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Subject: [KYBOURBO-L] Captives, part 3
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DENTON, JOHN Sr. (c. 1742-1824) Son of Robert and Jane (Moon) Denton was born about 1742 in Hampshire Co., VA. He was held captive at Montreal with most of his family until their release in July of 1783.He was married to Elizabeth Johnson about 1767 in Virginia. After his return from captivity he and his family settled in Garrard Co., KY. He died 1824 in Miller Co., AR. John and his wife had one son named Henry Denton who was born about 1778 and does not appear on any prisoner return. It's possible he was captured with the family. John was the grandfather of noted frontiersman, John Bumard Denton, for whom Denton, Texas was named. (1)

DENTON, ELIZABETH (JOHNSON) (c.1752--) Wife of John Denton Sr. was born about 1752. She was held captive with her family at Montreal until their release in July of 1783. (1)

DENTON, JAMES (1770-1827) Son of John and Elizabeth Denton was born 1770. He married Sarah Clarkson about 1794. He died 1827. The city and county of Denton in Texas is named after his son James B. Denton who was killed by the Indians. (1)

DENTON, MARY (c.1770--) Daughter of John and Elizabeth Denton was born about 1770 in hardy Co., VA. She was held captive among the Indians and appeared in a list of prisoners held by the Indians in 1782. She later married John Burnside. (2)

DENTON, JANE (c.1775--) Daughter of John and Elizabeth Denton was born about 1775 in Hardy County, VA. She was held captive with her parents at Montreal until her release in 1782. She later married James Ball. (1)

DENTON, JOHN Jr. (c.1777-1821) Son of John and Elizabeth Denton was born about 1777. He was held captive with his parents at Montreal until their release in July of 1783. He married Nancy Arnold April 27, 1808 in Garrard Co., KY. He died in 1821. (1)

DENTON, PARTHANIA (c.1778-~--) Daughter of John and Elizabeth Denton was born about 1778. She was held captive at Montreal with her parents until their release in July of 1783. She later married John Stevens in 1800. (1)



DOUGHERTY, JOHN. Listed as a prisoner with Elizabeth Dougherty and Jesse Dougherty and sent from Detroit to Montreal for exchange. He may have been the husband of Elizabeth Conway and father of Jesse though family records indicated the husband of Elizabeth and father of Jesse was William Dougherty. (1)

DOUGHERTY, ELIZABETH (CONWAY) (1760----) Daughter of John and Elizabeth Conway was born April 16, 1760 in Virginia. She married William or John Dougherty about 177 8 in Kentucky. According to an August 23, 1783 issue of the Pennsylvania Gazette, "Betsy Dougherty" was listed as a prisoner among the Indians. Many others in the list were from Ruddell's and Martin's stations including her sister Mary (Conway) Long. (1) (2)

DOUGHERTY, JESSE (1781----) Son of William (or John) and Elizabeth Dougherty and was bom about 1781 in Detroit while his parents were prisoners. (1)

EDDLEMAN, CATHERINE. Widow of David Eddleman. The Moravian Diaries report on 1776 July 31, "Mr. Edelman came from Holston's River to take his wife and children thither from Abbott's Creek. He said there was much unrest on account of the Indians, but the people were not frightened and thought they could protect themselves against the enemy." The Eddleman's came to Kentucky about 1778 and the family settled at Logan's Station where David served in Captain Richard May's company. In April of 1779 he was transferred to Captain Isaac Ruddell's company and followed them to the Licking River and started construction on Ruddell's Station. David was in service at Ruddell's station throughout 1779 and probably died during the winter. His wife was received a settlement certificate for land in Kentucky which said the land was settled in 1778. Catherine after her captivity married John Burger a fellow captive at Ruddell's station. She died in Indiana. (2)

EDDLEMAN, JOHN (c.1776-c.1839) Son of David and Catherine Eddleman was born about 1776 in North Carolina. He married Mary Zumwalt March 4, 1799 in Bourbon Co., KY and they had several children. John moved to Indiana in 1811, buying 160 acres that year from the U.S. Government. The land was located in Harrison Co., IN where Buffalo Trace crossed Little Indian Creek. He built a sawmill and later a grist mill on that farm. He died about 1839. (2)

EDDLEMAN, DANIEL (c.1779-1867) Son of David and Catherine Eddleman was born May 31, 1769. He married Sarah Rich April 7, 1798 in Bourbon Co., KY. "Daniel Eddleman, with his mother and brother, was sheltered in a strong cabin... and while there they were attacked by Indians and Daniel was taken by Indians to near Lafayette, where he was kept until 12 years old, when he was returned to Kentucky and claimed by his mother. It is thought Daniel's brother James was killed or burned to death by the Indians. Daniel died in Jackson County, Indiana, aged 98. He was a hunter, trapper, and loved hunting better than farming. He learned the Indian method of counting on fingers: 'nequita, nesway, netheny, narroway, nollony, cutatha, nesothy, sathaky, sockaty, and metathy' and then up to 100 or more by doubling the hands, etc. Eddelmans came to Decatur County in early twenties and settled in Jackson Township. Their log cabin was replaced..." (History of Decatur Co., IN) He died 1867 in Deca!
tur Co., IN aged 98 years. (2)

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