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From: Bob Francis <>
Subject: [KYBOURBO-L] Moses Thomas, part four
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 21:23:10 -0500

A study of Loudoun County Personal Property Tax Lists 1782 - 1784 and
Loudoun County Land Books 1782 - 1787 show James Whaley or James Whaley, Jr.
in the very close neighborhood of [5] Moses Thomas. The Loudoun County
Personal Property Tax List 1785 shows the "estate of James Whaley"
indicating said James Whaley, Sr. is dead. [5] Moses Thomas witnessed a
codicil 8 July 1784 to the will of James Whaley in which will said Whaley
named as his daughter Elizabeth Remey "known as Whaley" (Will of James
Whaley, Loudoun Co. Va. 8 July 1784 - 9 Aug. 1784).

Shortly after the will was written [5] Moses Thomas married third Elizabeth
Remey "known as Whaley" born 1755 to James Whaley and his sister/law Barbara
Remey while he was married to Lydia Ann Remey, both daughters of Jacob
Remey, Sr. who died in Loudoun County ca 10 September 1787. The birthdate of
Elizabeth Remey "known as Whaley" is confirmed by Bourbon County, Kentucky
Circuit Court suit #1236, 12 September 1848 - September term 1852. The
following records confirm beyond a doubt that Elizabeth, wife of [5] Moses
Thomas was one of seven illegitimate children born to James Whaley and
Barbara Remey while he was married to her sister Lydia Ann Remey - - Loudoun
Co. Va. Order Bk A:98 and 208, the Loudoun Co. Va. Will 1787 for James
Whaley. Elizabeth, wife of [5] Moses Thomas may have been the first
illegitimate child of the seven named in the will of James Whaley since the
orders aforementioned refer to a base-born child born six months previous to
9 May 1758. Six children were born to [5] Moses Thomas and Elizabeth Remey
"known as Whaley". They were [551 Mary Ann "Polly" Thomas born ca 1785, [561
James Thomas, [57] Robert Thomas, [581 Emma "Leanna" Thomas - - all born in
Loudoun County. Four more children were born of this marriage in Bourbon
County, Kentucky. They were [591 George Thomas, [50] Henry Thomas, [5A]
Elizabeth Thomas and [5B] Sally Thomas.

[5] Moses Thomas appears frequently in Loudoun County orders 1783 -. 1790.
Bk M:22, 1790, orders [11] William Mitchell to pay unto [5] Moses Thomas 500
pds. tobacco for witnessing 20 days in suit William Mitchell vs. Lane.
Fairfax Order Bk 1788:87-91, 19 March 1790 names [5] Moses Thomas admstr. of
estate of Benjamin Clark Payne deceased.

Said Payne was killed during a fox hunt by his horse slipping at a jump
("The Paynes of Virginia" p. 249, Brooke Payne)

Loudoun County Order Bk P:120 (1792 - 1794) show Moses Thomas Lt. of 57th
Regiment of the first Battalion Officers Recommended in Militia of this
county 14 May 1793.

(p. 144) Records were found for the years 1791 - 1794 which indicate [5]
Moses Thomas was much involved with the business of Frying Pan Baptist
Church in Loudoun County (Frying Pan Baptist Church Records 1791 - 1798,
Reel #225, Virginia Room, Fairfax County Library). It appears evident he was
involved with this group before 1791 for which period there are no records.
The minutes disclosed:

13 May 1791, Moses Thomas is chosen for clerk.

20 June 1791, Church satisfied with report of Brother Thomas and Brother
Jackson concerning Sister Blinco.

23 July 1791, Moses Thomas was appointed messenger to the ? association.

23 March 1792, Moses Thomases JUDAH suspended from communion for telling an
untruth. Brother Coleman and Brother Moses Thomas appointed as messengers to
Bull Run next meeting.

17 January 1793, Brother Moses Thomas is to give Brother Helm notice to
attend the next day of business.

17 October 1793, Brother Nicholas (?Nichols) applied for dismission and was
directed to clerk for same (Compiler believes this notation may refer to the
husband of Elizabeth Thomas Nichols, niece of [5] Moses Thomas.).

17 July 1794, Robert Jackson and Moses Thomas appointed to attend
association 17 July 1794.

16 October 1794, negro JUDAH ?Reston belonging to Brother Thomas, Sister
Cockerill, Brother Thomas to have dismission.

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