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In many of the old biographies, references are made to the individual
attending a certain school. Remember, many of our pioneers did not have
an education as we know it today, they attended subscription schools in
the neighborhood and seldom did they attend the full school term. Their
services were needed at home. Many of the early instructors were barely
able to read and write themselves! However, Kentucky did have schools of
higher learning for those who could afford same. This will be a list of
some of the schools in existence - there are surely more but this will be
a start. Some of these will be "newer".

A request for my readers. I am attempting to compile a list of all of
the schools; what I will present here and in future posts, will be those
that are more well-known or recorded. If you have access to school names
up to 1900 in a Kentucky county - subscription, private, higher-learning,
etc. PLEASE send the available information on the school at my own e-mail
address.. As soon as I obtain enough for a post, I will include them.

Adam's School: Louisville, opened 1841 by the Rev Henry Adams, first
school that was black-
Alice Loyd College, found 1923, located Knott County. Evolved from the
Caney Creek Community
Center. Still in operation.
Allen Lodge Female Academy: Glasgow, Barren, KY - found 1853 by Allen
Masonic Lodge.
Not in opration.
Asbury College and Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY. Named for Francis
Asbury, a circuit
riding preacher who became the first Methodist bishop in the American
College founded 1890.
Augusta College: Bracken Co, first Methodist college in KY and the 3rd in
the US. Chartered
Dec 7, 1822 Took in the Bracken Academy. Closed June 1, 1849. Early staff
Joseph S Tomlinson, Henry Bascom, John P Durbin and Herman Johnson.
Bacon College, Georgetown, KY. Founded Feb 23, 1837, named for Francis
Bacon. Became
Kentucky University.
Bellarmine College: Louisville, co-ed, founded Oct 3, 1950 as co-ed Roman
Catholic liberal
arts college.
Berea College: Berea, KY, founded to educate former slaves and the
children of the Appal-
achian poor, chartered 1859. No classes until 1866 after the Civil War.
sectarian, creation of Rev. John G. Fee from Bracken College.
Bethel Academy - 2nd chartered educational institution of American
Methodism. Plans drawn
1780 by Bishop Francis ASBURY and others, located on a bluff over the KY
River, 4 miles southeast of Wilmer. School opened 1794, chartered by the
General Assembly in 1798, closed 1805 due to lack of funds. Moved to
Bethel College, Hopkinsville, Christian Co. Closed in 1964, established by
the Bethel Baptist
Association as a high school for females 1854. Known as the Bethel
Institute. Rechartered 1890 as the Bethel Female College, then named the
Women's College in 1917. Closed during the Civil War when the school was
as a hospital for soldiers with black measles and pneumonia.
Bethel Female College, Hopkinsville, Christian, KY. See above.
Bethel College, Russellville, Logan, KY (1856)
Blandville Collelge: Incorporated 1866, private school. Now is a county
school since 1910.
Bowling Green Academy, Warren Co: Established 1902, educationional school
for blacks.
Operated by the Ky Synod of the Colored Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
William Wolfe was president, school closed in 1933.
Bracken Academy: See Augusta College.
Brescia College: 4 yr liberal arts college in Owensboro. Roots go back to
Ursuline sisters
in 1858 who had founded an elementaary school and academy.
Campbellsville College. Baptist, originated as Russell Creek Baptist
Academy in 1906, private
elementary and high school. First principal was W G Welborn.
Centre College: Danville, KY. founded 21 Jan 1819 and named for its
location. The early
board members included Isaac Shelby, Dr. Ephraim McDowell and Rev Samuel
Nelson. Presbyterian start. John C Scott president in 1830. Lewis W
William Breckinridge other early names. Still in existence.
Choctaw Academy: First called Great Crossings, near Georgetown)
established 1818 by
the Baptist Mission Society of KY. Closed 1821 due to lack of support,
1825 by Richard M. Johnson. For the Choctaw Indians. Closed 1842.
Clinton College (1874) Baptist. Girls school similar to Clinton Female
Seminary which had
operated since the 1830's. Founder was Willis (Father) White, pastor of
the First
Baptist Church, county judge and moderator of the West Union Baptist
First president was T N Wells; assistant principal was Amanda Melvina
a cousin of Abraham Lincoln. Became co-ed early. Closed in 1915.
Clinton Female Seminary - see above.
Cumberland College: Baptist institution in Williamsburg, KY. Dedicated 1
Jan 1889. Still
Danville Theological Seminary: Opened Oct 1853, established by the
Presbyterian Church.
Students transferred from Danville and Richmond schools to the Louisville
Presbyterian Theological Seminary ca 1901.
Ealy Norman School: Louisville - Opened 1868 for black students.
Eckstein Norton University, Cane Springs, Bullitt Co: Black school created
by William J
Simmons and Charles H parrish, Sr 5 Oct 1890. Merged in 1921 with the
Institute at Simpsonville, KY.
Eminence College: Eminence, Henry, KY. Began as a high school in 1855,
school opened
Sept 1857 under leadership of S G Mullen. Sold in 1858 to a company
headed by Rev.
W S Giltner, member of the Christian Church. College closed 1895.
Episcopal Theological Seminary: Benjamin Bosworth Smith, first Episcopal
bishop of the
diocese of Kentucky originator, chartered Feb 24, 1834. Due to money
scandle, etc. founder left. Seminary moved in 1840 to Shelbyville, KY and
part of the Episcopalian Shelby College. Closed Aug 20, 1870.
Freedmen's Schools: Established 1866 under the Bureau of Refugees,
Freedmen and
Abandoned Lands - they sought to educate former slaves. 219 schools were
established by 1870. Great hostility and little funding available. The
Bureau was abandoned Feb 1874 and in 1882 KY legislature allocated money
for continued education for blacks in KY.
Georgetown College, Georgetown KY - first Baptist college founded west of
the Allenheny
Mountains, 1829 by Silas Noel, a Frankfort lawyer and minister. Still
Georgetown Female Seminary (1845)
Hazard Baptist Institute: Elementary and secondary school became in 1936
Hazard College. Was
established 1902, led by A S Petrey, Bapatist mission minister. No longer
Henderson Settlement School. Bell County, KY, established 1925 as an
elementary school
by Hiram Mile Frakes, Methodist minister. Closed 1976.
Hindman Settlement School: At the forks of Troublesome Creek, Knott
County. Founded
1902 by May Stone and Katherine Pettit - first rural social settlement
school in the
USA. In operation.
Hopkinsville College of the Bible: Christian Co, originally named Male and
Female College,
later South Western Kentucky Institute. Founded Sept 1883 for better
and preachers for the black citizens. In operation.

To be continued - Sandi

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