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Janice, I noticed your Surname lists McFarland as an ancestor. My Robert W. Mcfarland was from Laurel Co. His father was William G. McFarland. Any help much appreciated.


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Do you have marriage documentation for Malinda Tompkins and Daniel Morgan,
Jr.? It is my understanding that there never was a marriage.

Janice Morgan
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Morgan, Speaks, Arnold, Trosper, Wilburn, Storm, Cooper, Arthur, Duncan,
Price, Hamm, Evans, Shjplet, Chaney, Wombles, Turner, Floyd, Vanhook,
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> Documentation leaves no doubt that Rev. Matthew Martha Baker Warren were
the closest Warren link to 2ggm Malinda Tompkins Adams Hash.
> Since Martha Baker Warren was the daughter of Andrew Baker m/1 unknown and
m/2 Hannah Roberts? and Cyrus Adams was the son of James Adams m/2 Andrew
Baker's widow Hannah Roberts? Baker this makes Hannah the step-mother of
Cyrus Adams (step-mother-in-law to 2ggm Malinda) and Martha Baker Warren the
step-sister-law of Cyrus & 2ggm Malinda.
> Here you will find several pieces of documentation which supports my
theory that Great-grandmother Clementine (Adams) Warren Whitaker (10 Mar.
1868- 28 Nov. 1841) was the granddaughter of Rev. Matthew & Martha Baker
> Two extremely good sources I know of say that Great-grandmother's father
was a Warren: 1. Great Uncle John Walter Whitaker's death certificate gives
his mother's name as Clementine Warren 2. Cousin Zella Hash Speaks told me
that her Aunt (my Great-grandmother) "Clem" told her that her father had
been a Warren.
> Per Cousin Jeff Renner: In a message dated 6/20/2 10:24:32 10:,
writes: Jim, the reason I asked about the
Whitaker Cemetery is that I can find where it was in the Mills Whitaker
land. Henry may be the first Whitaker to own the property. It looks like it
was part of an 1807 grant to Charles Warren, which is the earliest grant I
can find in the Line Creek area, at least issued to a family who actually
lived in the area. Charles Warren was the father of Rev. Matthew Warren
married Martha Baker in 1816.
> G-grandmother Clementine's mother Malinda Tompkins Adams Hash during the
time she lived in Laurel Co., KY lived a stones throw away from the Adams,
Baker, Morgan, Trosper, Arnold and Whitaker families.
> 2ggm Malinda Elizabeth Tompkins (1835-1904) m/1 Cyrus Adams Adams
(c1818-1862); 25 May 1853. She kept the surname of Adams until she m/2 John
Hash (after 1870).
> 2ggm Malinda' children after the death of Cyrus Adams, in Nelson, Co., KY
1862, took the surname of Adams.
> G-grandmother Clementine was born March 10, 1868. She married, 25 Aug.
1884, Great-grandfather Henry Mills Whitaker under the name of Adams.
> In 3ggm Elizabeth Wilburn T(h)ompkins will of 25 Aug. 1873 she mentions
'This my desire that my daughter Malinda Adams have one bee hive.'
> Baker & Whitaker neighbors:
> The 1830 and 1840 Laurel Co., KY censuses show that the households of
Andrew Baker, Giles Whitaker, and John Whitaker were adjacent to each other.
John Whitaker's 1850 household is recorded in both the Laurel & Pulaski
> 2ggm Malinda Tompkins Adams's father-in-law James Adams married Hannah
Baker, the widow of Andrew Baker on the 26 Jul. 1851, in Laurel Co., KY.
> Andrew Baker was the father of Martha Baker Warren by his first unknown
> Martha Baker married Matthew Warren on Jan. 20th 1816 in Pulaski Co., KY.
Andrew Baker was recorded as father of the bride.
> In the 1850 Pulaski census you'll find that Rev. Matthew Warren's widow
Martha Warren in household # 493 was the neighbor of John (wife Mary (Baker)
Whitaker were in household #497, Charles (wife Mary Shiplet) Warren in
household #494 (s/o Matthew & Martha) , Giles (wife Paulina Evans) Whitaker
in household 495 (s/o Mills Whitaker), Andy (wife Cynthia Storm) Arnold in
household #498, Tilman (wife Martha Cooper) Duncan in whose household #500,
James Cooper and Sarah Arthur, (not yet married) are living and Andrew (wife
Nancy Price) Warren in household # 502. James Harvey Whitaker's1749 will
helps one realize that these people were kinsman and very close friends.
> Andy Arnold was the s/o James & Elizabeth Baker Arnold. Elizabeth Baker
Arnold is a suspected daughter of Andrew Baker & first unknown wife ...
Sister to Martha Baker Warren.... James & Eliabeth Baker Arnold were the
parents of Sidney Arnold m. Mills Whitaker & Mary Arnold m. James Whitaker.
> Here's the transcription: (typed as written)
> In the name of God amen.
> I James H. Whiteaker of the Cty of Pulaski Being not verry well in body
but of sound mind and disposeing memory for which I thank God and calling to
mind the uncertainty of human nature or life and living desirous to dispose
of all such worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me with I give and
bequeath the same as foloweth that is to say I give & be queath after my
funeral expenses and just debts is pd to Dicy mine own daughter the some of
one dollar then the balance of all my personal property & land to be devided
equal amongst the other children after the widows dowry to wit L. M.
Whiteaker & John R. Whiteaker & Alexander Whiteaker & Jas H. Whiteaker Jr.
all mine own sons & Maryann Whiteaker & Mehaly Whiteaker there 4 sons and 2
daughters to have anhold to their & their heirs equaly and lastly I do here
constitute my friend
> __________(long blank, not named) exectator of this my last will and
testament here by remaking all other (striken) former wills or testaments by
me here to fore made in witness where of I have here unto set my hand &
affixed my seal this the 28th Aprile 1849
> James H. Whiteaker * SL
> Attest
> Alfred Warren (son of Matthew & Martha Baker Warren)
> Tillman Duncan (step-father of James Cooper)
> Giles Whiteaker (son of Mills & Sidney Arnold Whitaker)
> Charles Warren (son of Matthew & Martha Baker Warren)
> State of Kentucky
> Pulaski County Sct
> At a County Court held for the County afsd at
the courthouse thereof in the Town of Somerset on Monday the 16th day of
July 1849 A writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of James H.
Whitaker Sr Decd was this day produced to the Court and Proven by the Oath
of Charles Warren and Tilman Duncan Subscribing Witnesses thereto and
ordered to be
> recorded and the same is done accordingly.
> Att: Will
M. Fox Clerk
> James Cooper & Sarah Arthur married, 29 Sept. 1863. Wit. Jesse Morgan (?)
Shiplett; Minister, G. B. Smith, Ambrose & Esther Arthur parents of the
> Morgan Links
> Jesse Morgan's brother Daniel Morgan, Jr. married Malinda Whitaker the d/o
John & Mary Baker Whitaker. Daniel & Malinda Whitaker Morgan, Jr.'s daughter
Lucinda "Cindy" Morgan married Amos Chaney. John Hash's first wife Elizabeth
Morgan Hash was probably the daugther of Daniel Morgan, Sr. 1870 Laurel Co.
census: Daniel Morgan, Sr. in household # 8 & Robert Wombles m. Sarah E.
Morgan d/o Malinda Tompkins is in Reuben Hawk's household # 10 ... Robert &
Sarah Morgan Wombles #62 are neighbors of Amos & Lucinda Morgan Chaney #70
in 1900 Pulaski.
> Sarah E. Morgan Wombles's aunt Nancy Tompkins Morgan married Joseph Morgan
who was Lucinda Morgan Chaney's uncle, on the 24th of Jan. 1846 in Laurel
> There isn't any doubt that James Harvey Whitaker was a kinsman of the
brothers John & Mills Whitaker (sons of Giles & Margaret Mills? Whitaker)
but at this time (7 Aug. 2002) noone knows how they were related. Though, it
is known that James Harvey Whitaker's wife, Mary Arnold Whitaker, was the
sister of Mills Whitaker's wife Sidney Arnold Whitaker.
> Tilman Duncan's widow Martha Duncan (m/1 Wm. Cooper), Martha's son James
Cooper & his wife Sarah nee Arthur are buried in the Cooper Cemetery.
> Cooper Cemetery On Line Creek In Pulaski Co.
> Location: Start at the intersaction of Route #1269 and Route #1956 (near
the Laurel County line - on some maps #1956 is called old #80), go westward
on #1956 1.1 miles, turn right, go .8 mile following the Line Creek. At the
place the Buffalo Branch Road "T" intersects with Line Creek Road, you will
see the cemetery on the hillside on the left. The maintained cemetery is
about 300' from the Line Creek Road. This is the old "Ceif" (John Finley)
Cooper home place. The large 2-story home is still satnding. This once fine
home is in bad condittion. The cemetery is in Pulaski County just across
Line Creek from Rockcastle Co.
> Recorded By: Jeanne Snodgrass Bonham
> Date Recorded: 3 April 1985
> Transcribed By: Jim W. Drew-Whitaker, 11/18/01
> Elizabeth Thompkins' Will
> I Elizabeth Thompkins of Laurel County being of feeble health and
> advanced in years and being of sound mind and disposing memory and
> desiring to make such disposition of my estate as seems to me justice do
> make and constitute this my last will and testament.
> 1. It is my will and desire that my daughter Nancy Morgan have one
> bee hive.
> 2. This my desire that my daughter Malinda Adams have one bee
> hive.
> 3. This my desire that my daughter Mary Thompkins have one bee
> hive.
> 4. This my desire that my grandson W. S. Turner have my red heifer
> calf and bedbed clothing, bed
> stead.
> 5. It is my desire that my daughter Burnetta Turner have one bee
> hive and all the rest of my estate consisting of household and kitchen
> furniture and one brown milk cow 2 years old heifer, two head of sheep,
> and five head of hogs.
> This is my will and desire that Robert Early be appointed Executor of
> this my last will and testament.&nbsp; It is my desire that this
> instrument be placed upon record in the Laurel County Court.
> Witness my mark and signature this 25 of Aug, 1873.
> Witness: W. E. Smith Elizabeth Thompkins mark
> John Sparks
> State of Kentucky
> Laurel County Court, Oct. two 1873, a paper purporting to be the last
> will and testament of Betty Thompkins was produced to court and by the
> oath of W.E. Smith subscribing who also attended the signature of John
> Sparks. Whereupon the same to record this day by:&nbsp; L.
> Ewell, W. E. Smith.
> Matthew Warren was the son of Charles & Caty Floyd Warren.
> Caty Floyd Warren was the daughter of Matthew Floyd and sister of Abraham
Floyd, Sr.
> Abraham Floyd Jr. (Abraham2, Matthew1) was born in 1787 at Burke Co.,
North Carolina. He married Jane "Jincy" Chaney on 17Decemberę“ 1812 at Pulaski
Co., Kentucky. He died in May1848 at Perry Twp., Davis Co., Iowa.
> Jane Chaney Floyd, Jr. was the daughter of John & Susannah Hill Chaney the
G-grandparents of Amos Chaney married Lucinda Morgan.
> Descendants of Matthew Warren
> MATTHEW WARREN (CHARLES) was born Abt. 1798, and died 1849 in Pulaski
County, KY. He married MARTHA BAKER; January 20, 1816, daughter of ANDREW
BAKER . She was born Abt. 1798, and died April 26, 1888 in Pulaski County,
> Burial: Keeney Cemetery
> Marriage: January 20, 1816
> Children of MATTHEw WARREN and MARTHa BAKER are:
> ii. ALFRED WARREN, b. Abt. 1817; d. 1852, Pulaski County, KY; m. NANCY
HAMM, June 19, 1850, Pulaski County, KY; d. Abt. 1852.
> iii. ANDREW WARREN , b. February 12, 1818; d. January 01, 1900; m. NANCY
BALEY PRICE; b. Abt. 1819, NC
> Notes for ANDREW W ARREN
> Andrew was a merchant according the 1860 PC census.}
> iv.CHARLES WARREN, b. Abt. 1823; d. March 11, 1864; m. MARY ANN SHIPLET,
November 29, 1844, Pulaski County, KY; b. Abt. 1827.
> Marriage: November 29, 1844, Pulaski County, KY
> v.GENEVA WARREN , b. Abt. 1824.}
> vi. CYRENIUS WARREN, b. Abt. 1825; m. MARY
> vii. FIELDEN LANGFORD WARREN , b. September 23, 1826; d. March 10, 1913,
Witing, Jackson, KS; m. MARY JANE MC KINNEY
> Fielden was a preacher and merchant. He handled his brother Alfred's
> jwdw note: Fielding Warren moved to Rockcastle Co., and had property
adjacent his uncle Andrew Baker, Jr. (brother of 4ggm Martha Baker Warren) I
beleive he preached at the "Line Creek Baptist Church" of which 3ggm Sidney
Arnold Whitaker & 4ggm? Mary Baker Whitaker were members. (4ggm Mary Baker
Whitaker was wife of 4ggf John Whitaker; G-grandmother Mary "Maude" nee
Chaney Vanhook Whitaker's G-grandparents; 2ggps of sisters Sallie Vanhook
Whitaker & Minnie Vanhook Whitaker).
> viii. ELIZABETH WARREN, b. Abt. 1831; d. May 19, 1856; m. WILLIAM SHIPLET
, October 16, 1852, Pulaski County, KY; b. July 26, 1832, Lincoln County,
KY; d. March 09, 1882, Rockcastle Co, KY.
> Died of consumption.}
> ix.GREEN MILTON WARREN , b. Abt. 1835; d. May 20, 1856, Pulaski County,
> Died of consumption. jwdw note: I seem to remember he died very young.. a
> x. JAMES T. WARREN, b. Abt. 1836; d. Aft. 1872; m. SALVICA CARROLL
> xi. JOEL WARREN, b. Abt. 1839; d. Aft. 1870.
> Jwdw note: Joel Warren seems to be the best candidate for being
G-grandmother Clementine (Adams) Warren Whitaker's father.
> These Warrens certainly seem to be the closest neighbors of our Whitaker,
Baker, Arnold & Morgan ancestors.
> A few years back, in my amateur way, after thoroughly combing the Laurel
Co. Warrens, I'd suspected that Wellington Warren of Laurel Co., KY was the
father of G-grandmother "Clem" because I found him the 1870 Laurel Co.
census as being a widower. I'd dismissed the Pulaski Warrens because to
amateur me they seemed too distant.... How wrong I was!!! Wellington Warren
stills bothers me because I have found his family also linked to the Bakers
& 3ggm Elizabeth "Betty" Wilburn's (mother of 2ggm Malinda) family.
> >From this day forward (6/27/02), I, Jim Drew-Whitaker, because of
circumstantial evidence being more in the favor of Rev. Matthew & Martha
Baker Warren being the grandparents of G-grandmother Clementine (Adams)
Warren that I here do claim their son Joel with a (?) as being the father of
our Clementine (Adams) Warren Whitaker. Joel's not known to have been
married and he's about the age of 2ggm Malinda, b. 1835.
> xii. ELENDER WARREN, b. Abt. 1840; d. December 10, 1857, Pulaski County,
> Died of consumption.
> Another piece of circumstantial evidence in favor of these Warrens being
G-grandmother's is that 2ggm Malinda's daughter Mary was by a Baker man, who
was no doubt the half brother of Martha Baker Warren, son Andrew & Hannah
Roberts? Baker.
> 1870 Laurel Co. census: Daniel Morgan, Sr. in household # 8 & Robert
Wombles m. Sarah E. Morgan d/o Malinda Tompkins is in Reuben Hawk's
household # 10 ... Robert & Sarah Morgan Wombles #62 are neighbors of Amos &
Lucinda Morgan Chaney #70 in 1900 Pulaski.
> Other notable links are Andrew & Hannah Roberts? Baker's sons married
James & Eleanor "Nellie" Mahan Trosper's daughters (also sisters of James
Trosper married Delia Storm): Smith Baker married Nancy Trosper & Smith
Baker marrried Catherine Trosper. Catherine Storm Arnold was kinswoman of
Delia Storm Trosper Whitaker. Delia Storm Trosper Whitaker m/2 William
Whitaker s/o John & Mary Baker Whitaker.
> Other John & Mary Baker Whitaker Links
> Son Solomon Whitaker (m. Thursey McFarland) and they were the parents of
Mary Frances "Mollie" Whitaker married John Hash, Jr.
> Solomon Whitaker was in the Civil War with his brother Mills Whitaker &
brother-in-law Daniel Morgan along with James Ambrose Tropser who married
his 1st cousin Paulina Whitaker Farmer d/o Mills & Sidney Arnold Whitaker.
> Mary Frances "Mollie" Whitaker Hash was the mother of George Washington
Whitaker (by George Washington Vanhook) & Zella Hash Speaks.
> George Washington Whitaker maried Mary "Maude" Chaney Vanhook d/o Amos &
Lucinda "Cindy" Morgan Chaney.
> Viola Chaney d/o Amos & Lucinda Morgan Chaney, married John Turner son or
grandson of Burnetta Tompkins Turner d/o Eli & "Betty" Wilburn Tompkins.
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