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From: Kenna Austin <>
Subject: [KYMCCREA] Keith Cemetery, Parkers Lake (Nevelsville), McCreary Co., KY
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 22:05:21 -0400

Clear DayGreeting EVERYONE - I hunt clues in books of all kinds, obits, newspapers, online, records, family, friends, etc... You get the idea...

I was going through the McCreary Co. Record's obits for 'clues' and came across Ogalee Griffis' obit. Her obit said that she was buried in the Keith Morrow Cemetery. Griffis aren't my line. Matter of fact almost everyone in my FTM are not in my direct line. Makes no difference because I've decided to add anyone I can. When I checked to see if I had her in my FTM I noticed that her Mom & Dad were both in a different named cemtery. Her brother James B. Griffis was also in one of a different name. I figured they were all the same one though and they were. I usually check with things with Milford B. Creekmore, Ist but he wasn't home. So just to make sure I called Debbie Campbell at the Pine Knot Funeral home. Debbie asked Greg Burdine for me to make sure that the Keith-Cooper Cemetery was also the Keith Cemetery. Sorry, but I can't remember what the exact names of the cemeteries were. I'd been "visiting" the Keith Cemetery, Parkers Lake, McCreary Co., KY for the past!
3 hours. By visiting I mean I've been checking the cemetery book & 'online' records and my FTM.

Below are the names I have found for the SAME cemetery. It's no wonder I stay confused. Although I've been here 20 years I don't know my way around. I can imagine how people who have never been here feel. Whether or not it was located in Pulaski Co., KY Or McCreary Co., KY depends on when the person was buried. The Keith Cemetery was located in Pulaski Co., KY. That part of Pulaski Co. became part of McCreary Co., KY in 1912.

*Keith Cemetery, Parkers Lake, McCreary Co., KY
Keith Cemetery West of Greenwood, McCreary Co., KY [found another name]
Keith Cemetery, Parkers Lake

Keith Cemetery, Day Ridge

Keith-Morrow Cemetery

Keith-Cooper Hill

Cooper Cemetery

Cooper Hill Cemetery

Cooper-Keith Cemetery

Harrison Morrow Cemetery - you might also see this as the Benjamin Harrison Morrow Cemetery.

New Cemetery

Cooper Creek Cemetery, near Greenwood, McCreary County, KY [Hmm, John Keith, & wife Delilah Ruby (Kennedy) Canada are buried here. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS THE SAME PLACE?]

Kenna or KYKrzyLady - just incase someyone only knows me by my nickname @ yahoo/hotmail/excite


Tim West - I noticed this and thought I'd bring it to your attention just incase anyone was to ask you - When NANNIE SEXTON BUTTRAM died in May 1960 the Peaceful Rose Garden Cemetery, Oneida, Scott Co., TN was called the Pumpkin Hollow Cemetery. I figure every tidbit can help.

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