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Subject: [KYWOLFE-L] Wolfe County Death Certfiicates
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 00:54:33 EST

In regards to the posts on the KY, c.d's. I think this is a great buy and
they are nice to have at home to use at your leisure. I purchased all of
the marriages, deaths, and births a few years ago on micro-fiche and the cost
was over $140.00, even at that time, these were well worth the money. As
for the books, most of the books have been recalled out of the Kentucky
counties and there are a lot of libraries in the United States that probably
do not have these records or will not be buying them.

I spent the day in Kenton County photo copying death certficates. I used my
micro-fiche and picked out the ones I needed and headed south to KY. I had
most of my info already to start work, with exceptions of the ones I found
while rolling the film to the ones I wanted, and these I want to share with

All these death certificates were filed in Wolfe County.

WM. L. BUSH, male, white, married, 70 years, 7 months, 3 days born Nov. 14,
1844 Kentucky d. June 17, 1915 of Chronic Intenstitial Nephri__. Father: Lou
Allen Bush born Kentucky and Mother: Martha Townsend born Kentucky.
Informant: L.A. Bush, Torrent, KY. Burial place not given.

ISAAC TOLSON, male, white, widowed , age: 71 years, 10 months, 22 days
Born: Oct. 16, 1841 Kentucky d. Sept. 8, 1913 in Wolfe of Hemoplearia of
left side followed by bowel trouble. He was a farmer and the son of Stephen
Tolson born Kentucky and Peggy Taulbee born Kentucky. Informant: Isaac
Lane, Campton, KY.
No burial place given.

EUGENA GRACE BRYANT, female, white, infant, born Nov. 7, 1912, Campton, KY d.
April 17, 1913 of broncho pneumonia and mumps. Father: Wayne Bryant born
Kentucky and mother: Lucinda Rogers, Informant: Wayne Bryant, Camtpon.
Buried in the Rogers Cemetery.

WILLIAM SWANGO, male, white, widower, age 69, born July 19, 1843, Landsaw, Ky
d. April 4, 1913 from acquired tuberculosis of the lungs, influenced by
pneumonia five years ago. Occ: M.D. Father, Wash Swango born Va and
Holland born Va. Informant: R.A. Day, Maytown. Burial: Wolfe County

WILLIE WADKINS, male, white, single, age 21 years, 2 months, 14 days, farm
laborer, born Jan. 4, 1892 in Magoffin County d. March 18, 1913 Wolfe County
Tuberculosis of the Lungs. Father: Alex Wadkins born Kentucky and mother:
Seney Wages born Kentucky. Informant: Alex Wadkins, Belknap, KY. Buried:
Jas. Crace P.C.

IDA DUNN, female, white, married age 25 years, 2 days, housewife, born March
18, 1888 Wolfe county d. March 20, 1913 Wolfe County of Puerperal septcarmia,
miscarage. Father: E.C. Miller born Kentucky and Mother: Mary Back born
Kentucky. Informant: H.C. Rudd. Buried: H.C. Rudd P.C.

WM. HENRY ROSE, male, white, single, age 66 years, 7 months, 26 days, farm
laborer, born July 26 , Kentucky (year not given) d. March 22, 1913 of
Tuberculosis of lungs. Informant: R.G. Rose, Lee City. Buried: R? H. Rose

ALMA CUDDY, female, white, single, still birth, March 18, 1913 in Wolfe
County. Father: Henry Cuddy born Wolfe County and Naomi Bryant born Wolfe
County. Cause: unknown. Informant: Henry Cuddy, Glencarin, KY, Buried: Tar
Ridge Cemetery.

Note: Does anyone know who this Naomi Bryant was?

LULA KINCAID, female, white, married, age 26 years, 3 months, 26 days,
housewife, born Wolfe County on Nov. 27 or 29, 1886 d. March 25, 1913 of
puerperal septicarmia. Father: Henry Campbell born KY and Mother: Martha
Gentry born Wolfe County. Informant: Charley Kincaid, Fincastle, Ky. No
burial place given.

RUBY STAMPER, female, white, single, born and died March 2, 1918 in Wolfe
County, no cause given. Father: Robert Stamper born Kentucky and mother:
Emma Morris born Kentucky. Informant: Boone Lockard, Lane, KY. Buried
Spencer Graveyard.

C. BRUCE TERRILL (could be Brice) male, white, married, age 38 years, 5
months, 8 days, farmer, born Oct. 2, 1874 Wolfe County d. March 10, 1913 of
Gun shot wound, homicidal, duration 12 hours. Father: John H. Terrill born
IN and mother: Elizabeth Hollon born Breathitt County. Informant: A.B.
Hatton, Calla, KY Buried: Bruce Terrill Cemetery.

ROY ELKINS, male, white, single, 16 days, born Feb. 17, 1913 d. March 4,
1913, no physician, accidental suffocation. Father: Monroe Elkins born
Kentucky and Susie Pence born Kentucky. Informant: M.G. Elkins, Lane, KY.
Buried: Leander Pence's.

JOHN B. HOBBS, male, white, married, age 57 years, 4 months, 29 days, born
June 28, 1860 Lee County, VA d. Nov. 27, 1917 of: He had Typhoid Fever and
had made a recovery, but had a bad heart and died from Heart failure.
Father: Aaron Hobbs born Lee County, VA and mother: Naoma Rasar/Razor born
VA. Informant: Corbett Hobbs, Fincastle, KY. Buried: Home Burial Ground.

MAUDA FLORENCE TAULBEE female, white, age 1 year, 3 months, 16 days, born
March 22, 1916 Wolfe County d. July 6, 1917 of cholera and cerebral
Father: Millard Taulbee born Wolfe County and Mother: Eva Fletcher born Wolfe
County, KY. Informant: Eva Taulbee, Mary, KY. Buried: Wolfe County, KY.

ALLIE GIBBS, male, white, single, age 12 years (for birth date it is written,
could not get history) d. Sept. 30, 1917 of accidental - gun shot by boy 10
years of age. Father: Farlan Gibbs born Kentucky and Delora Fallen born
Kentucky. Informant: Lee Fallen, Daysboro, KY. Buried: Fallen Cemetery.

CHARLIE STAMPER, male, white, single, age 11 years, 11 months, 4 days, born
June 25, 1905 d. May 29, 1917 of Tuberular A _lenitis. Father: Wm. Stamper
born Kentucky and Mother: Sarah Belle Spencer. Informant: Wm. Stamper, Hazel
Green, KY. Buried Stamper Cemetery.

TEMPA SPENCER, female, white, married, age 56 years, 1 month, 8 days,
housewife, born April 17, 1861 Wolfe County d. May 25, 1917 of acute
nephrites. Father: J.A. Collur? b. VA. (This has been written over and I
can't tell what it is) Mother: Louise Shoemaker, born Wolfe County.
Informant: Bud Spencer, Rogers, KY. Buried: Family Cemetery.

DORSEY REED CHILDERS, male, white, single, age 20 years, 11 days, born Sept.
13, 1897 Kentucky d. Sept. 24, 1917 of Typhoid and Pneumonia Fever. Father:
J.E. Childers born Kentucky and Fannie B. Miller born Kentucky. Informant:
J.E. Childers, Campton, KY. Buried: Miller Cymmetery.

ANGELINE MALISAN NETHERLY, female, white, married, age 47 years, 7 days, born
Kentucky, born Aug. 24, 1870 d. Aug. 30, 1917 of Neumitis, and trauma from
fall. Father: Thos. G. Asbury born Kentucky. Mother: Cordellia Tutt born
Informant: Cordellia Asbury, Campton, KY. Buried: Netherly graveyard.

JOHN L. DUFF, male, white, married, age 80 years born Aug. 1, 1867 Wolfe
County, d. Nov. 10, 1947 of Heart attack due to senility. Married to Rebecca
Jane Duff age 69. Father: Elcaner Duff born Kentucky and Mother: Layer
Kincannon born Kentucky. Informant: James Duff, Campton, KY. Buried: Duff

STEVEN LEONARD TUTT, male, white, married, age 38 years, 5 months, 20 days,
farmer, born May 26, 1909 Wolfe County d. Nov. 16, 1947 of accidentally shot
self in leg while squirrel hunting cut femoral? artery and bled to death.
Father: Silas Tutt born Kentucky and Mother: Cora Rose born Wolfe County.
Wife: Victoria Tutt age 42. Informant: Victoria Tutt, Campton, KY. Buried:

MARGARET MALONEY, female, white, married, age 70 years, 7 months, 8 days,
born May 5, 1877 at Bethany KY Rural, housewife, d. Dec. 13, 1947 of
Influenza. Husband: John Maloney age 70 years. Father: Leander Pence and
Mother: Susanna Pence born Wolfe County. Informant: Marvin Johnson, Detroit,
Mich. Buried: Pence, KY.

REBECCA COMBS, female, white, widowed age 83 years, 4 months, 25 days, born
June 15, 1864 Perry County d. Nov. 10, 1947 of Cardiac failure, old
age-senility and chronic nephritis. Father: Kendrick Combs born Perry County
and Betty Jones born Perry County. Husband: Jordan Combs. Informant: G.W.
Collins, Pine Ridge, KY. Buried: Mr. Campbell, at Bonnyman.

DAISY DAY HOLLON, female, white, married, age 61 years, born Oct. 3, 1886
Hazel Green, KY. d. Dec. 15, 1947 of Carcinomia of Breast. Husband: James I.
Hollon age 64. Father: J. Taylor Day born Breathitt County and Mother:
Rowena Trimble, born Hazel Green, KY. Informant: James I. Holland, Hazel
Green, KY.
Buried: Hazel Green Cem.

SARAH BELLE STAMPER, female, white, married, age 36 years 11 months 10 days.
born July 4, 1878 d. June 24, 1913 of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Father: Thomas
Spencer born Kentucky and Mother: Jane Campbell born Kentucky. Informant:
Wm. Stamper, Hazel Green, Ky. Buried: Stamper Cemetery.

Information on certificates only as good as informant.

Carole Bays

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