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Subject: Re: [LANCSGEN-L] WOW! We now have over 700 subscribers!!!!
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 16:46:14 +0000

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>In a message dated 11/03/98 18:19:33, Jayne wrote:
>>For the "oldies" - I would like those of you who have been here a while to
>>submit/resubmit your interests so that our newcomers can see how to post
>>their own messages and just what type of information is going through this
>OK, here goes:-
>BINLESS - 19-20C in Lancaster
>BLACKETT - 19 C in Bolton-le-Sands & Hutton near Preston
>BRADLEY - 18-19C in Lancaster, Halton, Melling
>BROXTON - need the birth of Mary Anne, known as Polly, about 1884 around Wigan
>BUCKLEY - need marriage of Joseph to Eliza WOOD before 1863 - somewhere?
>CAVANAGH - desperately looking for Desmond Michael CAVANAGH, my father's
>cousin, for last two years. Born 1925 to Michael CAVANAGH, licensee of (Harry)
>Liston's Bar, Manchester, and wife (Eleanor) Lillian, nee FEENEY. Married 1950
>at Whalley to Lesley Ann HIGSON; address then was Bull Inn, Burnage Lane,
>Manchester and occupation was journalist. National Union of Journalists say he
>left them in 1951 when he went to East Africa. DSS Traceline tell me he is
>currently registered with a doctor in UK but won't tell me where and won't
>pass on a letter/message. Frustrating isn't the word!! He is the last living
>relative on my father's line.
>CLEMINSON - Ann; 'of full age' at marriage in Lancaster in 1850; father
>Matthew CLEMINSON, labourer. No baptism found in Lancaster. Where did they
>come from?
>COWPERTHWAITE - 17-18C in Hawkshead
>FEENEY - Owen, commercial traveller, born about 1864, but where? Father also
>Owen, deceased in 1887. Owen junior in Manchester 1888. Cannot find him
>anywhere on 1881 census.
>FOXCROFT - 18-20C in Caton, Lancaster
>HANNAH - 19C in Lancaster; moved from Manchester
>HERDMAN - 19C in Lancaster and Tunstall
>JANES - 19C in Lancaster
>JOHNSON - 18-19C in Halton & Lancaster
>LEIGH - need birth of Thomas LEIGH, about 1886 around Ince; siblings Samuel,
>Gilbert and John.
>MECOID - 18-19C in Lancaster
>OGDEN - John, iron worker, wife Margaret, nee CHERRY, daughter Emma Jane born
>13 Sep 1865 at Bent Hollow, Oldham. Marriage needed, births needed; also death
>of John OGDEN prior to 1881 census, when widow was remarried to James WILCOCK
>and living at 312, Ashton Road, Oldham.
>SUART - anytime, anywhere
>SUTCLIFFE - Samuel, roller coverer, born about 1837 in Oldham; wife Pamela,
>nee STUTTARD, born about 1838 in Oldham; known children William Henry, Daniel
>& Robert. Marriage needed; births needed. William Henry SUTCLIFFE was employed
>by Stuttard & Co., said to be his mother's relatives.
>TOWNSON - 18C in Lancaster
>TRESNON - 19C in Lancaster, but interested in origins of this family
>I would be grateful for the tiniest clue.
>Vivienne Leigh,
>Morecambe, Lancashire

Hi Vivienne

I have access to 'THE DIARY OF WILLIAM FISHER OF BARROW, 1811 to 1859'
for a week or so.
WILLIAM FISHER was a yeoman farmer and farmed land around the site now
occupied by Barrow Town Hall. His journal reflects life in the Barrow
and Furness areas, just before and during Barrow's expansion. He also
kept a record of births, marriages and deaths.
William Fisher's original spelling has been adhered to.

An entry for 2 Augt 1812 reads....
B Richd & his Wife with A Clark & Miss Clemmonson came to Dine & Spend
the Day went to Ulverston same Day Brother & Wife was on there way home
from the Isle of man

24 Septr 1847
Capt Wm Janes of the Schoner Mounten Maide of Cardif on going on borde
fell from a plank and was killd on the spot

20 May 1828
Mr William Townson of Furness Abby Died aged 73 years

2 Oct 1847
A labouring man of the name Wm Johnson was Stabbed at Dalton in Furness
by a person named Myers also a labourer it appears Johnson was proceding
home about twelve oclock at night he was overtaken by Myers a quarrel
encued when Myers drew a Knife and Stabbed him in several parts of his
body he now lies in a dangerous State one of his arms which was severely
alcerated ( lacerated) and some of the arteries divided has been
amputated Myers is in custody the knie which he used was found in a
garden near to his lodgings he was taken in bed soon after - Johnson
Died on they 15th same Month

Hope this helps



Carol Bennett

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