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I do not think a voyage in 1640, was the original voyage from Hull, carrying settlers from Rowley U.K. who settled at Rowley MA. George Lamberton did not join them but settled at New Haven, with John Davenport's colony. He already knew John Davenport in England.

This account says 1638.. As a sea captain I believe he made a number of voyages from Britain to America & back, both prior to 1638 and later.

"In 1638 Capt. Lamberton brought to Boston a shipload of Puritans from Yorkshire under the leadership of Rev. Ezekial Rogers and they started the town of Rowley in Massachusetts Bay Colony this same year. Lamberton may not have owned this ship but was under contract to handle it. In this same year, a preliminary settlement was made at New Haven in territory that was claimed by the Dutch. That winter, 1638 - 1639, most of the settlers retired to Boston and recruited additional members. Capt. Lamberton, who had a house in Boston, presumably for his family, defected from the Rowley Puritans and threw in his lot with the New Haven settlers. In 1639 he made a profitable voyage to Delaware Bay where he traded furs with the Indians. His family like the others occupied a cellar for a year or so. The Delaware Company was formed and sent Capt. Lamberton and Nathaniel Mason on a second trip to Delaware Bay. On this voyage the permanent settlement of Cape May was accomplished in 1640. A!
of subsequent trips were made by Lamberton to Delaware Bay in his sloop The Cock. He attempted another permanent settlement near Salem, New Jersey, in 1643 after purchasing the region south of Trenton from the Indians. The Swedes resented this intrusion into their territory by dysentery caused the effort to be abandoned. Later Lamberton started a fur trading post at the mouth of the Schuylkill, now the site of Philadelphia, but the Dutch seized his men, burned down his buildings and took his property. The Swedish Governor Printz also tried him for trespassing, conspiring with the Indians and other trumped-up charges. Lamberton, of course, was convicted in a Swedish court and severely fined. The inhabitants of New Haven "being Londoners chiefly, unskilled in husbandry", needed to export or die. Accordingly they built a "great ship" in 1645 and ladened it with saleable goods. Capt. Lamberton was lost at sea in January, 1647. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem, THE PHANTO!
about Capt. Lamberton's ship lost at sea"

Eric William Lamberton

For info on John Davenport; see;

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For some time I have been searching for information as to specifics of Capt. Lamberton's voyage to MA.
I just found the following. Now I would like to know how or where I can find the refered to court records (if they still exist)

"May 6, 1640. Mr. Lamberton delivered into Court an account betwixt himself and Goodm Spencer, whom he employed as his steward att sea on his voyage hither; for which service he allows him 5 lbs. and 10 s. for the whole voyage; but whereas he dyed before he had served half the voyage, he desired that Roger Allen who succeeded him should have one-half of the hyer."

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