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From: "Ramona Gayle Bayes Woods" <>
Subject: [KY-Feuds] Brown-Patrick in Morgan & Magoffin Co. KY.
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 10:52:53 -0500

Hi Bud,
Thank you for sharing; this family murder was unknown to me--time for more research.
Take care,

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:19:19 EST

Ramona, I was told by some of my great aunts who were born in Kentucky that the Patricks and Browns had a feud going for a long time. I would guess it
was in the Morgan and Magoffin areas more than likely in the 1890's. These great aunts were Patricks, but their grandmother was a Brown married to a Patrick.

I've also been told that around 1900 or a little after, there was a lot of shooting between the Caudles and Browns near Logville. My grandad's brother moved from there to West Virginia because of it.

Then, of course, nearly everyone with roots in northeast Kentucky has Nickell blood. There was the murder of John DeSha Nickell by a couple of his own cousins during the Civil War - February 7, 1863 at Rock House Creek in Morgan County. The order for the cousins to be hanged was signed by President
Abraham Lincoln.

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