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From: "MJ Watkins & CO" <>
Subject: introduction
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 06:14:24 +0800

Hello everyone,

My name is Karen and I live in Donnybrook Western Australia. Donnybrook is
not quite 150 miles south of Perth and is the "core" of the South West! -
the centre of a large apple growing area.

I have been doing genealogy since 1979 when my children had to find out
about their ancestors for a project at school. Long before that my
grandmother had given a family tree back to the first generation in the
Swan River Colony (later to be called Western Australia).

My main Lancashire line is the MASKEW's (MASCEW MASCUE, etc.). I have gone
back to a marriage in 1613 between Johannes MASKEW and Francisca LISTER at
Ilkley, Yorkshire. I find the descendants in Lancashire during the 1700's.
A Jonathan MASCEW married a Mrs Margaret CLEGG on 17th August, 1754 at
Rochdale, Lancashire. Some time between 1880 and 1884, John Crowther and
Rebecca (nee PEARSON) MASKEW migrated to Victoria Australia. In about 1902
the family moved to Western Australia.

Other names I am researching include:--

BARROW, ?? (Major General De Symons BARROW)
DALTON, Kent (James DALTON born about 1823)
DENT, Westmoreland (Thomas DENT born about 1795)
DODD, Kent (Elizabeth DENT born about 1799)
GOULD, Wales (James GOULD, born February 1769)
HARGAN, Ireland (Letitia HARGAN born about 1827)
JAMES, Wales (Eliza Jane JAMES born 1868)
LIVERMORE, London (Charlotte Emma LIVERMORE born bef 11 Dec, 1822)
LONGHURST, Surrey (Jane LONGHURST born before 22 March, 1826
MITCHELL, ?? (William MITCHELL born 8 April, 1829)
MEREDITH, Wales (Anne MEREDITH born 1789)
OLIVER, Ireland, I think! (John OLIVER born about 1798)
OLIVER, ?? (Emilia Alexandrina OLIVER) different line to above
SHEEN, Wales (Thomas SHEEN born 1744
SLATER, Essex (Robert SLATER born about 1827
STEVENS, Buckinghamshire (Mary STEVENS christened 25 Sept, 1783)
STJOHN, ?? (George Francis William STJOHN born 19 Jan, 1861)
STEWART, Scotland (Robert STEWART born 29 June, 1816)
TENNANT, ?? (Elizabeth TENNANT born 1817)
THOMSON, India (Douglas Arthur THOMSON born 3 August, 1879
WATKINS, Wales ( Danzy Sheen WATKINS born 1820)
WHITE, ?? (Sarah WHITE born about 1826)
WILLIAMSON, Buckinghamshire (James Adams WILLIAMSON born ?)
WILSON, Ireland, I think! (Catherine WILSON born about 1798

I am not actively working on ALL the above lines but they are all in my
tree somewhere!!

Have a good day,

Karen, Donnybrook, Western Australia

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