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From: Byron Marshall <>
Subject: [KYANDERS-L] Presley Davis
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 16:25:55 -0600

Hello Dick:
Apologies at the outset for the length of this message but I am hoping the
detail will help.
When I e-mailed you earlier I had not yet seen your post of last year. It
helps me put some of my puzzle together. First let me say what I have and
then ask a question:
MacKenzie, "Colonial Families of USA" vol.2, p.519 has Nancy MILTON
marrying Presley DAVIS May 19, 1819 and the two settling in Shelby Co. KY
where they had a son Taliaferro Milton DAVIS (who later moved to Missouri).
My notes from Cliff, "KY Marriages 1797-1865" (reprinted from Register of
KY Historical Society) p.21 has the groom's name as "Priestly" and her name
as "Ann" with the date as May 01. The date may be of the bond while his
name may be a misprint. Joyce (no last name given -- <> )
"Nancy" was a common nickname for "Ann", so these two are probably one
and the
same. Do you know where they were married -- what county? I have
northern KY about that time. Don't know if Ann/Nancy is connected to
mine or
I agree that "Ann" probably a nickname for Nancy since her mother also a

Secondly, Presley DAVIS is listed as a witness to the will of his father
Capt Jesse DAVIS
(c.1751-c.1818 born in VA son of Isaac DAVIS) in 1818 and that of William
DAVIS (his brother's?) in 1836; both in Nelson Co.KY.

If all of this sounds correct then I would like from you the names of the
other children of Jesse Davis.
I am also curious whether there is any connection to my great grandmother,
Melissa M. DAVIS (b. 1834 in Anderson Co. KY) who married Zack Green MILTON

Byron Marshall

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Dear Dick,
My ancestor was Presley Davis, born about 1812-1815 (from census
guesses). He lived in Spartanburg County, SC for many years. Do you
have any other information about your Presley Davis?
Kathy Marsh


Hi Kathy -

This is an especially interesting piece of mail since it touches on one of
favorite family mysteries.

If you'll look back at my chart, you'll see that there are actually TWO
Davis entries: one at 1.1.4 as you've noted, and also his father at 1.1. I
don't have firm dates for any of them, but my reconstructed dates based on
various documents are as follows:

Presley Davis b.c.1775-1794 d.1823
w: Sarah Barry b.c.1790
Richard b.c.1814
Kelestus b.c.1820
Caleb b.c.1804-1810
Presley b.c.1820-1825

This family was from the Prince William County Virginia area. I have only
information about them. Kelestus (aka Thomas) stayed in the area. Richard
in Mississippi long enough to have a child there, but returned to Prince
William. There is indication Caleb may have joined him there. I have no
information on Presley (the son).

There's some more to tell. In researching the PrWm Cty records for my
branch of
the family, I came across the records of another Davis family [Dawson-Davis
Related Families, Leslie Dawson, 1984] to which no linkage has been
. BUT, in these records, I found two more Presleys. Data as follows:

Isaac Davis (?-1771) m Elizabeth Kincheloe
had 11 children, one of whom was Presley (1756-?), who is reported to
been killed in the Battle of Long Island during the Revolution.

Another of Isaac's children was Jesse Davis (1755 - 1818).
Jesse married Nancy Melton, and they had 8 children, one of whom they

The story is that Jesse and several others of his brothers and sisters
moved from Prince Wm County to Nelson County Kentucky after the
where they built a Fort called Fort Knicheloe, but later called
Station" after an Indian attack.

Jesse's son Presley married Ann Milton, the daughter of John Milton
Frederick Cty VA.

So, here are four Presley's from two different families to add to the one
already know about. The name is unusual enough that it would seem there
must be
a link, but I've had no luck. I'm posting this reply to a couple of
lists in hopes this will ring a bell with someone.


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