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Subject: [KnottHSİ] Reverend Parker W. Fisher - In Memoriam
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One of, if not the first organized bands in Knott County
consisting of Knott Countians. Mr. Fisher is sitting by
the large drum. His son, William, is sitting by him.
Clark Pratt is one of the members. As identification of
others are made names can be added, one is Bill Combs,
step-son of Ike Thacker (so Maud Vanderpool thought) and
also Kay Thacker. Photo Courtesy Gertrude Maggard,
Contributing Knott County Historical Society Member. All
Rights Reserved.

The Reverend Parker W. Fisher

Reverend Parker William Fisher was born on April
24, 1880, in Harlam, Iowa. He was the son of Mr. Carey
William Fisher and Mrs. Rachel Parker Fisher.
Surviving Mr. Fisher are: 2 sons - Maj. Gen. William
Parker Fisher of the Air Force Base, Ft. Dix, N.J., and
Mr. Wilson Hunt Fisher, of Concord, N.C., also one
daughter, Mrs. Cecil M. Jones of Massachusetts; a number
of grandchildren and great-grandchildren; two sisters,
nieces and nephews.
Mr. Fisher became a member of The Methodist Home on
January 1, 1953. This means that he lived at The Home a
little more than 6 years and 9 months. He was 79 years,
5 months and 15 days old when, in the early morning
hours of October 9, the Master said: "It is enough,
come on Home."
His childhood days were spent in Iowa. Twenty
years were spent in Georgia, one in Connecticut, after
which he came to North Carolina, where in June, 1910, he
was ordained a minister in the Congregational Church of
North Carolina. He served in this communion for 41
years as an active minister. Almost all of his ministry
was spent in the Mission work of his Church: 10 years
in the mountains of Kentucky, then in youth centers in
Murphy and Winston-Salem, N.C. In all these pastorates
he not only served as a preacher but as a teacher of
woodwork and other crafts. Wood-working, gun repairing,
car mechanics, and music were his avocations. He
entertained many groups with his knowledge of
folk-songs, and stories of our Highlanders. If there
was not a brass band in the community, where he worked,
he organized one, often acting as director as well as
playing the cornet.
A recital of these activities amazes one. Then when
it is realized that he was a cripple, since a fall when
he was 16 months old, which paralyzed the lower part of
his body - amazement turns into astonishment and
admiration! He told the writer of this article that he
crawled on his elbows, dragging his body, for several
years. After he was 7 years old he learned to use
crutches. And in his adult years drove a car, in fact
he drove a car until 4 years ago, which means that he
drove un til he was 75 years old.
Another fact that amazes all who knew him is that he
never complained or bemoaned the fate that caused his
paralysis. He endeared himself not only to the m embers
of the Methodist Home, but to all visitors, and friends
during his long life. His radient (sic) personality,
his ready smile, and his store of jokes and humorous
stories will be remembered in the years to come.
A fine characteristic was his intense interest in
others, particularly in those who are regarded as less
fortunate or less privileged than some. One friend has
said that he was always sympathetic with the
"under-dog." This trait was exemplified in the way that
he shared his craftsmanship. He made and sent an
antimated (sic), mechanical group of animals to every
orphanage and Children's hospital - white and colored -
in North Carolina, as well as to some in other states.
He was most generous with his work - with visitors - as
well as with members of the Home family.
Mr. Fisher will be missed greatly by all who knew
him. His life among us can be summarized in the words
of business friends and fellow ministers, who say of him:
"He had great sympathy for all who lacked
"He was a beloved pastor, and was one of the finest
and most beautiful Christians I have ever known."
"Absolutely all that is fine, honest and true - as
you can see; I think Mr. Fisher is a wonderful fellow."
Truly it can be said of Mr. Fisher:
"Servant of God, well done!
Thy glorious war-fare's past;
The battle's fought, the race is won
And those art crowned at last!"
Gertrude F. Adams
Mrs. G.G. Adams, Associate Minister
The Methodist Home.
[Written in 1959]

(Contributed to the Fisher Files by Rev. Fisher's
grandson ,W. Douglas Fisher.)


"Grandfather Park Fisher (with coronet & crutches) with
band in Kentucky." - Courtesy W.D. Fisher Collection.
Is this not in front of Elijah Hicks' old store and post
office? Can anyone identify any of the individuals.
All Rights Reserved.

The Society is honored to welcome W.D. Parker,
graduate of Princeton, into our organization and is
pleased to be working with him in establishing a
complete collection of Rev. Parker's photographs and
memorabilia. Rev. Parker, along with Granby Carew Smith
(Knott's first known photographer), Billy Boggs (the
second) and Astor Dobson have all be responsible for
recording Knott's early history through this medium.
All of whom should be included in Knott County's Hall of
Fame in the category alone. Rev. Fisher, for his many
other contributions to the community. We will be
sharing some great photos taken between Hindman and
Leburn as time goes on. If you have any family stories
regarding Rev. Parker Fisher's ministry in Knott County
through the 1920's decade, contact us below. We will
be sharing more of these stories with our Society as
time passes.

Sincerely yours,

David R. Smith, Pres. <mailto:>
Knott County Historical Society

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