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From: Ken Bush <>
Subject: Wolfe County Book
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 22:19:56 -0500

Hello All,

I am working on a special project and hope that some of you may be of
help. The project is a book about the two hangings that occurred in
Wolfe County during the 1880s. In 1885, Floyd Williams was hung for the
murder of Peyton Stricklin. James Buchanan was hung in 1888 for the
murder of James Ross.

What I am looking for is any information or photographs of the hangings
or any of the individuals involved. Others involved in the stories
behind these crimes include Sheriff G.T. Center, Elizabeth Stricklin,
Judge George Carson, Martha Williams, George Miller, Emory James, Bob
Lindon, Robert Rose, H.C. Nickell, J. Wick. Kendall, Col. L.M. Day, Ed
Orear, J.B. White, Judge J.E. Cooper, Judge Lykins, Judge Robert
Riddell, Joseh C. Lykins, C.L. Byrd, James Drake, Strong Spencer, James
P. Bush, George Spencer, John M. Tolson, E.F. Duff, J.H. Stamper,
William Spencer, B.F. Harris, Harrison Fulks, George King, Alwilda
Stricklin, John Kelly, Brack Brewer, G.M. Center, C.C. Hanks, William
Center, John S. Chapman, I.W. Roberts, Joseph Mullins, William J.
Graham, John G. Lacy, Larkin Hollon, Jacob Taylor, John Rose, M.K.
Miller, Sarend Fletcher, Sally Williams, Johnson Williams, William
McIntire, Gardner Williams, John Stidham, Martha Banks, John McQuinn,
Hardin Smith, Joseph D. Graham, John Whisman, Henry Nickell, Fielden
Cox, James Little, Robert Lindon, Henry Stamper, Leander Brooks, Dr. F.
M. Thomas, William Cockerham, Dr. A. Congleton, Dr. Steele, Porter
Steele, Spencer Cooper, Rev. W.L. Stamper, J.M. Kash, Charley Cardwell,
Buck Combs, Dr. J.H. Stamper, Dr. J.B. Taulbee, Dr. J. Mason Kash,
Jeptha Williams, Walter Buchanan, Ellen Ross, Leander Peck, Stephen
Tutt, W.B. Duff, Judge B.F. Day, W.W. McGuire, Z.T. Hurst, H.L. Wheeler,
J.C. Lykins, C.A. McQuinn, Robert Goodwin, Elijah Kidd, T.F. Vancleve,
James Sword, David Spencer, William Reynolds, Henry Perry, Newton
Townsend, Braxton Brewer, H.D. Spradling, John D. Hollon, Judge H.C.
Lilly, Nannie Byrd, Zarilda Ross, Lucinda Ross, Henry Ross, George Byrd,
William Day, John Byrn, T.T. Cope, Harry Brown and Judge John E. Cooper.

If you have information or photographs of any of the people listed
above, please contact me at . I am also looking for
pictures of the courthouses of the period.

Any tiny shred of information is welcomed and will be appreciated.

Ken Bush Email:
Campton, Wolfe County, KY
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