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Subject: RE: [LAIRD-L] Lodowick Laird
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 12:13:20 -0500

Spencer: I agree.........this is obviously Lodowick Senior's

Patricia: The information you sent just arrived.

Thanks to both of you.......Carolyn Laird

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RE:RE: [LAIRD-L] Lodowick Laird

Which Lodowick Laird is this?
I do NOT believe it is the Lodowoick Laird who is the father of Robert
Laird, the Rev War Soldier. With Robert born in 1743, I would put his
fathers birth prior to 1725. This would put him at the age of at least 85 in
1810, if not older.
Rather , I believe it is Lodowick Laird, Robert's granson through Samuel
Laird. This Loderick Laird :
1. Appears as a Private on Company Muster Roll for Capt. Henry Lane's
Volunteer Rifle Co., Lt Col. William Jones' Batt'n, Georgia Militia bet 24
Nov 1814 and 20 May 1815
2. Marriage to Sarah Darnell 1 Jan 1817 Morgan Co., GA Marriage Book A.
3. 1818 Morgan Co., GA Tax Digest GA Archives 42-61
Lard, Loderick Land Lot 15 Morgan Co. 252.5 acres
4. 1820 Morgan Co., GA Tax Digest GA Archives 42-61
Lard, Loderick Land Lot 19 Morgan Co.
5. Sold Lot 509 in the 20th District of Baldwin Co., now Morgan Co., GA on
the 5th Dec, 1821. Superior Court Deeds Book GG FHLC# 0158830
6. On the 5 Dec 1821 Loderick Laird of Tatnell Co., GA sells 202.5 acres of
land in 20th District of Baldwin Co., now Morgan Co.,GA Lot 305
7. This Lodowick laird signed his name. Robert;s fahter made his mark.
8. Also his middle initial appears to be R. #6. Instead of K.
9. Somewhere I have a notice of Lodwick Laird's death in Morgan Co., GA in
the early 1820's but I cant; seem to find it now.

Spencer Laird

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