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From: "Jo" <>
Subject: [LAGENWEB] Fwd: David Graham, Sr., Product Manager
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 22:38:02 +0000

*Please forward to all USGenWeb Project lists*

I am forwarding this at the request of David Graham, Sr. Product Manager

Tina Vickery
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project


Dear USGenWeb coordinators,

For those of you with pages hosted on we wanted to give you an
update on our plan for including a small masthead at the top of hosted pages
on RootsWeb. We love being able to host your page and other pages that help
the family history community so much, and adding this small masthead to
acknowledge our hosting service allows us to continue to be able to offer
this free hosting service as well as other services.

The mastheads will be included on pages as early as May 21st. The standard
masthead can be viewed here:

As a USGenWeb coordinator you will also have the option to use a USGenWeb
specific masthead. It can be viewed here:

To get the USGenWeb masthead on your page instead of the standard one all
you need to do is place a file named "banner_select" in your public_html
directory. It should contain the text "USGENWEB" (all caps and without the
quotation marks) and nothing else.

Thanks for your support on this minor change. We love hosting your page and
this allows us to continue to offer this free hosting service.

On another note, we also wanted to let you know that in the coming months we
will be releasing a new feature that will make it easier for you to make
sure that other people can find your page on RootsWeb. It will let you
enter some information about your page to get it included in a new search
feature built to find pages hosted on RootsWeb. For hosted pages related to
the USGenWeb Project, we will also create a specialized page that will
surface all of the pages that are associated with the project. We hope to
be able to link to this listing of hosted USGenWeb pages from the RootsWeb
homepage. As this project comes closer to completion we will let you know
more about it.



Sr. Product Manager
Part of The Generations Network

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