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Subject: Re: [KSRENO] Glenn Oren Davis
Date: 24 Nov 2006 17:32:28 -0700

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Surnames: Kelly Lynn Albright
Classification: Death

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Dear Michelle,
Thank you for responding. I have been trying to reach your mother, Jo Ann, or one of her children for some time. I just
recently found out your names from a Rex Riley, who lives
in Wichita and got the information in the Wichita City Library. Kelly Lynn Albright was my niece. Her father was my deceased wife's brother. Both of Kelly's parents have passed away. I am just trying to bring closure to Kelly's cold case. I think you were only four when Kelly's abduction took place on September 17, 1970. I know your father died in Lansing C F - Central on March 24, 1997. I've been told
two different stories regarding his death. One that he died from liver cancer and the other that he committed suicide just 48 hours before investigators were planning to talk with him regarding Kelly's abduction. I was unable to get a copy of his death certificate because I wasn't a relative. I just learned that I can get a copy of his autopsy from the Leavenworth Clerk of the District Court. I have applied for that but haven't received it. Much of what has been written in the Hutchinson News was from Dick LeShure, Kelly's stepfather. I am guessing that there was no love lost between Glenn Davis and
your mother or you and your sisters and brother. I had heard that he abused his children. I also know that there was nothing in his obituary regarding his children. I'm guessing that your mother divorced him right around the time this all happened. In one article, Dick LeShure stated that your
mother reported to the Hutchinson Police about Glenn's erratic behavior on the night of the abduction. Said he was in the bathroom a long time, burned his clothes and his shoes,
and spent a couple of hours cleaning his car. I had also heard that she or one of her children saw him washing something in the kitchen sink, wrapping it in a cloth and taking it outside and burying it in an area where they were going to pour a concrete slab. (According to the Hutchinson City Directory in 1970, he lived in a trailer park at 1829 E. 4th Ave., Lot 17) I also heard that shortly after an article appeared in the Hutch News about the police taking plaster casts of size 11 footprints and tire tracks off of a dirt road East of Hutchinson near Avenue "G", where Kelly's body was found, he purchased new tires for his Dodge Dart.
Evidently your mother reported this information to the Hutchinson Police but they failed to pass it along to investigators. Sheriff's investigators didn't learn about it until 1990, when you or one of your sisters contacted them with
the same information. When they went to Wichita to speak
with you or your sister, you had decided to say no more. I can understand your fear because I know that Davis was not yet in prison and you were probably afraid of what he might do to you. Anyway, investigators still didn't feel they had enough information to convict him and didn't do anything until 1997, when they planned to question him.
I went back to Kansas in early October and talked with the
Chief of Police and the Chief of Detectives, who were in charge back in 1970. I also talked with the current Chief of Detectives and the retired Chief of Detectives with the Sheriff's Department. Everyone is convinced that Davis was the guilty person in this crime; however it still remains classified as an unsolved case. I had hoped that the
forensic evidence in this case, Kelly's red pajama top and a pillowcase she was clutching, was available for DNA testing;
however, the KBI says they do not have it and they believe it was sent back to the Reno County Sheriff's Department.
They say that they had a flood in their evidence room and much of their evidence was contaminated. When I was back in Kansas (I grew up in Pretty Prairie) I tried to contact Dick LeShure but he was out of state at that time. I know a lot of
the information printed in the Hutch News came from him. I
know that he was convinced that Glenn was guilty. Dick was also a suspect in this case as he was a friend of Glenn's;
however, I know that he, as well as Glenn, were given a lie detector test and both passed.
Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. As I said, I am just trying to bring closure to this cold case.

Don Wilson

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