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Subject: Re: [KY-7THINF] Diaries, Journals, Memoirs?
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 21:49:52 -0400
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I just visited The Gap a few weeks ago and they (NPS?) have done a wonderful
job of posting information about the Cumberland Gap during the Civil War
years throughout the park. My ancestor was left sick at Manchester two days
after the explosion and resulting retreat. He was listed as deserted in
April of 1863. When he couldn't locate the 7th KY he joined the 11th OH Cav
and spent the rest of the war with them. I have his pension papers
verifying this.

BTW, I also just returned from visiting my 7th KY ancestor's grave in Clay
Co., KY. His military headstone issued by the government is almost
unreadable. The name and information is almost totally obliterated. Does
anyone know if the government will provide a replacement? Or is
one-per-customer the rule of thumb? I'd hate for this grave to be lost to
posterity. It is in a rather obscure place already. The forest is quickly


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I am researching General George W. Morgan's retreat from Cumberland Gap
in September of 1862. The 7th Kentucky was in Brigadier General S.P.
Carter's brigade during that retreat. I am looking for first hand accounts
from the men of their experience. Any help would be much appreciated.

In exchange for any help, I have a fair amount of research on the 7th
Kentucky. I belong to the 7th Kentucky, Inc which is a Civil War reenacting
\ living history organization. We have all the muster records on microfilm.
We have been transcribing these muster records for a few years and placing
them on another website I run called You can find
our work here:

or you can search for your soldier of choice here:

Currently we have all the records transcribed through surnames beginning
with G and about half way through H.

Wayne Fielder

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