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From: "Paul Lambie" <>
Subject: [LAMBIE] Larkhall Lambies - Unfinished Business!
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 20:04:47 +0100

Most Larkhall Lambie trees are headed up by Hugh Lammie & Janet Scott and
then descend from them. We know that Janet Scott was the daughter of James
Scott & (probably) Jean Lyle. I suggested a theory for Hugh's parents some
time ago but we never did agree who they were. On his death certificate in
1859 (recorded as Lambie by now) his parents are given as Hugh Lambie &
Agnes Young. Looking at the OPR's and in particular the Lambie Scotland 'All
in One' Database we can find no trace of this couple, no other children and
no record of Hugh Lammies birth.

John Lambie (Hugh Lambies eldest son) was the informant, did he get it

So where does that leave us? We know from census records that Hugh was born
in East Kilbride in about 1777 given that he was 82 years of age when he
died. If we look at the naming pattern of his children we see that this is
the order that they were born;

John, James, Hugh, Mathew, Archibald, Agnes, Jean, Agnes, Janet, Marion.

The accepted naming pattern would name the first boy (John) after his
grandfather. If both Hugh and his father were named Hugh then this would be
the obvious choice and rarely deviated from. The second boy would be named
after the mothers father which would be James. The first daughter would be
named after the mothers mother in this case Jean. The second daughter after
the fathers mother. This would be Agnes.

So all is correct as per the naming pattern except that Hugh Snr's father
should be named John.

If we look for a John Lammie & Agnes Young in East Kilbride around 1777 then
we find the very couple married on the 2nd July 1775.

I am persuaded that these are the correct parents.



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