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From: Druid Princess <>
Subject: Street Index/Old Monkland (652-3) Lanark, Scotland
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 19:50:54 -0700

Street Index, 1881 Census for:

Old Monkland (652-3) Lanark, Scotland

Enumeration District 1
Adams Land
Allans Land
Camerons Land
Clarksons Land
Cowies Land
Frews Land
Hamiltons Land
Hendersons Land
Kyles Land
Langs Land
Lock Keeper House
Mc Intyres Land
Quarry Rd Cottage
Quarry Road
Simpsons Land
Sweenies Land
Toll House

Enumeration District 2
Cliftonhill Cottages
Cliftonhill Farm
Cliftonhill Gatehouse
Cliftonhill House
Cliftonhill Lodge
Gatehouse Cliftonhill
Jacksons Land
Stable Row
Stewarts Land
Stewarts Land Clifton Hill

Enumeration District 3
Brands Cottage Hamilton Rd
Brands Cottages
Brands Land Hamilton Rd
Browns Land Hamilton Rd
Coatbank Cottage Hamilton Road
Dykes Land Hamilton Rd
Hattons Land
Hattons Land Hamilton Rd
Jacksons Land Low Coats
Neils Cottage Hamilton Rd
Panmans Row Hamilton Rd
Phoenix Land Hamilton Rd
Tennents Land Hamilton Rd

Enumeration District 4
Coats House (1st Wing)
Coats House (2nd Wing)
Coats House (3rd Wing)
Coats School House
Coats St
Coats St Dunbeth Rd
Coats St Stanley Place
Dunbeth Lodge
Dunbeth Road
Fairholm House
Free Church Manse
Jacksons Land
Martins Land
Muiryhall St
Muiryhall St Alpine Cott
Muiryhall St Blythswood Cott
Muiryhall St Coats Manse
Muiryhall St Coatswood House
Muiryhall St Craig En Run Cott
Muiryhall St Lochandale Cott
Muiryhall St Mosside Cottage
Muiryhall St Put School Lodge
Muiryhall Street Coatshill
Muiryhall Street Coatshill Villa
Neilsons Land
O Neills Land
Stanley Place
Watsons Land
Watts Land

Enumeration District 5
At Glenbray St John
Back Of Greenhill Ter
Burnbank Brickwork
Burnbank Builders
Burnbank Works Cottage
Castle Staples Farm
Dunbeth House
Gartlistor Farm
Gartressie Cottage
Gartsherrie Brick Works
Gartview Farm
Green Hil Ter
Green Hill House
Greenside House
Houses Of Gas Works
North Parish Road Leading To Cadder
Rain Farm
Reinmadn Farm

Enumeration District 6
Barrowman Building
Hamilton Building
Hamilton Road Thompson Building
Mc Farlane Building
Mc Pherson Building
Park Rd Police Station
Shaws Building
Thomson Building
Torrance Building
Watson Building
Watt Building

Enumeration District 7
Angle Cottage
Baillies Bridge
Brownlies Land
Browns Land
Calder Cottages
Calder Villa
Crosses Cottage
Cullens Land
Frasers Land
Gartk Park
Gate House
Generals Row
Hamiltons Land
Locks Row
Mansion Gds
Mansion House
Masons Land
Mc Phersons Land
Mills Land
Neilsons Land
Old Mill House
Raily Buildings
Raily Cottage
Rosehall Rd
Shanks Land
Shawhead Farm
Sneddons Land

Enumeration District 8
Bridge Row
Canal Row
Hamiltons Land
Old School House
Paddock Hall
Palace Craig Pit
Powder Magazine
Powder Magazine Park
Todds Pit

Enumeration District 9
1 Cottage Cairnhill
2 Cottage Cairnhill
Backrow Faskin
Bandland Calderbank
Barclay Land Calderbank
Canal Cottage Cairnhill
Church Manor
Coachhouse Cairnhill
Coalsen Land Calderbank
Cottage Faskin
Cottage Palace Craig
Cramwood Calderbank
Dock Road Faskin
Enfryhead College Calderbank
Faskin Farm
Faskin Schoolhouse
Gatehouse 1 Woodhall
Gatehouse Cairnhill
Goldland Calderbank
Hamilton Land Calderbank
Hew House Cairnhill
Hillhead Farm
Hillhead Row
Hunter Land Calderbank
Jamieson Land Calderbank
Manison House Palace Craig
Mansion House Cairnhill
Masa Land Calderbank
McMillan Land Calderbank
Meldrums Land Calderbank
New Row Woodhall
Palace Craig
Palmer Land Calderbank
Pap Of Day Calderbank
Pettegrew Land Calderbank
Police Station Calderbank
Quay Woodhall
Rocks Hill Inn Calderbank
Rockshiel House Calderbank
Scarhill Farm Cairnhill
Scotts Land Calderbank
Smith Land Calderbank
SQ Faskin
Stable Row
Stable Row Palace Craig
Stewart Land Calderbank
Wallace Land Calderbank
Watson Land Calderbank
Woodhall Cottage
Woodhall Shop

Enumeration District 10
Bridewell Row
English Row
Office Houses
Old Forge
Old Square
Post Office Row
Stone Row
Store Row
Welsh Row

This Census data is © British Crown copyright and reproduced by
permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.
The rules from the GRO are:
"If you incorporate any GRO(S) material in your own
documents/publications you must acknowledge the source."


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