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From: Bill Utterback <>
Subject: Library of Congress Site - Ten Thousand Name Petition
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 18:42:54 -0600

My friends -

I want to pass along the URL to a Library of Congress site, which contains
images of the "Ten Thousand Name" Petition. There are some 10,000
signatures on this Petition, which was an early Virginia religious
petition(1776) aimed at gaining religious freedom and removing an
established church doctrine imposed by the English. People came from all
over the Commonwealth of Virginia to sign this Petition. To locate this
particular item, click "Search by Date" and use the date of October 16,
1776. The URL is:

There are some 250 digital images for this particular item(and there are
other petitions available on this site as well.

Although it required a fair amount of visual searching, I found my
Utterback gggggg-gf's signature within this Petition. It is the only known
example of his signature.

While this is not directly related to the JP region, it has an indirect
connection, since many of our JP families originated in Virginia.


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