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Subject: [LKS] Another AITON installment
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 15:01:24 EDT

Today I will give the family of William AITON, sheriff-substitute of Lanark,
and author of the book from which I am quoting. I know there have been some
people on the list that have gleaned some info from this so I hope others
will also find something of interest.
Anna Martin

Andrew AITON, youngest son of William AITON in Waterhead, and grandson of
James AITON first laird of Tolloch of the name of Aiton, was born in 1722;
commenced farming in Silverwood in the parish of Kilmarnock, in 1757; and was
married to Jean BROWN, daughter of Thomas BROWN in Glaster, in 1759. Andrew
AITON removed to Woodhead of Loudoun, in 1778; and both he and his wife died
there, in 1809. Their family consisted of four sons, William, Thomas,
Andrew, and John; and one daughter, Margaret.
William AITON, [note, this is the author of the book] son of Andrew AITON
in Woodhead, was born at Silverwood in January 1760; was married to Margaret
BORLAND, daughter of Robert BORLAND, portioner of Kirkland, in June 1778;
commenced Messenger at Arms in 1785; was admitted Notary Public in 1788; and
appointed Sheriff-substitute for the county of Lanark in 1816. This last
office he held for nearly seven years, with credit to himself, and giving
general satisfaction to every one; except the Noble family of Hamilton, their
doers, and satellites; who having formerly had the Sheriff Court of Hamilton,
so much at their command, that the Lord Advocate Colquhoun, resolved to break
up that court as a nuisance. And while Mr Aiton maintained his independence,
and that of the court over which he presided, the creatures of the Noble
family were his enemies, which he disregarded. But when the freak of
"conciliation" came across the government, and the present intelligent,
active, respectable, chaste and dignified Lord Advocate was attempted to be
run down by that family, he consented to offer Mr Aiton as a scape-goat to
"conciliate" the Hamilton family, and to carry his own political sins into
the wilderness. Such is the uncertainty, to which the most faithful servants
of the public, in subordinate situations, are at times exposed; even when
they have discharged their duty conscientiously. The practitioners and
litigants in that court, are the best judges, how far the removal of Mr Aiton
has been beneficial; and to them he appeals on that subject. Mrs. Aiton died
in 1820, having given birth to eight sons and four daughters; of whom,
Robert, William, George, John, Mary, Margaret, and Jean, are alive; all the
rest died in infancy.
[Note: Do you think he might be a little bitter toward the HAMILTON
[next - I will give his children]
Mary AITON, eldest daughter of Sheriff AITON, was born in 1779; married
John MITCHELL, aftwards Messenger in Hamilton, in 1798, Mr. MITCHELL died in
1827, at the age of 57 years. Their children were eight sons, and two
daughters; of whom, Robert, writer in Hamilton; George, taylor there; Andrew,
saddler there; and Margaret, spouse of John BELL; are the only survivors.
John died at the age of 23, William at that of 16, and the others in infancy.
Robert AITON, son of Sheriff Aiton, was born 3d October 1782; admitted
Procurator before the Sheriff Court at Hamilton, in 1805; and married that
year to Jean HAMILTON. [I wonder what he thought about his daughter-in-law]
Doctor William AITON, second son now in life of Sheriff Aiton, was
appointed assistant Surgeon in the Royal Navy, in 1807, and was advanced to
Surgeon in 1811. He took Degree as Doctor of Medicine in 1820, and is now
(April 1830) serving in the Fleet at Navarino, in the Mediterranean. He
married in 1817, Georgina SMITH, daughter of James SMITH, house-steward and
confidential servant, to James Earl of Hopeton; and she brought him four
sons, William, John, Sinclair, and James; and three daughters, Mary, Agnes,
and Georgina.
George Douglas AITON, third son now in life of Sheriff Aiton, was born
12th August 1791; married Marion, daughter of Alexander PATRICK, Esquire of
Woodcroft, in 1814, and has of children three sons, George, William, and
Alexander; and four daughters, Marion, Margaret, Agnes, and Mary.
Margaret AITON, second daughter in life of Sheriff Aiton, was born in
1795; married to William LIDDLE, haberdasher in Strathaven, in 1810; and
having become a widow in 1816; she married James M'GHIE in 1821. She brought
her first husband three children, of whom only one daughter Margaret
survives; and she has brought one son and three daughters to Mr M'GHIE.
The Rev. John AITON, youngest son of Sheriff Aiton, was born in June
1797; licensed Preacher in 1819, and ordained Minister of Dolphington in
1825. He married that year Mary Ann SMITH, daughter of the above named Mr
James SMITH, and sister of Mrs. Doctor AITON, Mrs. John AITON has brought her
husband a son, who died on the day he was born; and two daughters, Mary and
Jean AITON, youngest child of Sheriff Aiton, was born in 1804; and
married to James RODGERS, china and crystal merchant in Hamilton, in 1822.
They have Margaret and Jean RODGERS now alive, Mary RODGERS died when one
year old.

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