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I made contact (NJ genie society ) w/ a des of this Vandal ( Wendal ). They have a family Bible. She said that Christopher ( 1742/150 1824 ) was a family member and should be in the Bible-should be does not make he was. Anyway, she said that she had a brother who would do the DNA. Then I never heard anything and although I sent messages( which were not returned so I assume that she received them ) I never heard from her again. Also, one Walter Dewey Lance ( sorry I am writing from memory do not have his dates here; believe that he died in the '60's said that Christopher had 'close' relatives buried in Farmer's .... graveyard in NJ. I was able to find the graveyard ogn line and there was Wendal ( Vandal ) and his relatives. The name were not any that the Lances in our line used over and over except for one 'George'. Well, of course, Walter Dewey Lance did not say how he knew this info. I have also found Walter Dewey's genealogy writing and he never explains how he has proof of things. Except of course he can trace his family line from Peter Lantz. So I am completely in the dark about this.

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Ok, I'm back for more self inflicted Genealogical abuse. Firstly, let me go back to Sept 19, 1738. Landing Sept 19, 1738 from Thistle, Vindle Lins. ( Could this be Vandal aka Wandal?) If it is then we have a pretty strong circumstantial case for him being directly related to our three brothers. Ultimately it's likely to be a case for DNA to solve - IF we can find a decendant. Jacob Lantz has suggested that Vindel Lins is a LANTZ - LANCE. Certainly possible given the wide variation we see in the spelling of the family name. Jacob makes no further mention of Vindel and there is no listing in his index of either Vindel or Vandal or Wandal. It's possible that somewhere in his text there is more. It will require a far more careful look to find this man. There must be other sources too. So, on to Yoghan Poul. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a mistake here. Exactly what kind of mistake I'm not yet sure. Jacob may have simply got his file cards mixed up and put one young man in the wrong family. Working too late with too little light and being too tired, it would be an error I've made many times. Maybe he did too. I don't believe the kidnapping story and I see no evidence that Yoghan was ever on the Thistle. Maybe one of our LANCE - LANTZ people is familiar with the story. Jacob writes that as of 1931 a Mrs. Klepper of Ephrata, Wa had the family bible which belonged to John Lance, son of Yoghan Poul. I don't know enough about DNA to say that such would prove a relationship to the NJ line. It's a thought. I do see, later in Jacob's account of this famly, that there is a Mennonite connection, many who stayed in Lancaster, PA and that at least one of Yoghan Poul's grandsons went west into Ohio. Don't know a darn thing about Mennonite folks. Wonder if they keep genealogical records? That's it for the moment. Laurence In a message dated 11/23/2010 10:02:50 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes: Jacob Lantz did us all an extraordinary service with his 1931 "The Lantz Family Record". Imagine trying to
organize all that information with an old fashioned typewriter and carbon paper? Jacob did an amazing job with the family. Still, when it comes to my New Jersey Lantz - Lance people there are some problems. I've not seen the original "Thistle" documents where the passengers of the boat were each accounted for. What I have seen is various spelling of people, and little documentation of children or of women. The women especially just aren't there in the reproductions of the ship's list of passengers. The Thistle made landfall sometime around September 19th, but my ancestors did not disembark until October. Ships crossing the Atlantic did not sail alone. It was common for a small flotilla to sail together. Some ships carried the bulk of passengers and others cargo and food. The Thistle carried about 147 passengers and made at least one port of call before landing my 5th great grandfather and uncles in Philadelphia. Problem with that is only the Philadelphia landing is commonly found. For our Lantz - Lance, and other alternate spellings of the family name. there was a Landing Sept 19, 1738 from Thistle, Vindle Lins. ( Could this be Vandal aka Wandal?) This brings us to Jacob Lantz's records. On page 41 of "The Lantz Family Record' Jacob writes the story of "Yoghan Poul Lantz" and relates he was born in Germany in 1733, came to America in 1738 aboard the Thistle and that there is a "tradition among his descendants that he was kidnapped along the upper Rhine or on the border of Switzerland and brought to America where he was bound to a farmer, a Mr. Peter Yordy, to pay the cost of transportation. Poul grew up and married the farmer's daughter, Feronica. Later upon the death of his father in law, Poul inherited the farm. Poul is said to have died in 1808 and his will was probated in 1810. There are several problems with the story. 1. Why would anyone kidnap a five year old boy and try to take him across the Atlantic? 2. More to the point, I very much suspect that "Yoghan" is related to the country language of my youth w
ere a child was called a "Young'n". Jacob lists eight people aboard the Thistle on October of 1738 with the family name Lantz or LANTS. All of these people appear to be directly related. It's also interesting that Yoghan Poul is the same age as JOHN PAUL Lantz, so of Hans Peter Lantz. Somehow I think Jacob Lantz has confused John Pol, or Poul, or Paul LANTZ with someone else from a different ship or maybe just confused him period. What further muddies the water is that Jacob does mention John LANTZ ( E2) as a son of Hans Peter and just says that John came to America at a young age. Jacob says that this John died on his farm in Labanon Twp. Hunterdon Co, NJ about 1771 and that he married Anna Margaret. The problem is further confused by the difference in the names and numbers of children between John Paul, son of Hans and Yoghan Poul. Then we come to the passenger list for the Thistle. Jacob lists the following LANTZ passengers aboard the Thistle: Landing Sept 19, 1738 from Thistle, Vindle Lins. ( Could this be Vandal aka Wandal?) Then nine days later; Landing Oct 28, 1738 Thistle, Jacob Lants, age 28; ( dob 1710 ) Hans Peter Lants, age 30; ( dob 1708 ) Michael Lants, age 22 ( dob 1716) Hans Nicoll Lants, age 8 ( dob 1730) Youghan Poul, age 5 ( dob 1733) Hanse Petter Lents, age 2 ( dob 1736 ) Anna Maria Lents, age 20 ( dob 1718 ) Katarina Barbal Lents, age 8 ( dob 1730) We know that Jacob, Hans Peter and Michael are the three sons of Andreas. Their ages at the time of landing agree with the either known or approximate dates of birth of the three brothers. Hans Nicoll, Yoghan, and Hanse Petter are in their stated ages all in agreement with the known dates of birth for the sons of Hans Peter. That leaves Anna Maria Lents and Katrina Barbel Lents. we don't know who they are! Hans Peter did come to America with his wife, ANNA MARTHA WICK, but she was born in 1716 and so would have been two years older than Anna Maria. But maybe it's just a typo and the two woman are one in the same. But who is Katrina Barbel Lants? So
far I can't find out who she was or where she belongs. There's something else I'm missing but my brain is too tired to think of it. Laurence ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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