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From: Brian Ladd <>
Subject: [LADD-L] The Jarls (Earls) of Lade
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 00:29:43 -0700 (PDT)

I have doing some researching around as I have hit a
brick with my direct lineage of ladd hitting ...Ladd
born 1400 ad Elohim, Kent County England. So I decided
to check out some of the myths surrounding the ladds
and the change of name, due to me not being able to
read french or research is limited.
Basically I am trying to find the link that came over
with William the Conqueror in 1066.....

The first lead I followed was the name change for de
lade le lade in in french...come to find out this
version of the name proved to be the most fruitful I
am not sure how much we can tie to any of this...

"A family tradition which is apparently well-founded
asserts that the name "LADD" is of French origin, and
that it has existed in England from the time of the
Conquest .[Battle of Hastings, 1066 ] From Le Lade,
Lad, Lade, and Ladd's to its present form of Ladd, the
name has been changed from the original French
spelling. "

The first search for French de Lade's produced and
interesting result of a list of Scandnavian Kings.

AD 565 - Present Day

As with Denmark and Sweden, rulers of Norway emerge
from legendary origins. There are less ambiguities and
contradictions in Norway's reignal list, though. The
only uncertainty here is over the first known ruler,
who is ascribed two sets of dates by differing
sources. Alternate dates are shown in plum text
alongside relevant entries.

977 - 995
Haakon Danish Earl (Jarl) of LADE.
Greenland is discovered by Eric the Red and claimed
for Norway.
995 - 1000
Olaf I Tryggvason
1000 - 1015
Eric Danish Earl (Jarl) of LADE. "

I later found an interesting Geneology

"jarl Sigurd of Lade

He had the following children:

M i Ladejarl Hkan den mektige Sigurdsen

Ladejarl Hkan den mektige Sigurdsen [Parents] 1 died
2 in 995.

Ruled Norway from 970 - 995 with his uncle Harald

Description: murder by the hand of a peasant named

He had the following children:

M i Jarl Erik Lade Hkonsen

Jarl Erik Lade Hkonsen [Parents] 1 was born 2 about
963. He died 3 in 1023 in Lade, Norway. Jarl Erik Lade
Hkonsen married 4 Gyda Danmark Svensdatter.

He was Ladejarl.

Gyda Danmark Svensdatter [Parents] 1 was born 2 in
Denmark. She married 3 Jarl Erik Lade Hkonsen. Gyda
was cremated 4 in Lade, Norway.

They had the following children:

M i Jarl Hkon Eriksen "

Further research proved....

"1. Jarls (Earls): upper-class, warrior aristocracy,
worshipped Odin on Wednesdays, spent time feasting in
winter and planning campaigns, led attacks, council
(known as the "Thing") elects chieftain (king after
872 CE) to lead tribe [*]."

And also....

"Odin was even worshipped as an ancestor of a powerful
line of Viking earls of Lade in Norway."

A simple search will pull up a multitude of
information here are just a few sites... (Story
of Harkon Jarl of Lade)
(Interesting geneology of Lade)
(ANother Jarl story)
(The Lade namesake, the town where the earls ruled)

But still no definite links to our family but
definitely an interesting prospect. I cant find that
definitive link that brings them to normandy then
across with william the conqueror...but soon maybe.

-Brian Ladd

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