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From: "John Duncan" <>
Subject: Re: [LKS] Merryston Square Coatbridge
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 16:27:05 +1100
References: <005d01c3d421$1774dd90$b04a17cb@pogue>

Hi Jim......I do not know whether you live near Coatbridge but if you are
handy to it, maybe there are Council records?
Another tedious way would be to compile a list of common Irish surnames [and
Scots] then check the 1881 Census for Old Monkland and the Parliamentary
Division or Parish.
What I am trying to say, is that you may be able to narrow your search in
the Old Monkland Parish census for 1881 if you knew the District name or
Parliamentary Division.
Also, in the 1881 census, if you can locate the name and street number of
ONE person living in Merryston Square, the census records will also give
you the details of that person's neighbours.
Do you have the District of Coatbridge where this Square was located, e.g.
Gartsherrie, Gartcloss, Gartgill, Townhead?
The houses in the first three districts would have been owned by the Baird
family whose ironworks there eventually became Scottish Steel, but I
understand that the Ironworks and the houses have long gone.
I understand your problem regarding the orientation of the house numbers,
but in some towns, there is a set pattern of numbering houses, e.g. in
Glasgow street numbers started at Glasgow Cross.
I assume that this Square has been re-developed, so possibly the new
development retained the the same numbering pattern.
Please advise me of the location of Merryston Square.
John Duncan, Melbourne, Australia.

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