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From: Kathleen Burnett <>
Subject: [KS-CEM] From List Mom - A Reminder
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 22:48:48 -0600

Dear List Members,

>From the amount of messages I am getting asking for help in changing
subscriptions to a new address, and or unsubscribing I thought it was
time again to remind you how to accomplish this.

First....If you are needing to change your subscription to a new e-mail
address, my suggestion is to go to Password Central before your address
changes. http://passwordcentral.rootsweb.com/ Type in the e-mail address
you will be loosing... and mark "To which lists am I subscribed? "
Don't forget to click on "E-mail me my Info" at the bottom of the
page. In a few moment you will receive via e-mail a list of all
Rootsweb Mailing Lists you belong to. Save a copy of this e-mail. From
this list you can unsubscribe from any or all of the lists. From your
saved copy you will know what lists you want to re-subscribe.

If you are just trying to unsubscribe....send only the word
the name of the list you are wanting to unsubscribe from. Remember if
you are on the Digest list you need to change the L to a D.

If you are still having trouble unsubscribing...then you can contact me
and I will try to help. Please let me
know what you have tried and what happened.

Kathleen Burnett
List Mom

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