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Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 11:27:52 -0500


As transcribed from an old phonograph record by Jess Wilson and sent to Allan Trout, the Frankfort, Ky, reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper. In his column "GREETINGS" he reprinted it "To earn the thanks for all devotes of bodacious balladry." Are there are any Devovtees of Bodacious Balladry among our readers?

In Greencastle lived Pearl Bryan,

Who was known the world o'er,

Beheaded by Scott Jackson,

Whom she really did adore.

In a cab one rainy evening,

Just before the close of day,

Up rode Walling and Jackson,

And with Pearl they rode away.

Little did poor Pearl think,

When she left her home so gay,

That the suitcase she carried,

Would hide her head some day

The driver tells the story,

How little Pearl did mourn,

All the way from Cincinnati

To where the cruel deed was done.

They drove far from the city,

To a place so far from home,

And there they left her headless,

Blood stained and alone.

A farmer passing by,

Her lifeless form he found,

Lying there without a head,

Her blood all over the ground.

The people were excited,

They looked around and they said,

Here lays a woman's body,

But where, oh where, is her head?

They phoned for miles and miles,

Till at last one answer came,

It was from Pearl's little sister,

It must be Pearl that is slain.

They arrested Jackson and Walling,

And they locked them in the cell,

The people gathered around them,

But nothing would they tell.

In came Pearl's little sister,

She fell down on her knees

Pleading to Scott Jackson,

Give me Sister's head, oh please.

But Jackson he was so stubborn,

That this is what he said:

"If you meet your sister in heaven,

You'll find the missing head."

She thought it was her lover's hand,

She could trust both night and day,

And yet it was her lover's hand,

That took her life away.

So you girls who fall in love,

You still may be misled;

Don't take any hasty action,

Oh, girls, don't lose your head.

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