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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:45:17 EST

The following is being posted from KENTUCKY ANCESTORS,VOLUME 25, SPRING 1990,
PAGE 212. Please note that no proof of dates, names, etc. is given with
this submission to the Quarterly.

"XXX X XX, contributor of "The Page Family" Bible records previously
published in Kentucky Ancestors (Vol.4, No.3, pp.138-39; Vol.8, Nol4, p.197),
submits the following data which he has compiled on the family of

FLEMING SMITH: born Dec. 1745, Fairfax co, VA; died 22 Aug 1847, Monroe
Co., KY,married in Prince William co., VA to

PRUDENCE BLAND: born 1750, Prince William Co., VA, died 25 November
1815, Cumberland co., KY


DORCAS SMITH: born 6 Mar., 1771, Prince William Co., VA; died 17 May 1865
Monroe Co., KY; married 27 Mar. 1796, Spartanburg Co., SC to
JOHN PAGE: born 26 Mar. 1777, VA; died 28 May 1819, Cumberland
Co., KY

JOHN SMITH: born 1773, Prince William Co., VA; died by 22 Nov 1852,
Logan Co., KY; married, probably Cumberland Co., KY to
SARAH GEE: born 23 Aug. 1782; died before JOhn, both buried on
land that was part of their Logan Co., KY farm.

JAMES SMITH: born 17 Oct. 1777, Spartanburg Dist., SC; died 18 Feb 1864,
Bourbon Co., Kans.; married 15 June 1803, Nelson Co., KY to
NANCY HUGHES: born 24 May 1786; KY; died 23 July 1852; Newton Co., MO

MARGARET SMITH: born ca 1782, Spartanburg Dist., S.C.; "over age 21" on
marriage license, 24 Apr.1803, Nelson Co., KY. to:
EDWARD HUGHES: "not of age" (21) on marriage license. Both
were dead when estateof Margaret's brother John Smith was settled
in 1856.

SAMUEL SMITH: born 1785, Spartanburg Co., SC; died 29 Aug.1855, Monroe Co.,
KY; married 9 May 1807, in Logan Co.,KY to--
MARY (POLLY) BARKER: died after 1855.

MALINDA SMITH: born 1786, Spartanburg Co., S.C., died Logan Co., KY.
(administrator appointed forher estate, 28 Dec. 1874) married 16 Apr. 1811,
Logan Co, KY. to --
JOHN WILLIAMS: will probated 29 October 1861, Logan Co., KY

PRUDENCE SMITH: born 1790, Spartanburg Co., S.C., living in Logan Co., KY.,
1870; married 27 Apr. 1818, Logan Co.,KY., to --
ROBERT WILLIAMS: brother of John Williams

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