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From: Bill Utterback <>
Subject: 1880 DDD Schedule - Part 5 - Hickman County
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 18:46:10 -0500

My friends -

Today, we are continuing with our ongoing review of the Defective,
Dependent and Delinquent Schedule from the 1880 census. Today's post will
cover the persons named in that schedule for Hickman County.

I expect to have all of the particulars associated with each individual
listing available at some future point, but, at this juncture, I do not
have anything beyond what is shown below. The enumerators were not thorough
at all in their completion of this part of the census, and, in the counties
so far examined in the JP region, left many of the columns blank, showing
only the name and nothing else. The same name may be found in two or more
of the categories, as someone who was blind could also be deaf and mute,
and could even be in the poor house and perhaps even shown as idiotic. A
few of the listings for Hickman County were, unfortunately, illegible, and
could not be included in the list below.

Tomorrow, we will move to Marshall County.

Hickman County - Persons Listed in the DDD Schedule - 1880 Census


Walker, Mary B.
NIchols, James L.
Hough, A.J.
Sexton, Ann


Robinson, Joseph
Bostick, John M.
Carr, Harry
Franklin, Joseph
Alson, Mary
Colly, Aaron
Kearney[?], Elizabeth
Jones, Mary
Kelly, William
Tinsley, Solomon[?]
Allen, Nancy
Clark, Susan


Galestone, John E.
Bone, Frances
Batts, Leslie[?]
Barton, Elizabeth
Barton, Clayton
Hicks, Virginia
Also, Mary
Price, James


Summers, Frances
Wade, James
Vaughn, James

In Fulton County Jail:

Johnson, David
Lofler, Barney
Robinson, John

In Poor House:

Malone, Martha |
Robinson, Joseph |All shown as "crippled"
Hopkins, Julia |
Hopkins, Martha |

No homeless children listed for this county.

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