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Subject: 1900 Adair Co. Census--Burris/Burress
Date: 12 Aug 2001 13:09:27 -0600

Share and Solve the Burress/Burris Tree. If you know the
upline or downline of any of these families, please share on
this board, to help others make a connection. Thanks.

1900 Adair Co. Census-Burris/Burress.

Burris, Ben April 1895 5yrKY, with Smith, Sarah (her grandson)

Burris, David June 1877KY, LouElla Oct. 1881KY, Carrie L. May 1899KY.

Burress, Edna N. Dec. 1874 25yKY, Willard Jan. 1894, Lela B. Sept 1895, ?Edesta Jan. 1898, John L. Sept 1899, Walter
L. Cunningham (brother) 1884. All born in KY.

Burris, George W. Oct. 1860 34yKY, Mary E. April 1870 30yKY; Willie W. June 1891, 9yKY, Elma Dec. 1893, 6yKY, Marie E. April 1896 4yKY, Charles June 1898, 2yKY.

Burress, Henry A. May 1816, 84yKY, Mary A. April 1823 77yKY. Wilson, Martha A. (daugther), March 1850, 50yKY;
Daisy K. (granddaugher) Nov. 1886, 13yKY; William W.
(grandson) Nov. 1889 10yKY.

Barris, Irvin H. Nov. 1876, 23yKY, Zora Oct. 1880KY.

Burress, John W. Oct. 1853, 46yKY, Sarah J. Dec. 1855KY,
Charly Nov. 1878KY, Peter J. May 1883KY "Wattsville"
William F. March 1888, Myrtie A. July 1891KY, Logan June 1894, Etta A. July 1899.

Burris, Joseph H. April 1876 24y, Rosa L. March 1881, Fannie D. March 1898KY.

Burris, Mary A. March 1861, 38yTN.

Burress, Norah Oct. 1894 KY; Wilson, Jane S. (step-dau.)

Burris, Polly A. Oct. 1840KY, Mary J. Oct. 1895Ky;
Baxler (grandson) July 1890, Ebenezer (grandson) May 1896KY, Mary 1896KY, ?Cerda (granddaughter) Oct. 1898KY.

Burris, Sallie T. May 1860 40yKY; John Feb. 1887KY;
Lee (female) April 1888KY, Mollie Apirl 1890KY.

Burress, Vince 75KY, Corah April 1882KY, Lottie M. Maych 1884, LouE. Aug. 1887. Blankenship, Othy (son in law) April

Burris, William E. March 1881 19yKY, Mary E. July 1879KY,
Robert W., May 1898 2yKY.

Burris, William H. Dec. 1853 47yKY, Mary F. March 1859KY, James H. Jan. 1880KY, John A. March 1882KY, Mary O. Aug. 1884KY; Alexander Nov. 1886 KY, Willie Dec. 1894KY, Etta B. March1896KY.

***I have no other census data.

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