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Hello Cousins,

I have concentrated my research on Absalom Autrey, b. 1802 in N.C., lived and married Elizabeth Norris in Ala., and moved his family to Dubach, Lincoln Parish, La. in 1848. I have been researching and searching this huge family since 1982. I need your help. Lincoln Parish still has many of his descendants living in the area, I'd like to find them. Please forgive the length of this message, but posting it as a group will show all the families I'm trying to find and how they are related. I will post individual information on the individual groups at a later date.

I knew his son, Robert Martin Autrey moved to near Maud in Bowie County, Texas in 1877 after selling his portion of his inheritance to his youngest brother, Charles Henry Autrey. However, Robert Martin had land in Lincoln Parish, La. and he sold it in 1870 before moving to Coryell Co. Texas and purchasing land there. He sold this land in 1874, and moved back to Dubach, Lincoln Parish, La. After the family estate was settled in about 1877, he left for Texas again, stopping in Bowie County, Texas for the birth of his sixth child, Calvin Abraham Autrey, who did not survive. He remained in Bowie County, Texas the rest of his life. Perhaps he was on his way to Gatesville, Coryell Co., where his brother was still living. Robert Martin Autrey is the great grandfather of my husband, Joe Autrey.

This is what I have pieced together. Please correct me if I am wrong, or if you can add information to this.

Albert H. Neighbors was born in Ky. 1820, but was in Perry Co. Ala. where he married Sarah E. Autrey in 1844. They moved to Lincoln Parish, La. in 1849 (her father and the rest of the family had already moved there in 1848), and by 1870, he and Sarah were in Bowie Co. Texas. However, their last three children were born in Bowie Co. Texas,James Neighbors in 1862; Adella W.,1865; Missie B.E., 1867. Perhaps they were just visiting Robert Martin and his family when these children were born, but decided later to move to Bowie County as well. ???

John Mabe and Dianancy A. (Wallace) Autrey were married in Union Parish, La., and this is where his eleven children were born. However, many of his children and grandchildren moved to Texas, to the Robertson County area. His grandson, John Mabe Autrey, was born 1880 in Robertson Co. Texas.. Many members of this family stayed in the Union/Lincoln Parishes of La. while some moved to Decatur, Texas, Crocket, Texas, Texarkana, Texas, and many other countes in Texas, as well as California, Arizona and Ark. My information indicates there is no known death or burial location of John Autrey, while his wife, Dicy Autrey died in Waco, Texas.

Cornelius Autrey was born in Perry Co. Ala., m. Arminda Penelope Brown about 1868. He sold his land as well as his inheritance in 1871 in Union Parish and Lincoln Parish, La., and moved with Arminda to Gatesville, Coryell Co., Tx. in 1871.
He had his family here, and died in 1894 and is buried in Coryell Co. Texas in the Friendship Cemetery in Gatesville.

Martha Ann Autrey married Abraham Reed in 1873 in Lincoln Parish, La. Abraham Reed's father, Jonas Reed, had served under General Sam Houston at the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Abraham Reed and his first wife were already living in Texas when he and his first wife, Celia, had a son in 1869 in Bowie Co. Texas. He must have returned to Lincoln Parish to marry Martha Ann, and then returned to Bowie Co., Texas where he died in 1906. Martha died in Bowie Co. in 1923. Their six children were born in Bowie Co. Texas, their last, Ruby L. Reed, was born in 1918.

Bird Griffin Autrey m. first Georgia Moncrief in Union Parish, 1868. In 1871 he purchased land in Lincoln Parish, La. near his father, Absalom Autrey. By 1891, Bird's son, Absalom W. Autrey, had moved to Texas and had three children born there, I have record of only two. Some of his other children and grandchildren moved to either Waco or Gatesville, Texas. Bird Griffin married the second time to Mary Olevia Hughes, and they moved to Gatesville, Coryell Co., Texas in 1891.She died in Gatesville, Texas in 1924, and Bird Griffin Autrey died in Waco, Texas at the home of his son, Jery M. Autrey, but was buried in Gatesville. Coryell Co. Texas.

Lucinda Autrey married John Brown L. Mitchell in 1847 in Perry Co. Ala., and moved to La. with the rest of the Autrey clan in 1848. They lived in the Lincoln/Union Parish and died there. Most of this family remained in this area.

Harriett Autrey first married Joseph Wiley in Perry Co. Ala. They also moved with the Autrey clan to the Lincoln Parish area in 1848. He was the first person to be buried in the Autrey family cemetery plot behind the Autrey homeplace in Dubach. They had three children: Elizabeth Jane, Sarah Ann, and William , who did not survive his first year. She later married William Jackson Field. They had no children, but moved around area a lot, having land in Claiborne, Lincoln and Union Parishes.

Elizabeth Jane Autrey married Silas Marion Fuller in Ala. but moved to the Union Parish in 1850, Elizabeth's father Absalom and her siblings had already moved into the area in 1848. They later moved to Lincoln Parish, as Silas died in 1912, Elizabeth in 1915, and both are buried in Lincoln Parish in the Henry Cemetery in Hico, La. They had 14 children and many of these children had many children.

William Norris Autrey was born in Ala. but married Rebecca HENRY in Union Parish, La. when he moved to La. in 1849. According to his Confederate Pension Application of 1906, Rebecca had already died. He lived in the Union and Lincoln Parishes, farmed until 1903 and died while living with one of his sons in 1918. They had six children, all living in or near the Lincoln/Union Parish areas.

Syria S. Autrey died during the Civil War,in 1864, from a hand wound

Celia J. Autrey m. William Jackson Field in 1859, they had six children. They lived in Claiborne Parish, Bienville Parish, Lincoln Parish, and died in Claiborne Parish, La.

James Jackson Autey was born in ala., lived in Lincoln Parish and never married. He died in the Civil War in Va. as a result of war injuries in 1863 in Mt. Jackson, Va.

Sorry for the long message, but trying to find my Texas and Louisiana
Autrey kin. If you are connected to any of these Autrey families, even the ones who remained in La. or travelled to other states, please contact me as I would love to have more information on your families. There are many othe familis from Lincoln Parish married into this Autrey family including: MITCHELL,FIELDS,HUFFMAN,HARRIS,YOUNG,COLVIN,BROWN, TUBB(S), HEARD, and many others.

If your family information was included in the Absalom and Elizabeth Autrey and Their Descendants with A Section on Thomas Norris book, I'd love to have your information updated as the book was originally published in 1994. It was revised somewhat and re-released again last year. It is still available, if you are interested in more information, please contact me privately. If you have a personal, genealogical web site, please contact me privately as well. Please do not assume I have all of your family information, I have many gaps I would like to fill with correct information.

Thanks everyone,

Jo Autrey

Dallas, Texas
972-557-0052 (listed under J.E. Autrey)
Jo's Front Porch

Click on Genealogy, and then look at Absalom and Elizabeth Autrey section for documents. See surnames for genealogy. Also, look for a court case, Matilda, which includes Lincoln Parish and surrounding areas. Not all information has been uploaded.

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Thanks, everyone, for your patience.

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