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Nelson Co, KY Linthicum Mgs- my index (this name I have always found
interesting- must be real hard to trace it!!!)

Adelia to Marmaduke Berkley, sur Thomas Linthicum, f/o Adelia,
m 3 Jun 1824 J. Morris
Angeline m Cadmus Young sur T.P. Linthicum, d/o Thomas Linthicum,
23 Dec 1828 Spencer Clack
Charles W. to Mary Eliza Slaughter,Sur Thos. P. Linthicum, d/o Phil C.
Slaughter, s/o Thomas; m 13 Dec 1833 Samuel Carpenter
Eliza - Silas Hurlburt 28 jan 1820 I. Taylor
Eliza L. to Moses L. Miller; sur Thomas Linthicum, Moses from Franklin
Co, Ky
14 Oct 1828 B.F. Crouch
Elizabeth E. to Albert G. Botts sur Thomas Linthicum, f/o Elizabeth;
26 Sep 1837 S. Carpenter
Linda C. to Henry Lewis sur Thomas Linthicum, f/o Linda;
m 7 Jul 1812 Joshua Morris
Lois Ann to William T. Freeman sur T.B. Linthicum; d/o Thomas, wit:
T.P. & C.W. Linthicum; 5 Dec 1831 S. Carpenter
Mary to Stephen Cambron; sur Thomas Linthicum, f/o Mary,
m 12 Feb 1828 Spencer Clack
Mary M. to Horatio Magruder sur Thomas Linthicum, d/o John, dec'd
m 28 Apr 1823 I. Taylor
Nancy to Wm Kendrick sur Thomas Linthicum, f/o Nancy;
m 25 Dec 1810 J. Morris (also have groom's name as Wm
Priscilla to Oliver Howard 17 Dec 1822 J. Morris
Rufus to Elizabeth Anthony sur Daniel W. Anthony, d/o Susan Anthony,
Catherine Anthony, m 7 Mar 1826 William Scott.
Sarah to Robert Able; sur Thomas Linthicum, f/o Sarah;
m 26 Sep 1820 I. Taylor or Daniel Walker (2 listings same
groom & m date)
Sarah to Tilmon Magruder sur Thomas Linthicum, guard of Sarah,
m 31 Oct 1822 I. Taylor

If you would personally sent me your email address- will list all the
Linthicum mgs I have found
on my mg CD- not many & all have to be related!!!


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> Hello!
> First, I would like to apologize for the length of this posting!
> Listed below are my ancestors who were either born, lived, settled or
died in
> Nelson County, KY. Most of my information comes from family
> the majority of the early ancestors (before the late 1700's) has been
> from genealogy sources and family sites on the Internet. I live in
> AL...way down on the Gulf of Mexico!...and reference sources here are
> not available or rare in the genealogical dept.of our library.
> I hope to plan a trip in the not to distant future to KY, VA & MD to
> the "places" of my early ancestors. I'm curious to see if anyone might
> information about any of them...where they lived and raised their
> and...if there are any family descendants living or living nearby.
> Thank you...for your time and patience in reading the information
below. I'm
> eager to hear from anyone who might have any information about the
> mentioned...especially if you know any directions or highways to the
> mentioned. I'm not familiar with Kentucky at all!
> And, if we are "family"...I would love to hear from you..!!!
> Thank you,
> Joleen Haskins Patrick
> Mobile, AL
> Ancestors:
> 4th great grandparents:
> Thomas Prather LINTHICUM (1771-1850) m. Nancy "Anne" WILLIAMS
> They were born and moved from All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, MD and
lived &
> died in Bardstown, Nelson Co., KY. I have...they are buried in the
> Municipal Cemetery..???
> 3rd great grandparents:
> Volinda "Linda" Claggett LINTHICUM (1795-1859) m. Henry LEWIS
> They lived in Bardstown, Nelson Co. and are buried in the Lewis Farm
> cemetery, 1 mile east of Boteland, Bardstown, Nelson Co., KY.
> Henry is the son of Thomas Buford LEWIS (1765-1839) m. Anne "Nancy
Anna" RICE
> (1766-1822). They were from Culpeper Co., VA and lived in Nelson Co.
and are
> buried in the Lewis Farm family cemetery, 1 mile east of Boteland,
> Bardstown, Nelson Co., KY.
> 2nd great grandparents:
> Sarah Elizabeth "Eliza" LEWIS (1820-1890) m. Major Harrison YEWELL
> (1811-1885).
> She was b. in Bardstown, Nelson Co., KY and he was b. in Jefferson or
> Co., KY. They lived in Nelson Co. and are buried in Elmwood Cemetery,
> Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY.
> Harrison is the son of Martin YEWELL (1787-1850) b. in Orange or
Madison Co.
> VA. He m. Nancy FOREMAN (1790-1854). They settled in (Jefferson Co.?)
> Co., KY and are buried in the Miller Creek Cemetery, Nelson Co. KY.
> His mother, Nancy, is the daughter of Joseph FOREMAN (1763-1838) m.
> FRYE (1761-1835) from Frederick Co. VA and lived in Nelson County, KY.
They are
> buried in the Foreman Family Cemetery, Cox's Creek, Nelson Co. KY.
> Great grandparents:
> Linda Elizabeth YEWELL (1844-1940) m. Judge Horace Maynard HASKINS
> (1843-1904).
> She was b. in Nelson Co., KY and he was b. in Maynardville, TN. They
lived in
> Union Co., KY or TN for a short time and moved to Owensboro, Daviess
Co., KY
> where he died in 1904, age 61, and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery,
> Daviess Co., KY. She moved to CA to live with her son, Linwood, and
> there in 1940.
> Here are some interesting lines from her obituary notices:
> ".....during the Civil war helped to smuggle supplies through the
> lines to the Confederate Army outside of Kentucky."
> "She was a native of Kentucky, where during the Civil War she aided
the cause
> of the South. With Kentucky in the hands of the North, Mrs. Haskins
> would cross the Union lines and smuggle food and clothing to the
> Grandparents:
> Joseph Martin HASKINS (1884-1957) m. Pauline BERNECKER (1886-1961).
> He was born in Owensboro, Daviess Co., Ky and she was born near
> KY. They lived and are buried in Topeka, KS.
> Their only child and my father, Joseph Maynard Haskins (1912-1975).
> Many thanks again....!!!
> Joleen

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