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Subject: [KYLAUREL-L] Excerpts from the Mt. Echo 1897 (19)
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Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society
July 16, 1897

Misses Lillie and Chloris Faris have been dangerously low with typhoid fever,
but they are convalescing nicely.

It seems that schools generally will begin later this year that last year.
Nearly all in this part will not begin till the 26th. The teachers of our
adjoining districts are as follows: Mt. Olive, Prof. Pate; Mt. Zion, W.A.
Pennington; Mershon, Walter L. Green; Allen, H.C. Pennington; Altamont, Miss
Phebe Andes; Mt. Pleasant, John F. Pigg; Oakley, Nat Sewell, Jr. We have used
home talent in every school except one (Mt. Olive), and besides have sent
seven teachers to other parts of the county.


Mr. E.K. Wilson was in Louisville this week on legal business.

Mr. J.L. Isaacs and wife, of Jackson county, were in London Monday.

Mr. H.P. Brown who has been attending the Harvard University at Cambridge,
Mass., for the past two or three years, is home again.

We will have a wedding to report among high contracting parties at an early

DIED-June 21, 1897, at the residence of her father, Len Lloyd, Miss Hannah
Lloyd, of typhoid. Miss Lloyd was a good Christian woman, and died in the
triumph of a living faith in Christ Jesus. Her remains were buried at Wyatt's
Chapel in the presence of a throng of sorrowing friends.

Mr. Robert Jones, son of Mr. Harve Jones, living three miles south of London,
who has been making his home in Texas for several years, returned Tuesday on a
visit accompanied by his little boy. Mr. Jones had the misfortune to be very
dangerously shot a few weeks since, and is here for the benefit of his health
as well as to visit friends.

DIED-At his residence, five miles west of London, on Thursday of last week, of
cholera morbus, Rev. A.B. Belvin. Mr. Belvin was one of the oldest and most
highly respected citizens in the county, and leaves an aged wife and many
friends to mourn his death. He had been a minister in the Baptist church for
many years, and a life long patron of the ECHO.

Some days ago a bolt of lightning struck a tree in the front yard of Rev.
Sherman Owsley, of the eastern portion of this county, severely stunning Mrs.
Owsley who was standing on the front porch. One streak of the same bolt
struck a tree a short distance in the rear of the house, considerably stunning
Mr. Owsley who was standing near.

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