place,
near Central Church. Of John's 17 children, only James, Ira Ellis, Malinda
and Nancy (who had married Miller Kornegay) came to Arkansas to live. John
Ward died Sept. 6, 1846, aged 92 years. He is buried on Neville Place . "He
was a Revolutionary soldier and served with Washington and drew a pension
for his services."
The above information provided by Mr. John Nelson, a grandson (son of
Malinda Ward Nelson) who was about 83 years old at the time of the interview
about 1927.
Tennessee Genealogical Records: No. 4631. Heirs of Thomas Lenoir, Sr. a
private in the N.C. Cont. Line; 640 acres; issued 9 Feb. 1797, and
transferred on 11 Feb. 1797 by Henry Lenoir, heir at law, to John Ward and
Hezekiah Woodward, with Jesse Sharp and Joseph Marcum as witnesses.
Elsewhere it appears that John Ward and Benjamine Clack purchased the
warrant and William Lytle and Jno. Boyd received some of the payment
No. 4599. Heirs of Lewis Fields, private in the N.C. Cont. Line; 640 acres
within the limits of land reserved for officers and soldiers of the N.C.
Cont. Line; issued 9 Feb. 1797. John Fields, heir at law of Lewis Fields
assigned the warrant to Hezekiah Woodward and John Ward, with George Sims a
Found in TN State Archives: John Ward & Hezekiah Woodward...General Land
Grant of 640 acres adjoining John Ward's Plantation, Aug 18, 1808, signed by
Gov. John Sevier, by virtue of part of certificate No. 115 dated July 25,
1807 obtained from the board of commissioners for West Tennessee by David
Wilson. (Also: 326 acres)
By virtue of Certificate No. 19 dated July 13, 1807 obtained from the board
of commissioners for West Tennessee by William Wilson and entered on the 14
day of Nov. 1807 by No. 1130...there is granted by the state of Tennessee
unto John Ward assignee of the said William Wilson, a certain tract or
parcel of land containing one hundred and fifty acres lying in Smith
County.....Surveyed Dec. 24, 1807.

IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. I, John Ward, of the State of Arkansas & County
of Phillips, being in good bodily health and of sound and disposing mind and
memory, calling to mind the frailty and uncertainty of human life and being
desirous of settling my worldly affairs and directing how the estate which
it has pleased God to bless me, shall be disposed of after my decease, while
I have the strength and capacity so to do, do make and publish this my last
Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making null and void all other last
will and testaments by me heretofore made. And I first commend my immortal
being to Him who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried with little
expense or ostentation by my executor hereinafter named.
Item 1st: My will is that all my just debts and funeral charges shall, by
my Executor hereinafter named, be paid out of my estate as soon after my
decease as shall by him be found convenient. Item 2nd: I give unto my
beloved son Bryan one dollar. Item 3rd: I give unto the heirs of my beloved
daughter, Nancy Kornegay, who is now dead, one dollar. Item 4th: I give
unto my beloved son Henry Ward one dollar. Item 5th: I give unto my beloved
daughter Charlotte Denny one dollar. Item 6th: I give unto my beloved son
Matthew H. Ward one dollar. Item 7th: I give unto my beloved daughter
Malinda Nelson, one negro woman called, Aggy, during her natural life. Item
8th: I give unto my beloved daughter Tabitha Foley Johnson, four hundred
dollars to be paid out of my estate. Item 9th: I give unto my beloved
grandson, John Sterling Ward, the land on which I now live, being the south
east quarter of Section twenty in one south and Range three East with all
the improvements thereunto belonging reserving in the meantime one half of
the horse mill which it is my will that my son Ira E. Ward and his heirs and
assigns have as their own property during their life. It is also my will
that my son Ira E. Ward keep possession of the plantation whereon I now live
for the space of two years which will give him time to settle my business,
then to go to my grandson John Sterling Ward as above mentioned. Item 10th:
I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Ira E. Ward and to his heirs and
assigns the land whereon he formerly lived being the south west quarter of
Section twenty-two in one South and Range three East with the improvements
thereunto belonging. I also give to my son Ira E. Ward his heirs and
assigns, one negro man by the name of Mingo, one negro woman by the name of
Caty, one negro girl by the name of Caroline...I also give to my son Ira E.
Ward his heirs and assigns all of my stock of horses, hogs, and cattle, also
my farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture and one set of
blacksmith tools. Item 11th: All the rest and residue of my estate, real
and personal or mixed of which I shall die seized and possessed, or to which
I shall be entitled at the time of my decease, I give and devise and
bequeath to my said son Ira E. Ward and to his heirs and assigns. Lastly, I
do nominate and appoint my said son Ira E. Ward to be the executor of this
my last will and testament. In Testimony Whereof, I, the said John Ward,
have this day subscribed my name and affixed my seal this the 7th day of
April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six.
John Ward (Seal)

I believe that John Ward and Roxie were still in Duplin Co. as of Oct, 1786
due to the following information:
Duplin Deeds Book 1A, page 530: John Ward to James Wright, both of Duplin
Co., 13 Oct 1786, for 200 pds current money of N.C. 330A in 2 tracts: (1)
165A on the NS of Bear Swamp opposite Robert Wilkinson's plantation, beg.
at a pine on Cullen Connerly's line by Bellot's impr. Deed metntions Luke
Ward's corner & the dividing corner between James Wright & Robert Wilkinson.
(2) 150A on the NW side of Bear Swamp between the 2 main roads, beg. at a
pine near the head of Poley Bridge Branch, Stephen Herring's upper corner,
adj. & along the lines of William Dickson & Robert Wilkinson. Wit: W.
Dickson, Dan'L. Glisson, Jan. Ct. 1788. (Note: the body of the deed says
total acreage is 310, the heading says 330A, but the 2 tracts total 315 A.)

Having just sold this acreage in Duplin Co., this may be the time that John
and Roxie removed to Georgia briefly before going to Smith Co. Tennessee.
So far, the only suggestion that we have that they ever lived in Georgia is
that their son, Bryan(t) said (in an 1850 census) that he was born in

There is a John Ward accounted for in the State Census of North Carolina
1784-1787 that is in the same area as Cullen Connerly and Luke Ward. The
code for his family shows 1 white male age 21-60, no white males under 21
or over 60, 3 white females all ages, and 1 black age 12-50. If this is our
John and Roxie and it probably is, it would show that there were no male
children at the time of the census, but that there were two female children
(the third being Roxie, the mother). Since the census was spread over a 3
year period, it is possible the information was taken on John's family
before the family's assumed removal to Georgia and before Bryant's birth in
1786. It supports the traditional belief that Bryant was the eldest son,
but suggests that two daughters were born prior to Bryant's birth. Since we
know the birth dates of all children except two girls, Cynthia and Tylithia,
I believe these must be the two girls indicated in the census and am
therefore placing their births at "bef. 1786" (Bryant's birth year). I
suspect these two girls died in childhood, since we find no later metion of

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> Matt, in your email dated 8/14/08 you mentioned John Nelson 1927
> interview
> regarding John Ward.....will you please send me a copy?
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