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From: "James E. and Susan L. Griffith" <>
Subject: [LAMB-L] Morgan Lamb, etc. (AL &AR)#1
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 15:01:19 -0600

Thank you Greg Elders for your Lamb information from N.E. AR. You must live
in that area!

There were several John Lambs (Sr.'s & Jr.'s) in N.E. AR at the same time,
and they can get confusing. I have been researching all of them in order to
rule in or out their relationships to my Lamb family. (Process of

First let me say that the John Lamb (Jr.?) who died in Lawrence Co., AR in
1875 was a different person from my John Lamb, Jr. who died in Greene Co.,
AR in Jan. 1885. Let me tell you about my John Lamb, Sr. and John Lamb, Jr.
and then I'll get back to the other John Lamb, etc.

John Lamb, Sr. Family
John Lamb, Sr. was born in SC, lived for a while in TN, and moved to
Lauderdale Co., AL by the 1840 Census. He was married to Cloey _____,
according to the deed records. Most of his adult children moved with their
families to Greene Co., AR in 1851. John Lamb, Sr. and Cloey probably had
other children born between 1800-1813 and 1820-1830 since there are wide
gaps between the birth years of their known children. Many of their
descendants live in Greene and Craighead Counties, AR.

1--John Lamb, Sr. (1770/80-aft.1850)
sp-Cloey _____ (1780/90-1850)
2--Morgan Lamb (1800-1850)
sp-Esther Hurley
sp-Rhoda Hardin (1810/16-aft.1870)
3--(daughter) Lamb (1830/31-bef.1860)
sp-______ Holt
4--Laraminta Holt (1845-____)
3--Julia Ann Lamb (1831/32-aft.1870)
sp-Francis Marion Long
4--Minerva Long (1850-____)
sp-John W. Bowling
4--John O. Long (1854-____)
sp-Amanda C. Massengill
4--Sarah E. Long (1859-____)
4--Jasper E. Long (1862-____)
sp-Nancy Elizabeth Friar
4--James M. Long (1864-____)
3--Letitia Lamb (1833-____)
sp-F.A. or F.J. Norvell
4--Martha A. Norvell (1850-____)
4--James (F. or M.) Norvell (1853-____)
3--James R. Lamb (1834/36-____)
3--Elizabeth Lamb (1838/40-____)
sp-Joseph Austin
3--John W. Lamb (1840/41-____)
3--Sarah Morgan Lamb (1843/45-____)
2--?(Daughter) Lamb (1810/20-____)
2--Thomas Lamb (ca.1813-____)
sp-Margaret _____
2--John Lamb, Jr. (1816-1885)
sp-Ann Houston (1816-1871/72)
sp-Rebecca Cardwell (widow of Henry Cook, Jr.)
sp-Betsey A. Travis
(See John Lamb Family chart for descendants - PART 2)
2--James Lamb (1821-1896)
sp-Rebecca Houston (1818-1881)
3--Infant Lamb (b & d 1842)
3--James Peulis Lamb "Pugh" (1843-1898)
sp-Luellen F. Drummond (1837-____)
4--Mary Jane Lamb (1863-1939)
sp-H. Davis Cook
4--Rebecca F. Lamb (1865-____)
sp-W. Dorman Taylor
4--James P. Lamb (1865-____)
sp-Martha Willcockson
4--Robert A. Lamb (1867-____)
4--William J. Lamb (1869-____)
sp-Lou Cupp
4--Martha A. Lamb (1873-____)
sp-Jackson Caldwell/Colwell
4--Walter A. Lamb (1875-____)
sp-Mary J. Burton
sp-Cora E. Burton
4--Albert R. Lamb (1877-____)
sp-Elizabeth Odem
3--Rebecca Ann Lamb (1845-1916)
sp-James M. Bobbitt
sp-Joe McDaniel
3--Mary Jane Lamb (1847-1920)
sp-John Higgins
sp-Sam Welch
4--James Welch (1873-____)
4--John Welch (1875-____)
4--Margaret Welch (1878-____)
4--Mary Welch (1879-____)
3--David Ross Lamb (1848-1849)
3--Sarah Leuizer Lamb (b & d 1850)
3--Maranda Elizabeth Lamb (1852-1858)
3--William Morgan Lamb (1854-1911)
sp-Sarah Elizabeth Grayson (1857-1896)
4--Sarah Ann Lamb (1877-____)
4--James C. Lamb (1877-____)
sp-Sarah E. Johnson
4--John Lamb (1880-____)
4--Mary Alice Lamb (1881-1904)
sp-James B. Bramlet
4--Maggie L. Lamb (1884-1965)
sp-Roy Northen
4--Ezra Allen Lamb (1888-1958)
sp-Minnie Newsome
4--Emmer Ida Lamb (1888-1922)
sp-Lawrence T. Boozer
sp-Fannie Shelton
4--Ilena Lamb (1899-____)
sp-William H. Mangrum
3--John Thomas Lamb (1856-1944)
sp-Rebecca Ann Smith
4--Emma Lamb (1878-1929)
sp-John Butler Blackwood
4--Lara Lee Lamb (1881-1884)
4--James Benjamin Lamb (1883-____)
sp-Mary E. Harris
sp-Margaret Muse
4--John Franklin Lamb (1896-1955)
sp-Maude Lozella Nutt
4--Huley Thomas Lamb (1900-1920)
3--Margaret Emily Lamb (1858-1930)
sp-Christopher Columbus Cook "Kit"
4--John Thomas Cook (1876-1956)
sp-Mary Elizabeth Knight
sp-Frances Wall
4--James Edward Cook (1878-1968)
sp-Leona Adella Burgess
sp-Mildred Maxine Morgan
4--Fanny Elizabeth Cook (1880-1957)
sp-Gus Henry Powell
4--Infant Cook (b & d 1882)
4--Sarah Jane Cook (1884-1968)
sp-George Frank Cathey
3--Rhoda Abigail Lamb (1860-1909)
sp-William Franklin Swindle
4--William Swindle (1878-____)
4--Monte R. Swindle (1880-____)
4--Vinnie Swindle (1888-____)
4--Ned Swindle (1893-____)
4--Blanch Swindle (1899-____)
2--Mary Lamb (1825-1877)
sp-John Wilson Willcockson (1835-1901)
3--Samuel Ross Willcockson (1854-1920)
sp-Fannie _____
3--William M. Willcockson (1855-1920)
sp-Sarah Elizabeth _____
3--Mary Frances Willcockson (1857-1937)
sp-William H. Foster
3--L.A. or T.A. Willcockson (1859-bef.1870)
3--Rebecca Jane Willcockson (1861-1928)
sp-Joseph Adam Thompson
3--Jonah C. Willcockson (1866-1937)
2--Sarah Lamb (1825/30-1852)
sp-Reuben Adams (ca.1828-____)
3--Margaret E. Adams (1852-____)

This is the end of PART 1 Susan Lamb Griffit

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