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From: "Kathy Funk" <>
Subject: [KRISTON] Boldog Húsvéti Ünnepeket Kívánunk !
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 23:16:20 -0600

Happy Easter, Kristons!
(or as they say in Hungary-- "Boldog Húsvéti Ünnepeket Kívánunk !)

Here's a Hungarian Easter tradition that I did not know about. Did you know that in Hungary, for hundreds of years now, men and boys have been "sprinkling" all the girls and women with water? AND they used to "thrash" them, too-- with whips!! They used to use a pail of water, then it got down to just sprinkling. And today they use cologne more often than water, but still...

In return, the women are supposed to treat the men with painted Easter eggs and sweets! (Can you imagine what would happen if some man dumped water on an American woman? I doubt that she'd hand him a nice piece of candy!)

Here's a couple of links to tell more about the custom. (This one is extensive-- about Slovakia, but the custom is the same.) (This one is about Czechoslovakia, but it is the same custom.)

Hope you all enjoy a happy Easter this year-- but PLEASE do not bring that pail of cold water to my house!!

Kathy Kriston Funk

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