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Subject: [OCKHS] Madison County North Carolina Hertiage Book
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 18:54:45 -0500

There article with be of great interest to anyone searching the SHELTON surname. Numerous heritage of the Sheltons within.

Sarah "Sally" CHANDLEY (1796, Tenn., 1850 census) came into what is now Shelton Laurel, Madison County, N.C. before 1830. She had foru children: John (1822), Clarke (1823), Eliza (1815), Soloman (1825).
Picture of Front Row:
John CHANDLEY (1822-1913) spouse Elizabeth HAIRE (1825) daughter of Abraham HAIRE (1796) and Sarah Rebecca HAWKINS WADDELL (1796). Children: Nancy Jane (184) (there is a number missing on this year) spouse Newton TWEED (1840). Mitchell Alexander (1845) spouse (1) Ruth Usebia TWEED (1844) and spouse (2) Elizabeth RICE. Elvina (1855) spouse Jack FRANKLIN. Sylvanus SEVIER (1849) spouse Hariett Merinda WOOLSEY (1847) Milam(1853) spouse (1) Robert RAMSEY (1850), spouse (2) Armstrong SHELTON and spouse (3) George HENSLEY (1861). Ann Eliza (1858) spouse Jonah BLANKENSHIP (1858). Everettt (1859) spouse Melissie HENSLEY. John CRITTENDEN (1862) spouse Viney CRAIN (1862). Marietta (1864) spouse William Ellis HIGGINS. Elizabeth Therza (1866) spouse Morris McINTOSH (1873. Laura (1863) spouse William "Bert" RUNNION (1860).
Clarke CHANDLEY (1823) spouse Sarah DUGLEY (1829). Children Barley (1849) spouse Nancy Margaret TWEED (18460. Mary A. "Polly" (1849) spouse Jimerson SEVIER TWEED. Clarke II (1851) (1) Easter FRANKLIN.
Elia (1815) spouse Roderick SHELTON (1811, 1850 Census). Children: Margaret Ann (1834) spouse Baxter SHELTON (1832). Sara Jane (1835) spouse Esua SHELTON (1837). Elizabeth (1838) spouse (1) Jacob SHELTON (1837) and spouse (2) Elias GOSNELL (1838). Melinda (1841) spouse (1) David NORTON (1839, N.C.), spouse (2) Onis Enoch NORTON (1849, N.C.) and spouse (3) Samuel Coak SUTHERLAND (1850, Tenn. Armstrong (1843) spouse (1) Ibby SHELTON (1848) and spouse (2) Cecelia SHELTON (1848). Thomas CLINGMAN spouse Charity SHELTON (1853). Catherine (1847). Easter Cordelia (1849) spouse Archibald SHELTON (1853). Neeley "Pete Street" (1853) spouse (1) Nancy NORTON (1857) and spouse (2) Hannah SHELTON (1877). Martha (1855). Artie (1857) spouse Jim SUTHERLAND (1853). Ervin SHELTON (?).
Soloman CHANDLEY (1825) spouse (1) Polly RIDDLE (1837). Children: Milam (1858) spouse Barnett SHELTON. Howard (1858) spouse Anna Eliza HENSLEY (1860). Eliza (1861) spouse William Riley "Will" SHELTON (1861). Sange (1863) spouse Anderson SHELTON (1857). John (1865) spouse Jersey SHELTON (1868). Clarke (1869).
Soloman CHANDLEY (1825) spouse (2) Liza RAINES. Daughter: Hattie.
Three of Sarah CHANDLEY's (1796) children were my grandparents so many generations back. Clarke (1823), Eliza (1815) and Soloman (1825).
Clarke Jr. (1851) spouse Easter FRANKLIN (1848, daughter of "Rock" George FRANKLIN and "Betty" BOWMAN). Children: Ulysses S. (1869). Simpson C. (1871) married Jane TALTON. Pollie Elizabeth (1876) spouse Armstrong SHELTON (1861). Jimerson S. (1879) spouse Matilda S. COOK (1876). Luther Larry (1882) spouse Alphia SHELTON (1885). Virginia "Genny" spouse (1) Jim HODGE and spouse (2) _______ BLACKBURN.
Luther Lowery and Alpha SHELTON CHANDLEY's children:
I. Bosie CHANDLEY (1903) spouse Mamie WALDROUP. Children: Pauline and Betty Jo.
II. Bonnie "Banney" CHANDLEY (1905) spouse N. Dempsey LANDERS (son of Bevey and Tennie SHELTON LANDERS). Children : Jack spoue Ruth TWEED, childrenL Brenday and Violet. Foy spouse (1) Helen SHELTON (doughter of Harrison and Elender KING SHELTON), son: Leonard; spouse (2) ______; spouse (3) Marie FRANKLIN HENSLEY. Betty, died as a teenager from a heart attack. Edith spouse (1) Barnabus CUTSHALL, spouse (2) ______ WALDROUP.
III. Ernie CHANDLEY (1907) spouse Ethel RAY (daughter of Winnie and Wallace RAY). Children: Herman spouse Dorothy Carol HIGGINS, children: Herman Jr., Timothy and Holly. Kate CHANDLEY spouse (1) Harold CHANDLEY; spouse (2) Thomas DOUGLAS.
IV. Cozy CHANDLEY; (1910) spouse Prealon RAY (1910, son of Alice RAY and Charlie SHELTON). Children: Francis (1934) spouse Barnabus SHELTON, daughter: Jewel (1954) spouse Emerson FRANKLIN (1949), children: Sherry Lynn and Joe MELTON. Louise (1937) spouse William TWEED, children; Steven Earl and Lynn Bernice. Amos (1939) spouse Faye KING, children: Shelia and Teresa Louise. Tommy, died in car accident.
V. Corpal CHANDLEY (1912) spouse Viola Lena SHELTON, (1917, daughter of Issac SHELTON and Dora CORN). Children: Fred Dennis (1936) spouse (1) Glennis Kathaleen SHELTON, Children: Paul, Kathryn, and Carolyn; spouse (2) Flo Ella HENSLEY. Alvis (1939) spouse (1) Mildred CORN, child: Jo Ann; spouse (2) Frances
VI. Vance CHANDLEY (1914) spouse Mary, No children.
VII. Ina CHANDLEY (1916) spouse Glenn TWEED. No children.
VII. Dianna CHANDLEY (1919) spouse Jimmy BALEY. Children: Jimmy and one girl.
IX. Twin, Lavern CHANDLEY (1922).
X. Twin, Lagat CHANDLEY (1922) spouse Sophia TWEED (daughter of Jeter and Opal SHLETON TWEED.
XI. Dean CHANDLEY (1925).
XII. Velna CHANDLEY (1927). Child: Debra.
Easter Cordelia CHANDLEY (1849) and Archibald SHELTON (1853). Children: Viney spouse (1) Chris SHELTON, children: Bulla and Nola; spouse (2) Jim HAIRE. Eliza SHELTON spouse John Amberus SHELTON, children: Covell and Osie. Cecila SHELTON spouse Ed RAY, children: Nelson, Waco, Mattie, Creolie, Eliza, Cecila and Maude. Sarah SHELTON spouse Barton HENSLEY, children: Burnie, Erm, Lawrence, Hayes, Carrie, Haywood, Bruce and Charlotte. Elminer SHELTON spouse Jesse SHELTON, children: Ervin, Bethal, Norman, Robert, Leonard,Betty, Gerthie, Linnie SHELTON spouse(1) Walter CORN, children: Vertie, Robertie, Vergie and Thomas; spouse (2) Thomas HOYLE. Issac "Ike" SHELTON spouse Dora CORN, children: Hoy spouse Edith SHELTON, Viola Lena spouse Corpal CHANDLEY, Pearl spouse (1) Pete MORTON spouse (2) Cauley SHELTON, Kate spouse D.C. WHITSON, Willa Dean spouse (1) Ernie BAILEY spouse (2) Russell HENSLEY, Reva spouse (1) Douglas SHELTON spouse (2) WALDROUP, Troy spouse Jo Hannah _____.
Pictuer of:
Thomas GEMMER, Kathryn GEMMER, Jessica GEMMER and Fred CHANDLEY.
Soloman SHELTON and Melinda SHELTON were children of Soloman CHANDLEY and Judith SHELTON.
Melinda "Linnie" SHELTON (1859) spouse Noah SHELTON (1859, son of WIliam Riley SHELTON and Jane JOHNSON). Children: Hannah spouse "Pete" SHELTON. Muncie spouse James "Jim" SHELTON ("Pete's son"). Alphia spouse Luther Lowery CHANDLEY. Dora spouse Crittenden SHELTON (son of Frank SHELTON and spouse Vianna HENSLEY). Delbert L. spouse (1) Burla CUTSHALL (daughter of Lowry CUTSHALL) and spouse (2) Ruth STANTON (daughter of Etta RAY and Beverly STANTON). Broyate spouse (1) Lydia CUTSHALL (daughter of Lowry CUTSHALL) and spouse (2) Marie STANTON LANDERS (sister to RUth STANTON). Leonard VINEY. Opal spouse Jeter TWEED (son of Jimerson and Polly TWEED).
Soloman SHELTON spouse Annie HAIRE. Children: Everett HAYES, Milom S. "Donna", Wade, Mary Lodusky, Cortland W., Lattie B., Roxanne, Effie Blodgett, Virginia Dare, Oscar, Stella and Henry Hubert.
My parents: Fred Dennis CHANDLEY (1936) and Glennis Kathaleen SHELTON (1939) married 1957, White Rock Presbyterian Church by Rev. Blue. Fred Dennis CHANDLEY (1936) son of Corpal CHANDLEY (1912) and Viola SHELTON. Glennis Kathaleen SHELTON (1939) daughter of Paul SHELTON (1908) and Rena Kathaleen WALLIN (1915).
Submitted by: Kathryn CHANDLEY GEMMER, Rt. 10 Box 214, Greenville, TN 27743
References: Rena SHELTON, Isaac SHELTON, Cozy RAY, Banner CHANDLEY, Bible Records - Courthouse records. Census, Clayton HARMON, Dr. Francis DUNHAM and family relatives.

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