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From: "Ramona Bayes Woods" <>
Subject: [KY-FOLKLORE-GHOST-STORIES] Welcome New Members-2 Kentucky Tales of Sorrow
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 11:08:44 -0500

Hi Everyone-Welcome New Members,
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.
Here are three Kentucky ghost tales-but also tales of heartbreak.
Jacob Cooley ordered a chest to be made by Hosea-his slave-for the upcoming birth of his first born child.
>From whatever reason Jacob did not like Hosea's work on the chest and beat him so badly Hosea died. Hosea's friends conjured a hex on Jacob's future generations.
The first victim to fall of the curse was the babe for whom the chest was built.
The next victim was Melinda-Jacob's youngest dau-her husband deserted her and she died of heartbreak.
John Cooley-one of Jacob's sons-adopted Melinda's youngest dau Evelyn. Evelyn grew to adulthoold and married Malcolm Johnson. Malcolm and Evelyn adopted a little girl who they named Arabella. After Arabella's marriage Evelyn put her wedding dress away in the chest and soon after Arabella's husband died; and Arabella's babe died after her clothes were put in the chest.
All toll the chest claimed 16 victims. All having one thing in common; pieces of their clothing had been stored in the chest. The chest was given to the Kentucky History Museum in 1976 where it is still known as the "Conjure Chest".
2) Leah Smock was born ca 1818 near Battletown, KY.
Leah was one of the many unclaimed or abandoned children who roamed the woods of early Kentucky living by the kindness of neighbors and their own wits. But Leah was a seer and correctly predicted the deaths of many who lived in the community of Battletown, KY-and by doing so Leah became known as a witch. She spent most of her time roaming the old woods near Battletown known as Lapland; a lonely child.
Leah died on August 21, 1840 at age 22 and is buried in the Betsy Daily Cemetery.
It is said that you Leah is still seen roaming the woods of Lapland enveloped in a purple glow. She has also been seen standing in mourning at her own grave. Her long black hair seems to be blowing and she is wearing a long white robe with black ties at the wrists and throat.
My mother has the old Hamilton Chest which is also a Conjure Chest. It is beautiful and very very old. Our family stopped keeping any clothes in the chest year ago; and it now sets empty in the upstairs hallway.
We moved the chest downstairs into the guest room two years ago and arranged our old family pictures above it.
Well the chest did not like the change-we would find it moved from its spot and we would hear knocking from inside the chest. Since moving the old chest back upstairs where it has set for 30 plus years all has been quiet.
Our family has many old folktales and ghost stories of ghost women roaming the woods and mourning at their graves and even "visiting" the family. A lady dressed in black mourning clothes and one dressed all in red-she is really scary.
Does anyone have old folktales similiar to these in their family; or has any one heard stories like these?
Thank you,

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