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From: A & L Carroll <>
Subject: [KYJEFFER] Civil War Burials: Brown General Hospital & Cave HillConfederate Cemeteries
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 14:51:19 +1000

One of my Civil War Confederate ancestors may be buried in one of these
cemeteries. I have already checked the Cave Hill web site database and
he was not listed but I read that it was only partial anyway.

John A. STUBBLEFIELD was a veteran of the Civil War and was a Private in
the 1st Tennessee Calvary. John died in Brown U. S. General Hospital in
Louisville Kentucky on January 16, 1865 from Chronic Diarrhea. I read
that Several soldiers who died there were buried in a small cemetery
adjoining the medical complex. Others were interred in Cave Hill Cemetery.

Does anyone have a cemetery listing or book for either of these for
confederate soldiers or can go and look for me. We are stationed
overseas so I am not able to visit the area. We are leaving for a months
vacation to the states on Monday but we have no family in KY to visit so
I don't think I'll make it this trip either as we will be in CA & TN.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Lianne Carroll

*USAF Guam*

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