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Subject: [{KYMARTIN}] CRUM Family
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 19:20:02 EDT

Hi Martin County,
I am searching for my CRUM family from Martin County! I tried to get birth,
death or marriage certificates from Martin County, but my check and reply was
unable to find, I was hoping someone in Martin County can help locate
information on the following CRUMS:

1. Charles 'Charley' Jefferson CRUM: born Aug 25, 1887 Turkey Creek, KY
married Sept 18, 1939, Inez, Martin County, KY., to Memphra Crum: born
16, 1915
2. Harrison CRUM: born Mar 11, 1867 Turkey Creek, Martin County, KY. Don't
know when he died, but think about 1947, in 1930 census he was still
living in
KY. He married at home of Jesse CRUM in Martin County on Apr 19, 1886 to

Sinthia PERRY: born March 1867 KY - died Feb 5, 1947 in Paintsville, KY.

3. Jesse CRUM: born abt 1832 Turkey Creek, Martin County, KY-Died Apr 5,
Turkey Creek, Martin County, KY. (Civil War, Union Solider) Married 1866
KY to
Matilda Mosley WARD: born abt 1836 Martin County - died 1883 Crum Wayne
County, WV

4. William CRUM: born Oct 16, 1804 in Bedrock, VA (Martin County, KY) Married
1838 to Sally? Born?

5. Who was William CRUM's father & mother? Could his father be Adam CRUM or
Henry CRUM. Is there any documentation for this family. I tried in Martin
Court house, but they could not find anything. I know they are all
buried in the
Crum Family Cemetery in Turkey Creek, Martin County, KY. I tried to find
family cemetery this summer and I was all over the area but I guess I
didn't climb
up far enough. Where do I look for information or documentation? It's
hard to
believe know one know of this family and willing to share information. I
know my
father's brother was John CRUM and his son is Reverend Quentin Crum . He
is the
pastor of the Nazarene Church in Inez, KY right behind the court house in
KY. He was the first live Crum I met this summer, but is recovering from
surgery and he was not feeling! Is anyone out there willing to help me
figure out
this mess? I would love to have some family pictures? Does anyone have
any they
would be willing to share? Maybe the information I have is to old for
Martin County
or maybe I am just sending to the wrong place for a copy of thier birth,
death or wills of my family, I don't know what I am doing wrong. Please
advise me
of where or how to get information! Please email me at

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