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Which Amos LADD is this????

I found this at

Laddonia (elevation 780 feet; Prairie Township)
This town was laid out in July, 1876, by Amos Ladd and Col. Haydon, on
the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Sec. 36, Twp. 52 N, R.
7 W. Jasper Judkins erected the first house in the place, which was
occupied as a hotel by Mrs. Judkins...The first business house was
opened by Jacob Todd. Daniel Dustman was the first postmaster. The first
school was taught by Mrs. Julia T. Benton, in 1873. The first lumber
yard was started by Moore & Benton in 1875. Dr. Freeman was the first
physician. The first church was erected by the Baptists. J. R. Gilliland
was the first blacksmith and was known as the Laddonia Joker. Peter J.
Pierce opened the first drug store... (--History of Audrain County, p.
It is on the C. & A. R.R., 15 miles east northeast of Mexico, and had a
population of about 200 and contained a good schoolhouse and a store.
(--Campbell, p. 49. See also Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri,
1901, Conard, Volume 3, p. 571.)

It is situated on Secs. 35, 36, Twp. 52 N, R. 7 W and Sec. 2, Twp. 51 N,
same range at the junction of 19, 54 & K.

It was named for Amos Ladd, an early settler. (--How MO Counties, Towns
and Streams Were Named, Eaton, First Article, p. 204.)

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