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Bob you are indeed a jewel for posting the Shane interview material.
Linda Harris
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Subject: [KYBOURBO-L] Shane Interview sources

>John D. Shane (born 1812, died 1864), as already stated, interviewed
>many pioneers and sons and daughters of pioneers. He kept detailed notes
>on each interview. His original notes, as has been frequently mentioned
>by us, are in the archives of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
>A calendar entry of each is given in the Calendar of The Kentucky Papers
>in the Draper Collection of Manuscripts-, prepared by Miss Mabel C.
>Weaks, and published in 1925, a volume already referred to. The Filson
>Club, so far, has published in full twelve of these interviews, of which
>there are several hundred. Many have been quoted from, but as far as we
>are aware no one else has ever published any of them in full. Any and
>all are worth publishing. Those presented by us were therefore selected
>more or less at random. These twelve, like all of Shane's many other
>notes on interviews, throw interesting sidelights on early Kentucky and
>Kentuckians and give much local color not preserved elsewhere. Shane
>will not be fully appreciated until more Kentucky historians dig into
>his notes and there find what he has recorded, directly or indirectly,
>on the many subjects bearing on pioneer times.
>The Kentucky Papers, so-called, in the Draper Collection of Manuscripts
>fill thirty-four volumes, but they form a comparatively small part of
>the Draper manuscripts that bear on Kentucky and Kentuckians. Each
>volume of The Kentucky Papers is designated CC. The number of the volume
>precedes the letters CC, the figures that follow indicate the pages.
>Practically all of Shane's interviews are in volumes 11 to 17, that is
>11CC to 17CC. Photostat copies of these seven volumes are in the
>archives of The Filson Club.
>We here list the Shane interviews that have been published in full in
>The Filson Club History Quarterly. The time of publication is shown,
>also an indication is given of the number of pages required for each. In
>this list are included a biography of Shane by Ye Secretary and a poem
>by Lucien V. Rule:
>11 CC 54-66: Reverend John D. Shane's Interview with Pioneer William
>Clinkenbeard. By Lucien Beckner. April, 1928, pages 95-128.
>Shane, the Western Collector-a Biographical Sketch. By Otto A. Rothert.
>(Includes a brief list of Shane material in Draper Collection, Madison,
>Wisconsin, and in Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia.)
>January, 1930, pages 1-16.
>11 CC 253-57: Big Crossing Station Built by Robert Johnson, Recorded in
>John D. Shane's Interview with Pioneer Ben. Guthrie. By Mrs. William H.
>Coffman. January, 1931, pages 1-15.
>11 CC 67-79: John A Shane's Interview with Benjamin Allen, Clark County.
>By Lucien Beckner. April, 1931, pages 63-98.
>At The Grave of Reverend John D. Shane-Spring Grove Cemetery,
>Cincinnati, July 29, 1931. (A poem, seventy lines.) By Lucien V. Rule.
>October, 1933, pages 220-222.
>11 CC 141-45: John D. Shane's Interview with Ephraim Sandusky. By Lucien
>V. Rule. October, 1934, pages 217-228.
>12 CC 45-53: Reverend John Dabney Shane's Interview with Mrs. Sarah
>Graham of Bath County. By Lucien Beckner. October, 1935, pages 222-241.
>11 CC 5-9, 17-18: Reverend John D. Shane's Notes on Interview, in 1844,
>with Mrs. Hinds and Patrick Scott of Bourbon County. (A copy of a
>recently found photograph of Shane is inserted in this transcription.)
>By Lucien Beckner. July, 1936, pages 166-177.
>11 CC 133-35: Reverend John D. Shane's Notes on an Interview with Elijah
>Foley of Fayette County. By Lucien Beckner. October, 1937, pages
>12 CC 127-33: John D. Shane's Notes on an Interview with Jeptha Kemper
>of Montgomery County. By Lucien Beckner. July, 1938. Pages 151-161.
>11 CC 25-27 (also extracts from 11 CC 41, 11 CC 128-132, 12 CC 42-44):
>John A Shane's Interview with Mrs. John McKinney and Her Son
>Harvey-Including Data on John McKinney's Fight with a Wildcat. By Otto
>A. Rothert. July, 1939, pages 157-166.
>11 CC 19-23: John D. Shane Is Interview with Pioneer John Hedge, Bourbon
>County. By Otto A. Rothert. July, 1940, pages 176-181.
>11 CC 121-125: John D. Shane's Interview with Colonel John Graves of
>Fayette County. By Otto A. Rothert. October, 1941, pages 238-247.
>11 CC 276-279: John D. Shane's Interview, in 1841, with Mrs. Wilson of
>Woodford County. Also a List of Shane Interviews Published in The Filson
>Club History Quarterly. By Otto A. Rothert. October, 1942, pages
>John D. Shane died February 7, 1864, in Cincinnati, where he was living
>at the time and where he kept his collection of books and other
>materials bearing on history and literature. In September, 1864, this
>collection was sold by the administrator of his estate, A. W.
>Williamson. For that purpose a fifty-page pamphlet of lists of items was
>Catalogue of an Extensive Collection of Books in Various Departments of
>Literature and Science, being the Library of the Late Rev. John A
>Shane-which will be sold at auction by S. G. Hubbard, Cincinnati. What
>became of the bulk of his library, that is his hundreds of standard
>books bearing on history, literature and science, has not yet been
>ascertained by us. It is known, however, that his books containing his
>manuscript notes on interviews and a few other items were purchased by
>Lyman C. Draper who shortly thereafter gave them to the State Historical
>Society of Wisconsin. It is also known that the manuscripts, pamphlets
>and other documents bearing on church and allied subjects were then
>purchased by the Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia.
>Beginning December, 1930, The Journal of the Department of History of
>the Presbyterian Society, Philadelphia, began publishing at irregular
>intervals documents from their Shane Collection, that is manuscripts and
>pamphlets that had been prepared by others and had been collected by
>In the October, 1935, issue of The Register of the Kentucky State
>Historical Society, Charles R. Staples, of Lexington, published a
>nineteen-page article entitled "New Discoveries Amongst Old Records." He
>points out many of the important early Kentucky court records that are
>being neglected by local, regional and State historians. He calls
>attention to the Shane Collection in the State Historical Society of
>Wisconsin and gives a two-page summary of the Shane Collection housed in
>the archives of the Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia. Mr.
>Staples' summary of the Philadelphia collection in The Register and our
>brief list of the two collections in Wisconsin and Philadelphia
>published in the History Quarterly in October, 1929, present a general
>outline of the Shane material in those two libraries.
>The Filson Club contemplates publishing, in full, each year, one of the
>Shane interviews and will be pleased to have suggestions as to which to
>select. Furthermore, Ye Editor is gathering material for an extensive
>biography of John D. Shane and therefore will be glad to receive or have
>his attention called to any published or unpublished data on the life
>and works of this neglected collector of material bearing on the early
>history of Kentucky.
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