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Subject: [LAMB-L] Thomas Lamb
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 18:13:19 -0500

Here are my notes on Thomas and his descendants:

Thomas Lamb

Much info in James E. Bellarts Bellarts," The Descent of Some of Our Quaker
Ancestors", 1991Ed, p 464-470:

" Thomas Lamb ( Reference: "The Town of Roxbury" p 309 by Francis Drake, and
"Thomas Lambe, Our Earliest American Ancestor" by Albert L. Lamb) b.1600
England ("The Winthrop Fleet" by Charles Banks states "Thomas Lambe,Roxbury,
perhaps from Stowe Langtoft, County Suffolk); described as " merchant who
came to New England in 1630 and settled at Roxbury, Massachusetts Bay
Colony". He came on one of four ships all of which sailed from Yarmouth,
Isle of Wight in the English Channel: the Lady Arabella arriving in
Massachusetts 1630-Jun-12, the Jewel 1630-Jun-13, the Ambrose 1630-Jun-18
and the Talbot 1630-Jul-02. He brought his wife and two sons with him.
Thomas Lamb d. 1646-Mar-28, Roxbury, Suffolk County, Mass.

He m(1) 1625/6, England, Elizabeth ( - - ), b.1604, buried 1639-Nov-28,

For the children by his first wife, Bellarts gives the primary reference:
"Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown" by Thomas Bellows Wyman

He m(2) 1640-Jul-09, Roxbury, Suffolk County, Mass, Dorothy Harbittle
(Harbottle?) who died 1697/8-Jan-28; she m(2) 1651/2-Feb-02, Roxbury Thomas
Hawley who was slain at Sudsbury 1676-Apr-21 and had children (1) Thomas
Hawley (2) Joseph Hawley (3) Elizabeth Hawley (4) Dorothy Hawley

Joshua Lamb

Bellarts p464 states:

"Joshua Lamb, b. 1642-Sep-27, Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; served
as a Colonel in King Phillips War; m. Mary Alcock, b. 1652-Aug-15, Boston,
Massachusetts, d. 1700-Oct-09, Roxbury, Suffolk County, Mass. dau of Dr.
John and Sarah (Palsgrave) Alcock; (shown in chapter 2 of the compiler's
1971 book "The Quaker Yeoman") made affidavit in Perquimans County, North
Carolina, that he was "of Massachusetts Bay of New England". He was granted
"the whole island of Roanoke" by Sir William Berkeley 1676-Apr-17. In this
grant he is referred to as " Merchant Joshua Lamb of Roxbury, County of
Suffolk in New England. He died in Perquimans County, North Carolina,
1690-Sep-23. His widow Mary (Alcock) Lamb returned to Roxbury in 1690 where
she signed some papers and called herself of said town.

Since Joshua Lamb died intestate, the only records of his children are in
Roxbury, Massachusetts Vital Records and "Genealogical Dictionary of the
First Settlers of New England" by James Savage."

Eight children listed

Mary Alcock

James E. Bellarts, The Descent of Some of Our Quaker Ancestors, (Second
Revised Edition 1991), 464, I have a copy of a letter from James Bellarts to
my first cousin Claude Pickett dated April 29, 1993 where the marriage of
Mary Alcock to Col. Joshua Lamb is documented and in Bellarts' hand the name
is circled and noted "line to Charlemagne".

Joshua Lamb Jr.

Bellarts 1991Ed p465:

"Colonel Joshua Lamb, Jr. baptized 1674/75-01mo-07, Roxbury, Suffolk County,

Bellarts then lists three children, all born *before* the date of his
marriage to Susanna Carey. (???) He also references "The Lamb Family in
Massachusetts 1630-1939" by R. G. Albion.

Henry Lamb

Very long biography in Bellarts, 1991 Ed, p465:

" Henry Lamb (known as "The Glove Maker") b 1697; d. 1761-02mo-10, Rowan
County, North Carolina. The first record of Henry Lamb in NC is found in
Hathaway's "North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register" where on p
147 it states in the July 1715 Court Notes for Chowan County, NC, "Patrick
Laughgly proves right for importation of 13 people" including Thomas Lamb
and Henry Lamb. It should be noted that "importation" does not necessarily
mean from England. It could mean from another colony. Henry Lamb and his
family were received 1739-02mo-04, from Nasemond Monthly Meeting, Virginia,
by Perquimans Monthly Meeting, Perquimans County, NC (Reference Hinshaw, Vol
I, p 57) Henry Lamb, together with his sons Joseph, Jacob and Thomas Lamb,
were received on certificate from Perquimans Monthly Meeting by New Garden
Monthly Meeting, Guilford County, NC 1760-11mo-29 (Ref William Wade
Hinshaw, "American Quaker Genealogy "Vol I p556).

Henry Lamb m(1), Chowan County, NC, Gulielma ( - - ) . He m(2) 1739-Feb-10
Elizabeth(possibly Henley)"

Joseph Lamb

see Bellarts p 468

Bellarts states the will of Joseph Lamb dated 1813-12mo-28 was probated in
Randolph County, November Term 1820 (Will Book 5, Page 11, Randolph County
Clerk of court, Asheboro, NC)

Information from the Beeson-L Discussion group about Joseph Lamb

Katie Bond
7020 S.E. 92nd #14
Portland, OR 97266
Who are the parents of Benjamin BEESON and Elizabeth HUNTER?

My line comes in at: Joseph Lamb (b. 1737) m. Frances BEESON (b. 10 Dec
1744, Guilford Co., NC; d. about 1820, Randolph Co., NC), dt. Benjamin,
Sr. and Elizabeth HUNTER, m. 23 Jul 1761, New Garden MM, Guilford Co.,
NC; they had: Henry, Benjamin, Nathan, Charity, Caleb , Albert, Edee,
Richard, Gabriel., Witmel, and Stanley (Frances' brother, Benjamin,
married Joseph's sister, Bethia)

Benjamin Lamb (b. 21 Jun 1766)
Nathan Lamb (b. 19 Sep 1768)
Charity Lamb (b. 20 Dec 1770)
Caleb Lamb (b. 11 Apr 1773)
Albert Lamb (b. 5 Mar 1776 m. Rachel ?
Edee (Edith) Lamb (b. 28 Mar 1779)
Richard Lamb (b. 27 Nov 1781)
Gabriel Lamb
Henry Lamb m. Ann DENNIS

Benjamin Lamb

Benjamin is the last Lamb documented in Bellarts. He gives the birth date
but not the marriage.

12/27/97 I have no solid evidence on this marriage. The Randolph County
marriage bonds published in the Gen J Rand Hist Soc Benjamin Lamb m.
9/15/1814 _______ Jackson. The Bellarts Benjamin Lamb, son of Joseph Lamb
and Frances Beeson would have been 49 at the time of this marriage, which
seems late in life to have 8 children BUT I note that Allen Lamb was born
1808, 6 years prior to the marriage, so Elizabeth Jackson could have been
his second wife.

The J also lists a will for Benj Lamb: Randolph County 1846 Will Book 8,
page 153. I have ordered a copy.

The information sent to me by Claude Pickett Jr in 1993 shows Benjamin son
of Joseph and Frances Beeson Lamb with the marriage bond date above but he
states "This info is speculative". Claude lists Benjamin Lamb as b. 21 jun
1766 but this is explained by Bellarts giving the date as 1766-06mo-21, i.e.
August not June.

William Hinshaw

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