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Subject: Lorio, Creel, & more
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 14:34:10 -0600 (CST)

I am in need of help or suggestions on my grandmother and her parents.
I Am researching the names of Apffel, Siebert, Reeb, Noesser, Quinn,
Creel and Lorio of LA & MS area.
MARY ANNA LORIO, my grandmother, was born in Louisiana, I know not which
parish, on July 21, 1862. She married my grandfather, Albert Charles
Creel, in Harrison County, Mississippi on July 19, 1879. They reared 9
children in Harrison County, Mississippi in the Handsboro area which is
now Gulfport and lived there until Albert Charles Creel died.
MARY ANNA LORIO died in New Orleans on April 24, 1929 and both she and
her husband are buried in St. James Cemetery in Harrison
County,Gulfport, MS
When I started searching three years ago, all I had was birth and death
dates which I obtained from the headstones in St. James Cemetery in
Harrison Co., MS. I have obtained a copy of the marriage license but it
did not give parish of Louisiana where she was from nor did it give any
information as to her parents.
The only information I have on her parents is from the death certificate
of MARY ANNA LORIO and it states "Mother, ELLEN QUINN, from Ireland and
father, ANTHONY LORIO from Italy.
I have no idea when either of her parents came over, where in Ireland
and Italy they came from, where they emigrated to, where they married,
nor where they lived in Louisiana.
On the census in Mississippi that I have found her on, it only lists her
as being from Louisiana.
If anyone has any information on QUINN/ LORIO's please get in touch with
If anyone can offer any suggestions as to how I can find where in
Louisiana she was born or some way to find out more about her parents
please let me know.

Emma in Texas

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