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From: "Pat Jones" <>
Subject: Re: Filing & Maisy
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 18:34:08 -0500

My mother sang this to us as young children:
Mares eat oat, and does eat oats,
and little lambs eat ivy.
a kid will eat ivy, too.
wouldn't you.
I will be singing this song all night now.

> From: Peter W Bond <>
> To:
> Subject: Filing & Maisy
> Date: Thursday, November 05, 1998 3:07 PM
> Hello researchers
> Thank you all, for your input regarding the problems experienced
> in filing all those E.Mails etc. I am currently looking through all
> the information received, and will soon post what I consider to be
> perhaps the best answers. Please bear with me.
> Meanwhile, off-subject, I have come across a first name of Maisy,
> - like Maisie, it is probably a dim.of Margaret.
> This name seems to ring a bell, in fact a song comes to mind, only
> I cannot remember the proper lyrics .........
> it goes like this..... " Maisy dotes and dosey dotes
> and little amzy tiezy,
> A tiddley tivey too,
> Would't you."
> I know I have spelt the words wrong, but does anyone out there
> remember the correct version ????
> I have repeated this posting to other lists, due to the response
> received on the 'filing' problems. Please accept my apology if
> you receive a repeat of this email.
> Kind regards
> Peter
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