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Subject: Re: [KYLAUREL-L] Excerpts from the Mt. Echo 1897 (38)
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Here is a sample of some of the history thats on the KYLAUREL-L rootsweb
list. These reprints are on one or more times each week. I think they are
interesting in that they give an insight to how life was about 100 years ago
and sometimes you see names you recognize. Of course, most of the messages
relate to someone looking for ancestors. I got a message this evening from a
descendant of ACE FAWBUSH who lives in Oklahoma. But that was through her
contact with Randall Cornelius.

Jack ( See my note at the bottom.)

At 12:16 AM 12/27/98 EST.
>Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Society
>November 12, 1897
>The affairs of J. & E.H. Hackney, on account of the death of the senior
>member, will be wound up immediately. All persons owing said firm will confer
>a great favor by settling their notes or accounts at once.
>DIED-Mrs. Phillipine Keller has departed from this life on Nov. 7, 1897, at
>the age of 31 years, after a two weeks disease of the lung, and after the
>short stay of two months and a half in this country. Her death is great loss
>to the family. She leaves a mourning husband and four children. Her remains
>were laid to rest on Cemetery Hill.
>James Barnard and Wm. Brock had a shooting scrap in the eastern part of the
>county a few days ago, but no damage was done except the death of Barnard's
>MARRIED-Yesterday morning at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. E.M.
>Hughgart, Mr. E.A. Pollard to Miss Anna Jackson. They took the North-bound
>train on their bridal tour.
>DIED-At the residence of her father one mile South of London, last Saturday,
>of Typhoid, Miss Laura, the nineteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W.
>Mullins. The bereaved parents have the deepest sympathy of the editor.
>It is rumored that one or more of Londons leading society young men
>contemplate taking a trip to Jellico, Tenn. It might be well for some of the
>anxious Mamma's to buy all the pad locks in town and see that all the windows
>are securly locked at night.
>Married, on October 20th, Mr. Elisha Patton of Raccoon, to Miss Mollie Gill,
>of this place. Our best wishes go with them.
>Mr. T. I. Pate and family arrived from Kansas City, Mo., Friday evening. Mr.
>Pate has been absent from his family for seventeen months.
>Married-On the sixth of this month Mr. J.L. Dees, to Miss Sarah Bowling by the
>Rev. L.E. Loyd, here's luck to you Elley.
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