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From: Jay Frank <>
Subject: [KYLINCOL] ADAMS in Lincoln Co., KY in early 1800
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 18:01:10 -0600
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Hi Julie,

I am really interested in the ADAMS side as Mahala ADAMS is a direct
ancestor. Lucinda LUNCEFORD married to Charles ADAMS Jr. had four children
and died. This Charles ADAMS Jr. would be a brother of John ADAMS and
Mahala ADAMS if I am right.

John is not mentioned in Charles ADAMS Sr.¹s will. Charles Jr. and Benjamin
D. are mentioned as inheritors and executors of the will which was written
in 1817 and many of the children were inheritors, but not listed as they
were still not of age. Charles ADAMS died on 18 Jan 1835 in Lincoln Co.,
KY. The will was not probated until 1837 and at that time a John ADAMS was
the executor of the will. I do not think that Charles and Benjamin were
still around. John was given a gift of deed of land by Mary ADAMS, his
mother or mother in law, in 1836. John also purchased land from Peter A.
HALL in 1837 who married Mahala ADAMS on 24 Jan 1832 in Lincoln Co., KY. I
found John purchasing land up until 1848 in Lincoln Co.

The only marriage of a John ADAMS I have found in Lincoln, Co., KY was to
Polly TROWBRIDGE on 1 May 1831 in Lincoln Co., KY.

I have not seen the John Q. ADAMS listed in relation to this John. I have
seen some initials, but I was not sure of them. I am going to try to go
thru these series of property exchanges to see if I can find some
information that will connect my Mahala to this Charles ADAMS Sr. I will
look at the same time to see if there is anything the defines the John ADAMS
any more carefully.

Keep writing to me and I will get back to you about what I find. I hope to
do this within the next two weeks.

I live in Dallas for now, but my wife hates it, too hot and humid, so we are
destined to go somewhere else.


From: "Julie Stevens" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 23:25:23 +0000
Subject: RE: [KYLINCOL] ADAMS in Lincoln Co., KY in early 1800

Mr. Frank,

I am writing in regards to your post today on the Lincoln County Kentucky
message board. I know your post mostly had to do with the Lunceford family,
but I was curious about the Adams family, instead. By chance, in your
research, have you come upon a John Q. Adams in connection with the Adams
you mentioned in your post? John was born 19 Nov 1811, in Lincoln County.
I have seen some reference that his father might have been a Charles Adams.
This source, however, is not always right, I've found. I do know, for
certain, that John Q. Adams married Angelina Walden, in Garrard county,
1841, and then died, 1865 in Garrard/Lincoln County.

Any information you might have will be greatly appreciated!

I see you are from Dallas ... I used to live in Dallas, and sure do miss


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