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Subject: [KYLEWIS] PIONEER FAMILIES OF MO. written 1876 V & W this is the end
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 10:32:51 -0500

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VANBIBBER, Peter and Isaac VanBibber, of Holland, came to America and
settled in Botetourt Co., VA., previous to the revolution. Peter married
MARGUERY BOUNDS, and they had Peter, Jr., Jesse, Jacob, James, Joseph,
Matthias, Nancy, Sophronia, Ellen and Olive. James married JANE IRVINE,
and settled in St. Charles Co., in 1803. He was coroner at the time
WILLIAM HAYS was killed by his son-in-law, JAMES DAVIS. In 1817, he
removed to Callaway Co., and settled on the Auxvasse. His children
Joseph, Irvine, Frances, Lucinda, Melissa, Daniel and Minerva. Joseph
was a surveyor and made the government surveys in range eight, west of
the fifth principal meridian. Olive VanBibber married NATHAN BOONE.
Isaac VanBibber, brother of Peter, was Captain of a company in the
battle of Point pleasant, in 1774, and wa killed there. He left a widow
and four children... John Peter, Isaac and Rebecca. John and Peter
married and settled in Powell's Valley, East Tennessee. Isaac was born
in Greenbriar Co., VA., Oct. 20, 1771, and was only two and a half years
old when his father was killed. He was adopted and raised by Colonel
Daniel Boone, and at the early age of thirteen years, acted as a scout
against the Indians in Virginia. In 1800 he came to MO with Nathan Boone
and settled first in Darst's Bottom/ During the Indian war he was Major
of the militia under Col. Daniel M. Boone. He was married in 1797 to
SUSAN HAYS. In 1851 he settled at Loutre Lick, now in Montgomery Co. The
place was first settled by THOMAS MASSEY in 1813. The land was a Spanish
grant of 460 acres, made to Nathan Boone, who sold it to VanBibber. The
latter built several cabins where he settled, and afterward erected a
large frame house, which he used as a hotel, and made a great deal of
money. His children were Matilda, Marcha, Susan, Elvira, Frances,
Erretia, Pantha, Isaac, Jr., Ewing, and Alonzo. Major VanBibber died in
1836, his wife having died some time before.

WORLAND, Charles B. Worland, of Maryland, married MARTHA A. WHITE, and
settled in Washington Co., KY. Their children were Benedict, Charles B.,
Thomas N., Maria, William T., John H., Stephen W., Edward H., James P.,
and Martha A. Mr. Worland, his wife and a portion of their family
settled in Montgomery Co., in 1839. They are excellent people; honest,
industrious, intelligent, kind-hearted and friendly.

WHITESIDES, Thomas Whitesides was a native of Virginia but removed to
and settled in North Carolina. He had a son named Francis, who married
ANN CLARK, of Kentucky, and settled in Montgomery Co., MO. in 1818.
Their children were James, Holland, John C., Susan, Lucinda, Sarah J.,
Ann, Polly and Nancy.

WILLIAMS, Frederick, son of Richard Williams, of Pulaski Co., Y, married
NANCY HANFORD, and settled in Montgomery Co., MO in 1832. Their children
were Liberty, Margaret, Mary, William, Harriet, Martha, Ross A., John,
Euphema, and Clara A. Margaret married JAMES GRAY. Mary married JOHN
CRUTCHER. Harriet married STEPHEN MANNING. Martha married SYLVESTER
MILLSAP. Ross A. married CHRISTOPHER MILLSAP. Euphema married JOHN

WHITE, Esquire William White settled in Montgomery Co., in 1836. He is a
brother of Benjamin White, who lives near Danville. He married ANNA
FLETCHRALL, of Maryland, and their children were John, Daniel, Ann,
William, Benjamin, Stephen, Mary, Dorcas, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth, a
sister of William White, Sr., married WILLIAM SMITH and settled near

WINDSOR, Sampson Windsor, of Prince William Co., VA., had four sons...
William, Christopher, Burton, and Alfred. Burton married ELIZABETH
TINSLEY, and settled in MO in 1833. Alfred married SARAH CLARK, and
settled in Montgomery Co. in 1833 He had a son, John R., who married
MARY A. F--HUGH. (FITZHUGH?) of Tennessee, and died, leaving a widow and
nine children. Five sons and four daughters. William T., another son of
Alfred Windsor, married JANE B. BRYAN, a daughter of REECE BRYAN AND
JANE EVANS, by whom he had 7 sons and 4 daughters.

WHITE, Matthew L. White was born and raised in Virginia, but removed to
East Tennessee, from there to Alabama, and in 1829 he settled in
Montgomery Co., MO and entered the land upon which the celebrated
Pinnacle Rock stands. He married RHODA STAGDON, and they had Nancy,
William, thomas S., James H., Isaac M., John R., Mary J., Rebecca,
Samuel M., Margaret A., and Martha L.

WHITE, Benjamin White, Sr., was a native of Wales. He married ELIZABETH
SMITH, and their son, Benjamin, Jr., married REBECCA CHESELL. They all
lived in Montgomery Co., MD. Benjamin, a son of Benjamin White, Jr.,
was born Nov. 4, 1796. He was married in 1821 to REBECCA DARBY, who died
, and in 1831 he married LUCY SCOTT. In 1837 they came to MO and
settled in Montgomery Co. Their children were Edward G., William H.,
Richard G., Benjamin, Susan, Mary A., and Sarah E., all of whom are
married and living in Montgomery Co.

WOODRUFF, Charles Woodruff, of Buckingham Co., VA., married a MISS
GATEWOOD, and their son, Wyatt P., married MARY TALPHRO, and settled in
St. Louis Co., MO in 1825. In 1827, they removed to St. Charles Co., and
from there to Montgomery Co., in 1832. They had John, Charles E., Robert
H., Francis S., and David B., all of whom live in Montgomery Co.

WRIGHT, James Wright and his wife, DICEY GALARBY, of Amherst Co., VA.
had George G., Ellis, Shelton, William, Daniel, and Nancy. George G.
married SALLY JACOBS, of Nelson Co., VA., and settled in Montgomery Co.,
MO. in 1837. Their children were Margaret, Ana V., Catharine and George
G., Jr. Margaret married JOHN R. ARNOR. Anna V. married ISAAC H. TALBOTT
of Montgomery Co. Catharine married HON. NORMAN J. COLMAN, editor of
Colman's Rural World and Lieut.-Gov. of Missouri. George G. Jr., lives
in Montgomery Co., is an influential citizen and a leader of the
democratic party of his locality.

WITCHER, James Witcher, of Virginia, married MARTHA WATSON, and they had
three sons and three daughters. Ephraim, their eldest son, who was a
soldier in the war of 1812, settled in Montgomery Co., MO., and married
WINIFRED B. HOLLEY, by whom he had 6 children. He died in 1845 and his
widow married COL. REUBEN PEW, who also died, leaving her a widow the
second time.

WADE, Henry Wade and his wife, LUCY TURNER, lived in Culpepper Co, VA.
They had Luke, Zackfill, Henry, Andrew, John, Orinda, Polly and Sally.
Henry married MARY D. WALLER, in 1810 and settled in Lincoln Co., MO in
1835. His children were William, Henry, John, Richard, Andrew, Martha,
Judith, Lucy, Polly and Margaret. William married SUSAN SITTON, of
Lincoln Co. Henry lives in California, unmarried. Richard died in that
state. John married LAVISA WRIGHT. Andrew died in his youth. Martha was
married first to PETER SHELTON and after his death, to GEORGE DYER.
Judith married JOHN CARTER, and is now a widow. Lucy married JAMES
BERGER, of Montgomery Co. Polly was married first to JOHN C. WHITESIDES;
after his death, to CAPT. WILLIAM QUICK, and she is a widow again. she
has in her possession, her mother's wedding costume that was spun and
woven with her own hands in 1810. Margaret Wade was married first to

WRIGHT, John Wright, of England, came to America and settled in
Pittsylvania Co., Va. He had 4 children, John, William, Nancy, and
another daughter. William married ISABELLA THRAILKILL, of VA and settled
in Clark Co., Y. He served five years in the revolutionary war. He had
12 children, ten of whom lived to be grown, and were married. His fifth
son, William, married NANCY OLIVER, of KY., and they had 11 children...
Harvey S., James T., William M., stephen, Isaac W., Elizabeth, Susan,
Nancy, Emeline, Louisa and lucinda. Mr. Wright settled in Montgomery Co,
MO in 1824 on a place adjoining the present town of Danville, where he
lived and kept tavern for many years. A Methodist minister named
PRESCOTT, stopped at his house one day to get his dinner, and there
being no men present he went to the barn to feed his horse. While
looking around for the food, he saw some large, flat gourds, which he
supposed to be pumpkins, and fed a lot of them to his horse. After that
he was called Gourd Head Prescott. In 1833, Mr. Wright sold his place to
REV ANDREW MONROE, a well known pioneer Methodist preacher, who lived
there and kept tavern for some time. ISABELLA WRIGHT, sister of William
Wright, Sr. married JOHN STONE, who settled in Montgomery Co., in 1818
but afterward removed to Arkansas.

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