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Subject: [LAMB-L] Lamb news paper clippings, page 2.
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Hello all;

I have transcribed some more info, from news paper clippings. Tried to be
extra careful and not make mistakes.

Hope this helps some one.

Always, Imo Greenwood

Lamb news clippings, page 2

Boston Eve. Transe. 2/5/32

2841, 1. LAMB, H. W. J., Dec 31, 1931

The name of SSILAS LAMB’s first wife is unknown.
He married late in life, his cousin, EUNICE LAMB,
daughter of DANIEL and ZERVIA (Button) LAMB,
but had by her no children. SILAS LAMB,Sr. was
born May 17, 1728, son of JACOB and JERUSHA
(Williams ) LAMB. JERUSHA was daughter of
children of JACOB and JERUSHA as far as known
were: 1, SILAS, born 1728; 2. TIMOTHY, born
1733; 3. AMY, married THOMAS LAMB, born
1735, son of EBENEZER; and probably 4. JACOB,
who sserved in the Revolution. JACOB Sr., was
living 1772; but called “deceased” 1774 on laand
records. He was baptized 1701. Had the east part
of his father’s farm in North Groton

ISAAC LAMB, father of JACOB, had children
baptized 1695-1701 on Stonington church records.
In 1704 a Baptist church was formed in Groton and
deacons. The family name of ISAAC’s wife
appeared as neighbor of THOMAS and SAMUEL
LAMB, and these two are known from a deed to
have been sons of JOHN LAMB, the first of the
name in Connecticut, and it is fair guess that ISAAC
was son of this JOHN. ISAAC could not have been
son of DANIEL LAMB of Springfield, as suggestd,
as this DANIEL married 1690. died 1691, leaving
an only child, JOHN.

Among the descendants of ISAAC is a tradition that
he and his father settled first in Haverhill, N.H.; and
being driven out by Indians, came to Connecticut.
As Haverhill, N.H., was not settled for a century
later, this partis in error, but there is evidently some
truth in the tredition. As shown by Maine land
records.JOHN LAMB was an early grantee in
Kittery (before 1654). In 1655 he had a grant
of twenty acres from the town, and in 1656
another fifty acres from the town, both of which
parcels, July 7, 1666, “ JOHN LAMBE of New
London in the Colony of Connecticut“, sold to
EDWARD START (Maine deeds., Vol. 2, p. 49).
He had bought land from Edward Culver in New
London Dec 24, 1663, and was taxed there 1664.
While the names of ISAAC LAMB’s descendants
are entirely different from those in the families of
the known children of JOHN Senior, there is
some reason to place ISAAC as another son.

While on the subject perhaps it is best to give what
I have found on JOHN LAMB Senior, of New
London, for addition and correction. JOHN
LAMB was born about 1625, as he gave his age
forty-five in a deposition Sept 21, 1670. (Conn.
Private Controversies, Vol. 1, No. 85.) In a
lease made Nov 5, 1674, of a mill on the Mystic,
called “ JOHN LAM, Senior. “. The lease
was witnessed by ANN LAM (mark), who was
either wife or daughter-in-law. Miner’s Diary
making a will Aug 4, 1673, for “ GOODMAN
LAM “ (Winthrop’s endorsement on the lease
calls him “GOODMAN LAM“. ) And Nov 9,
11677, MINER wrote “JOHN LAM was
buried.” No trace of his will or settlement of
estate has been found.

Evidently there was a JOHN LAMB Junior, and
the word senior was used in WINTHROP’s
lease. Brdstreet’s Journal has the death of
“ GOODMAN LAMB his sonne was killed by
being drawn in by the coggeswheel of a wheel
while he was busy grappling ye logges or some
such employment. This LAMB belonged to
N.London and belonged on ye skirts of ye town.”
(Nov. 5 or 6, 1677.) This would appear to
refer to a son of JOHN LAMB Senior, but
Miner does not use Junior” in the diary.

ANN LAMB of New London bought back
May 29, 1683, four years of the time that her
son EBENEZER had been bound to HENRY
STEVENS of Stonington. If the term was until
his majority than EBENEZER LAMB must have
born about 1666. This was witnessed bt
THOMAS LAMB (mark). From 1683 to
1690 I have found no trace of the name in New
London or vicinity. May 6, 1690, this
ARMSTRONG and he died 1694.

Nov 26, 1695, JOHN CULVER, eldest son of
EDWARD, gave deed for fourteen acres to
THOMAS LAMB, eldest son of JOHN , to
confirm a deed that had been lost, and THOMAS
LAMB on same date deeded to brother SAMUEL
LAMB. THOMAS had previously married at
Dorchester, Feb 16, 1689, THANKFUL HILL.
An ELIZABETH LAMB married Feb 15, 1692,
DANIEL LONGBOTTOM, Senior, of Norwich,
and was probably a sister of THOMAS and

The question arises whether above THOMAS,
possibly ISAAC were childern of the JOHN
LAMB born 1625 or of a possible JOHN
LAMB Junior. THOMAS LAMB known
to be the eldest son of some JOHN LAMB, did
not marry until 1689 and his brothers and sister
about the same time, inddicating that if born to
JOHN LAMB, Senior, it must have been late
in his life.

JOHN LAMB, Senior, seems to have ben a
friend or business associate of ROGER
PLAISTEAD, possibly related. There were
many PLAISTEADS at Kittery. Can any one
find a connection.?

Burt’s Springfield History is in error in stating
that two of the sons of JOHN LAAMB of
Springfield went to Stonington. All remained
in vicinity of Springfield.

A JOHN LAMB from Braintree went to norht
part of Stonington in 1695. His ancestry is
unknown, unless he is an un-recorded son of
Watertown. MARGARET (Lamb) ALLEN,
formerly widow of EDWARD LAMB,
bequeathed in her will to MARGARET,
daughter of this JOHN LAMB.

I shall be glad to receive records of any
Connecticut LAMBS earlier than 1800.



Bost. Eve. Transe. 7/20/ 32


Note 2519 LAMB . Part II. Early
LAMB marriages. (concluded)

Lamb, Jane andStewart Rowan, April 19, 1785,
Cumberland Co., Pa.

Lamb, Jean and John Craighead, March 11, 1788
Cumberland Co., Pa.

Lamb. John and Sarah Jones, Feb 3, 1715
Springfield, Mass.

Lamb, John and Susannah Haven, March 16, 1779
Framingham, Mass.

Lamb, Jppppohn and Abigail Smith, April 15, 1752
Leicester, Mass.

Laamb, Jonathan and Rebecca Warren, March 23, 1761
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, John ,Jr. and Abigail Prouty, July 1, 1784
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, Lucy and Adams Wheelock, April 28,1785
Charlton, Mass.

Lamb, Louise and Jona Allen, Sept 12, 1771
Dutchess Co., N.Y.

Lamb, Lucy and Samuel Lamb, Dec 5, 1790
Pomfret, Conn.

Lamb, Martha and Jesse McIntire, Dec 13, 1768
Charlton, Mass.

Lamb, Mary and Joseph Bowker, Jan 5, 1784

Burlington Co., N.J.

Lamb, Mary and Josiah Blanchard, Jan 26, 1774
Charlton, Mass.

Lamb, Mary and Samuel Reed, March 1,1783
Cumberland Co., Pa.

Lamb, Elizabeth and Daniel Longbottom, Feb 15,1692
Norwich, Conn.

Lamb, Samuel and Mrs Asenth Marsh, April 15, 1783
Charlton, Mass.

Lamb, Samuel and Jane Anderson, Jan 6, 1807
Cumberland Co., Pa.

Lamb, Sarah and Justus Dwight, Jan 19, 1763
Springfiled, Mass.

Lamb, Sarah and Daniel Ernest, March 13, 1779
Burlington, N.J.

Lamb, Sarah aand Gill Mallory,April 4, 1782
Wells, Vt.

Lamb, Sarah and Abijah Harris,Dec 18, 1760
Oxford, Mass.

Lamb, Sarah and Isaac Eice,Jr., Jan 14, 1771
Spencer , Mass.

Lamb, William and Sarah Cole, June 25, 1785
Wells, Vt.

Lamb, William and Rebecca Hevey, Feb 12, 1753
Oxford, Mass.

Lamb, William ,Jr. and Survina Downey, Nov 1, 1825
Wells, Vt.

Lamb, William W and Rebecca W. Spence, Sept 15, 1839



Bost, Eve. Transe. 7/15/32

Note 2519. Lamb. Part 1, These records of some
early LAMB marriages may help someone.

Lamb, Abial and Hannah Taylor, Oct 27, 1699
Marlboro, Mass.

Lamb, Abigail aand Jones Muzzy, June 9, 1778
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, Betsey aand Jacob Williams, Dec 20, 1809
Bradford Co., Va.

Lamb, Betty and James Hull, June 3, 1771
Woodbury, Conn.

Lamb. Caleb and Anne Baliss, Dec 11, 1765
Dutchess ccounty, N.Y.

Lamb, Daniel aaaaaaaand Esther Anery, 1776
Dutchess county, N.Y.

Lamb, David and Mary How, Dec 25, 1760
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, David and Judith Fitts, March 12, 1778
Dudley, Mass.

Lamb., David ,Jr and Sarah Clark, Sept 9, 1767
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, Ebenezer and Mary Armstrong, May 6, 1690
Norwich, Conn.

Lamb, Ebenezer and Sarah Larkin, April 27, 1753
Westerly, R.I.

Lamb, Esther (Mrs) aand Ebenezer Stone, April 15, 1783
Charlton, Mass.

Lamb, Experience and Zebedee Tyler, Feb 3, 1773
Preston, Conn.

Lamb, George and Lucy Sweet, March 1, 1810
Granville, N.Y.

Lamb, Hannah and Joseph Davis, Jan 15, 1771
Oxford, Mass.

Lamb, Hannah and Jacob Taylor, March 27, 1781
Burlington county, N.J.

Lamb, Israell and Lucy Wheeler, Oct 31, 1765
Templeton, Mass.

Lamb, Jabez and Sarah Wilson, Aug 30, 1774
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, James and Sarah Knap, May 4, 1775
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, James and Hannah Heywood, June 13, 1779
Holden, Mass.

Lamb, N. David and Jemima Rice, Nov 6, 1773
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, Nancy and Alexander McNensy, July 12, 1845
Wells, Vt.

Lamb, Nathaniel and Rebecca Prouty, Nov 20, 1783
Spencer, Mass.

Lamb, Rebecca and Richard Warriner, Oct 26, 1731
Springfield, Mass.

Lamb, Ruben and Rebecca Nichols, April 4, 1765
Oxford, Mass.

Lamb, Ruben and Patience Adams, Dec1, 1768
Brookfield, Mass.

Lamb, Samuel and Elizabeth Davis, April 16, 1766
Oxford, Mass.

Lamb, Samuel and Lucy Lamb, Dec 5, 1790
Pomfret, Conn.

Lamb, Samuel and Sarah Dana, April 5, 1753

Oxford, Mass I.M.W.W
(To be concluded)


Searching surnames, ACUFF, BAYNES, CARD, GREER, LAMB


Imo Lee Card Greenwood

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